Ex-Trump official: Committee hearings on classified documents will be ‘partisan’

CNN political commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin says the Biden White House likely expects any House Oversight Committee hearing into mishandling of classified documents to be very political.
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  1. They should just make George Santos the chairman of the Biden investigation committee. He has solved many crimes in his earlier career as inspector Clouseau.

    1. That’s really dumb. Santos is as corrupt they come. Even his personal assistant was passing out BLM riot shields. The same riot shields shown in another video where they clocked an 80 year old in the head with a brick.

    2. @Dr Jerry ג’רי אסרמן
      Well thanks for the Bidenflation, proxy war against Russia, and piles of dead migrants on the border.

    3. @Andreas karlsson
      Everything you say is either dumb, false, or both.
      Do you libtards ever get tired of being proven wrong? Or are you just so brainwashed that facts don’t matter anymore? I bet it’s the latter.

  2. how does my local library manage to know where their books are, yet the US Govt.Archives seems to have no idea where Secret Documents are for 4 years or more, no wonder people have no faith in the government

    1. Wooo that woman and her good work has been everywhere. Been seeing a lot of good comments about her on several places. I feel more confident investing with her, I’ve been on the train for over two weeks now… best Broke for life

    2. @Dino Robinson This is the kind of information that we don’t get from most Youtubers I will get in touch with her right now

  3. LOL
    “People should be able to have two thoughts in their head at one time”
    This is something no one has ever heard coming from a CNN host.

  4. Who/what person provides the Presidents/VPs to review these documents – they should be responsible for getting them back safely in their hands (since they have the clearance to hand them over) . Who declares the classifications….and logs them with archives. Do the assistants and secretaries handle them or are handed them? Too many fingers in the pie and easily controlled. Clearance teams must be required to pack outgoing boxes.

  5. Maybe Congress should pass a law that says all documents must be packed by employees with security clearance who work for the national archives when presidents and vice presidents leave the white house. If Congress would do that simple little thing it would be good for our national security and nothing would be going home with anyone accidentally or otherwise.

    1. Best part is Hunter paying Biden 50K PER month for rent in the house where the Docs were found. Biden Crime Family at its finest. Just think how the mid terms might have turned out had they not covered up finding the Docs for two months.

    2. The main problem must be presidents and VPs taking docs home or on holiday and leaving stuff behind. Above a certain level people are always on duty and “at work.” It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that cabinet members and advisers have papers at home too. Also “road warriors” who have to “hot desk” would have stuff.

  6. Did anyone ever think about Thanksgiving and Christmas? The Holidays DUH!? Most of these people are Wealthy and Powerful or have Government Jobs with VACATION TIME.

  7. 6 years ago these classified documents left the white house, just do Your job as journalist 😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. When are we going to get back to these politicians working for us and not the other way around? Not sure why everyone has decided to become loyal to one side instead of the country.

  9. Why is Alissa farra griffin being given a platform to speak on anything? For 4 years she enabled bad behavior and now she’s being given the platform to speak on matters. SMH!!! Why are all these people being given the opportunity to rehab their reputations and become credible voices on anything.

  10. Hey here’s an idea maybe there should be some protocol for handling classified documents and maybe not let anyone including a president leaving with them.

  11. First of all the National Archives needs to be more responsible reaching out to the people taking out documents, that they return every single copy. Period. Now as far as both Presidents, they should both have FBI helping find documents. The people looking should have security clearance, not private lawyers.

  12. You have to be a member of a party in order to engage in partisan activity. These are average Joe’s who are individualists, and nothing more.

  13. The Secret Service has better things to do than keep visitors logs, like assisting seditionists, insurrectionists and coup plotters.

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