1. She was Trumps press secretary. Who else would you ask about when it comes to the relationship between Trump and Fox News? She would actually know more than almost anyone on the planet. Perhaps you don’t have the capacity to contextualize something when you’re a partisan troll.

    1. Did you just say “saying the same thing over and over”? You’re a MAGA pawn right? Trump’s speeches and rallies and interviews and posts and the whole bit?

    1. @The Current Opinion I mean I am but that wouldn’t matter either way. At the end of the day .. ” the current opinion ” is that the American people do not want Trump. You choosing not to understand that isn’t my fault, issue let alone problem.
      Cope and Conform .. either way ask me if its my problem that you do not understand that Trump is not wanted… ask.. go on.

  1. Their relationship was like the sun. Everyone could see it and you’d have to go out of your way not to.

    1. @Scott Bigler your right, even trump sued than a couple years back. Are there any that haven’t been sued? Have a good day.

    2. @Jim Wheeler YES it is frivolous, they sued as soon as they saw there was not going to be an extensive investigation in U.S. they found machines had hardware installed to give outside access to information. As I said this is not first time security issues have been associated with Dominion machines, several U.S. states and some countries don’t allow them. The French don’t allow any electronic machines.. only in person voting and paper ballots. They are smarter than America.

  2. Too little too late Miss Stephie!
    You benefitted, you gained, you defended and you revelled in the orange power until the very last minute.
    #WeSeeYou #TooLittleTooLate #DontTrustFlipFloppers

  3. I worked as a legal assistant in the legal department of a very large municipal government long ago and one of my duties was to interpret local regulations and statutes for the public if they called with questions. I also managed contracts and grants… making sure bids and such were done correctly; no favoritism; that kind of thing. There were so many rules to make sure that we were not favoring any particular company, group, or person. I just find it so very hard to believe that this kind of thing was legal at the federal level. I realize the executive branch may have wider discretion/latitude…. but none of this seems proper and I’m sure it’s not… but I think Trump figured out that even if it wasn’t ethical or even legal that no one was going to do anything serious about it. With other politicians in the past if such a thing were exposed to the public the outcry was enough to stop them. It became a scandal which could be the end of their public career. Trump figured out that creating a crisis every 48-72 hours meant that if anything actually scandalous happened it was just buried or ignored because people were numb to it.

  4. She should’ve spoken up sooner. I’m sick of these “whistle-blowers” who show up late to the Morality Show and pretend like they did a good thing. I really like this information

  5. “hindsight is 20-20” … the crap these hosts let them get away with. Even saying “yeah”. A blind 5 year old would’ve known that was wrong at the time. I really like this information

  6. Another thing that Trump was first stat was he was the first guy that we had to actively say former president because back in the day we would say President Clinton president Bush, President Obama, even though they weren’t president with Trump I think we have to remind him that he’s not president anymore

  7. There’s absolutely no way the ppl on here cheering for Biden saying he’s doing a good job in the privacy of their home actually believe it. Same w tucker apparently 😂

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