Ex-Trump WH counsel testifies Trump urged him fire Mueller

Former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn confirmed before a congressional panel last week that former President Donald Trump urged him to oust special counsel Robert Mueller, who investigated his 2016 campaign's ties to Russia, according to a transcript released Wednesday.
The closed-door interview on June 4 was the culmination of a two-year court fight Democrats waged against the Trump administration, putting McGahn on record before the House Judiciary Committee on some of the most pivotal moments of the Trump presidency, including when Trump directed McGahn to pressure Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller — and McGahn refused.
McGahn said on Friday he considered Trump's request "a point of no return."
"If the Acting Attorney General received what he thought was a direction from the counsel to the President to remove a special counsel, he would either have to remove the special counsel or resign," McGahn said. "We are still talking about the 'Saturday Night Massacre' decades and decades later."
McGahn told the committee that he didn't call Rosenstein in part because he feared that Rosenstein could resign if he felt pressured.
"What I was not going to do is cause any sort of chain reaction that would cause this to spiral out of control in a way that wasn't in the best interests, at least as a lawyer, what I thought was in the best interests of my client, which was the President," said McGahn.
McGahn had already described Trump's maneuvers to the Mueller team, but the Trump administration had blocked him from repeating the interviews with Congress.

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    2. @T.A. ACKERMAN Trump only “blocked” subpoenas during the closed door sessions. Because it was a scham.

    1. Democrats lied about Russia, 128 do nothing investigations, Kavanaugh, golden boy Avenatti, Ukraine, the Wuhan lab, ANTIFA, Hunter Biden, CCP payoffs, and more. Stop being so easily manipulated.

    1. With the findings that Trump didn’t have the church yard cleared it is official Democrats lied about 100% of their Trump accusations. And here you are just another happily brainwashed pet.

    2. @Melissa Morgan Adolf Hitler, an OG fascist, wrote a book called _Mein_ _Kampf_ where he outlined The Big Lie and exactly how it should work. Heard of books? I think you’d like this one. Maybe someone could read it to you.

    3. Actually, Biden tried to read another teleprompter and failed miserably.
      Than he could even say the next of his “good friend” the dude from Phizer.
      Good friend=Whale Donor
      Bidens are pay for play, everyone knows that.

    1. @R 777 M. What makes you think I love communism? Be specific. Since you know literally nothing about me, your response should be pretty funny.

    2. @Twitzy Snitz What? I genuinely hope this is satire, and you aren’t actually this crazy.

      *Joined June 8, 2021. I think I just got my answer. Good luck little troll.

    3. Really, wasn’t it the left wing marxists in tbe democratic party in cahoots with the criminals at the FBI, JUSTICE , AND SECRETARY OF State who came up with the “RUSSIAN Hoax” against President TrumP ? O’h the short memories!! Trump knew these were all lies prepertated by the press who were also in cahoots. He should have fired thev.ot of them and had them prosecuted for treason.

    4. Democrats lied about Russiagate, 128 investigations that found nothing, Kavanaugh, golden boy Avenatti, Ukraine, the Wuhan lab, ANTIFA, Hunter Biden, and more. Stop being a well trained pet.

  1. Clown show from top to bottom with the Trump administration from day 1.
    Holds a press conference for non exisistent crowds, top advisor who led the campaign Kellyanne Conway says
    “alternative facts”
    What could go wrong

    1. @B Mad ill debate you on Trump vs Bidens policies right now and make you look like the uneducated fool you are…. I’ll wait..

    1. Democrats lied about Russiagate, 128 investigations that found nothing, Kavanaugh, golden boy Avenatti, Ukraine, the Wuhan lab, ANTIFA, clearing the church yard, Hunter Biden, and more. Get them all now!

  2. Don Mcgahn could had made history, he refused to testify to the intelligence committee which would had change the Trump impeachment trial.

    1. @Puddles Meister that has never been proven …..most of the people caught cheating in Fulton county were Republicans.

    2. @Puddles Meister you are aware that non disclosure of all of your finances (open or not) is illigal on your candidacy forms? That lying on a federal document.

    3. @Gerry Swaim
      I understand that client attorney relationship, why then telling the country we already knew this was going behind the scenes.

    4. @Puddles Meister they can sue all they want …..the real reason for cancelling the pipeline is it breached the land of native Americans against their will and endangered their water sources ….and in case you didn’t know indian reservations isn’t part of the countries eminent domain ….which allows the government to seize land for civic or state projects.

  3. Let’s not get too impressed with McGahn for testifying to what he should have testified to YEARS ago. In refusing to testify sooner, he assisted the cover-up, regardless of how much it might have “perturbed” him, and I think he should be charged as an accomplice. He won’t be, but he damn well should. What a COWARD.

    1. He was following his attorney’s advice. “Wait and make them subpoena you.” Dems screwed this up. Again.

    2. He didnt testify because the whole thing is antiquated fiction..a story dreamed up by Clinton after her crushing defeat..

    3. This is a rehashed story from 3 years ago. Democrats are relitigating past failures to cover how remarkably they are failing on inflation, the economy, jobs, crime, border, and international everything.

  4. DOJ: Do not simply ” struggle with the question” of charging Trump.
    DO IT!
    Restore faith in THE RULE OF LAW.

    1. @Randall Bryant try actually responding to some of the facts i posted.
      You are controlled by cnn that is why you have posted nothing of substance.

    2. @Brian coughlin because of obstruction and dragging feet by the Trump Russian Republicans and his corrupt Administration of misfits and criminals….Stone, Flynn, Poopanopolis, disheveled Bannon, and on and on!

    3. @Clyde Green some ❄️❄️❄️❄️ are blind inn1 👁 and can’t see out the other 👁

  5. And that’s the guy who is saying that “ He made America great again “…! I wonder why is he not in jail, because he is a worst of worsts presidents.

    1. Like so many things Trump stole from other people. Even his MAGA slogan was stolen from President Reagan

  6. JEEEEEZZZZ…will somebody please hold the Donald, his children/Wieselberg/Conway/Barr, and the rest of the cult accountable…when will this end?

    1. @Tanya Degurechaff What is it that you people feel so drawn to defend tRump to the death about ANY accusation made towards him? Its past pathetic to watch my old party dance to please him to the extend they enable a crime family-Wake up! Do you not get it ? His attorney just stated HE LIED TO you. You all live on a diet of his bullshit and lies. You don’t deserve to live in America if you support that charlatan as he dismantles our Democracy.

    2. @Snozco Cram that makes the election fraudulent. They had over 200 affidavits about voter fraud.

    1. @Tanya Degurechaff You didn’t see trump in the riot, what riot? The idiots say it was just another day with visitors. You seem to believe in a dream world.

    2. @Peter Costa Democrats lied about Russiq, inauguration funding, Kavanaugh, golden boy Avenatti, Trump taxes, D-Day ceremonies, Ukraine, the Wuhan lab, ANTIFA, Hunter Biden, and more. If you’re still pro Democrat it’s because you’re not paying attention.

  7. America refused to address or even acknowledge its Christian extremist problem.

    Now it’s paid with its democracy.

    1. The problem is inner city welfare people. They filthy and poor and sling crack rock. They take anything nice and wrecks it

    2. Jesus Christ is Lord. Trump will be reinstated I expect given the blatant and rampant voting fraud that got Biden into office illegitimately. Thank you Jesus for the audits

    3. A lot of these “so called christians” spit in the face of the book and beliefs they practice. Whether it is from trump to covid; they are all spitting in the face of their own beliefs.

    1. @Marilyn O

      Mueller testified to Congress and admitted it. You people are so dreadfully ignorant that if the Republican election security bills actually were voter suppression, it would be justified.

    2. How about refusing to meet with Mueller to give verbal testimony. Written questions only and no follow up questions.

    1. If Merrick Garland wanted prosecute, he would not block the release of Bill Barr memo. Garland is weak and just wants to protect the image of the DOJ, even though Bill Barr destroyed that image.

    2. @Amelinda TOEIC I see you are still at it! Pretty dopey to think people look at links without a description… don’t you want to make a better life for yourself? This is just sad

    3. @Prentez Larkenspiegel There is nothing there. If you had been paying attention you would know Russia, Kavanaugh, Avenatti, Ukraine, campaign finance, and Trump taxes were lies. Be less gullible.

  8. “Sometime when you bent over your back trying not to make waves also means you’re not doing your job as the nation top prosecutor”!

    1. @Nick Lawson Why do you think every single one of them believes that? They will have their own different beliefs, they are not like the leftist cult members who all believe the same things.

      And it’s not a lie it’s an allegation, which Trump is entitled to make if he wants to, for as long as his wallet allows. When did we start calling allegations lies? It’s very peculiar.

      I am completely neutral myself because no one can know for sure whether it was rigged or not, so I will await the results of the upcoming challenges. It’s the only rational position. If you were to try to prove it was not rigged, where would you even start? It’s nigh on impossible to prove a negative like that.

    2. @GizmoMaltese a lot of people could’ve indicted Trump…if there was something to indicte him for.

    3. Mueller found nothing prosecutable. Trump is out and even now there is nothing to prosecute. The whole Russia thing was made up by Hillary from January to March 2016. Pay attention.

    1. God bless President Trump, our real current President who is away temporarily! Be strong America, Biden did not get millions more votes than the Black Jesus and the coming audit wave is showing that

    2. CNN digging because they have been caught lying soo often lately(Covid lab leak “conspiracy”, Gassing protesters so Trump could take Church photo op, etc).

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