Ex-Ukraine Amb Gives Damning Testimony, Trump Pressured State Dept To Oust Her | Hardball | MSNBC

Ex-Ukraine Amb Gives Damning Testimony, Trump Pressured State Dept To Oust Her | Hardball | MSNBC 1


Speaking of her firing, Yovanovitch said today that she was told, "there had been a concerted campaign against me, and that the Department had been under pressure from the President to remove me since the Summer of 2018." Aired on 10/11/19.
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Ex-Ukraine Amb Gives Damning Testimony, Trump Pressured State Dept To Oust Her | Hardball | MSNBC

78 Comments on "Ex-Ukraine Amb Gives Damning Testimony, Trump Pressured State Dept To Oust Her | Hardball | MSNBC"

  1. Rune Hove-Kreutzfeldt | October 11, 2019 at 10:54 PM | Reply

    She has more balls than all the republicans added together

  2. Yovanovitch did something that Trump hates more than disloyalty. Being a woman who defies him.

    • @Joyce Chisman I guess you’re watching too much cnn and msnbc and at the same time you’re not intelligent enough to figure out what’s going on.

    • @Jka Vill how do you know?! Oh you just saying huh!

    • @David Moore you are absolutely a @%#÷&* itiot!!

    • Leave it up to a woman not being afraid to stand and expose donald!

    • MTSINAI-JabalAl-Lawz-28°39′15″N 35°18′21″E | October 12, 2019 at 12:22 PM | Reply

      @David Moore Check out Glen Beck Ukraine Scandal timeline. This ambassador was a Soros/Democratic plant and was removed for being corrupt and having corrupt ties. This is a battle between good vs evil, and what really matters is being on Gods side and the right side of history. Those who represent postmodernistic values only have so much more time to play in their sandbox making sandcastles that will not stand the test of eternity. Repent and put your trust upon Yeshua the Rock of Ages, and give your life to Him.

  3. McKittrick Hyatt | October 11, 2019 at 10:54 PM | Reply

    This Ambassador is fully in service to the American people. Shes a hero who has again and again shown courage and integrity. Give the Ambassador a medal.

  4. Pompeo needs to resign immediately.

  5. God, this president is so very, very corrupt, it’s sad America.

    • @Wally Davidson Yes. You are in the twilight zone. trump cares nothing about corruption. trump’s so called investigation is a cover for him doing his dirt and his own corruption. The trump regime can’t mention one other Ukranian they are trying to investigate and clean the system of other than Biden. Their fake, pompous and dishonest behavior is being called out and exposed. I’m so thankful there is one person who is willing to attest to this corruption sham being perpetrated by the trump regime.

    • @axiom1 Yeah. Throw in Obama. Not one time has he been mentioned…just Giuliani and trump trying to illegally dig up dirt on Biden. If they were actually trying to find corruption, they would have at least brought up his name ot even Hillary. teump specifically asked for Biden to be investigated and that’s all Giuliani was pursuing. The Republicans were in the majority. They could have convened a committee to look into such. Nope. They haven’t and didnt because there was nothing to dig up on Obama or Hillary in regard to Ukraine. They saw an opening to manufacture something against Biden because his son was employed there. Hunter Biden working in Ukraine is no different from Ivanka havi g business ties and receiving lucrative Chinese patents and investments. Both children are riding their fathers coattails and profiting from the family name. Two different avenues, same side of the coin. There are plenty of legal channels in which to host investigations other than hiring someone outside of the state department’s and using two foreign nationals to help facilitate a so called investigation.

    • Even if people don’t believe he is corrupt, he is highly suggestible. Tell him anything and he’ll believe and act on it. People can pull his strings, Rudy included.

  6. She did her job and upheld her oath of office!

  7. I am going to build a prison for Trump and his cronies and Trump is going to pay for it.

  8. The very bad things trump heard about her was that she was going to blow the whistle or flip on them

    • Anders Vretenäs | October 12, 2019 at 4:33 AM | Reply

      Preston Farley, I find it somewhat amusing that trump often uses phrases like ”I’ve heard…”, ”People tell me…” etc since he never, ever, have listened to anybody.

    • She wasn’t letting their corruption to keep going.. that’s why she was fired

  9. in con don language “ i’ve heard very bad things about her”
    means She won’t play dirty deep six her.

    Only criminals and traitors need apply for this administration

  10. So proud of her to come forward and speak. She is a true American Hero.
    May she be protected for doing the right thing.

    • This woman was and is not any kind of hero. She was a Pedophile, pedovore, child trafficking supporter and that is a fact. If she supported Hillary the nut psychopath killer of our Military in Benghazi then she was just as bad as Hillary.


  11. Lady Ambassador Marie Y is a boss. She has more backbone than this whole administration, trump or the Senate. They picked on the wrong woman, trying to destroy her reputation. She has more integrity in her baby toe than all these nutless cowards.

    • Nutless Cowards!!!

    • This woman didn’t have any integrity or she would still have her job. Proof is in the pudding folks and the evidence and papers to back up Giuliani and Trump are coming out for all to see.

    • @Georgianna LeeYou have your opinion and I have mine. Evidence is jumping into the House’s hands. Congress has subpoenaed all these documents that are being withheld by the White House but they are starting to receive some. Trump is suing to stop all docoments but he can not win withholding evidence. If, the administration has done nothing wrong why sue to keep them hidden? She showed up to tell her side, where are all the other cowardly witnesses? Obviously, they have no integrity or guts.

    • @Bobby Nelson Well if trump can pull his head out of Putin’s behind he would not be in this fix. But, he can not because he is a Russian spie and bootlicker for Putin. Keep following this nutless coward off the cliff.

  12. Giuliani’s business associates? Nothing but a couple of back-street thugs just like most of tRumps acquaintances.

    • As evidenced by all the Trump people in jail or on trial right now.

    • His acquaintance and cabinet and administration. There were lots of people on that call yet only a few speaking up. The rest are complicit in helping to hide trump’s crimes.

  13. I salute this woman who doesn’t care if she gets fired from the state Dept as long as she can speak out the truth and expose the corruption under Donald tDump’s administration.

    • YouTube Moderator | October 12, 2019 at 11:16 AM | Reply

      @Matthew Gaines You deflect poorly. Law matters not if ALL law is equally applied. DC is a sanctuary city quit being racist against the president’s associates. See how “sanctuary laws” affect the country?

    • @YouTube Moderator
      You seem to not understand the law nor the constitution. You can’t ignore them because you don’t like the outcome. Sorry bub, but that isn’t how it works. You can make up whatever irrational notions in your head but it doesn’t play outside of Russian trolls, brainwashed, and the brain dead. Which one are you?

      If you want to have a legal discussion, fine. But I can’t unpack your irrational rants and fantasies because I don’t have the medical credentials.

    • Mondin von Diex | October 12, 2019 at 11:43 AM | Reply

      C. H. Stifle your cynicism please! It is completely uncalled for.

    • Stop insulting one another and stick to the stories. You are entitled to your personal opinions regarding the matter at hand but in no way do you have the right to harass and belittle each other because of your chosen party. Grow up.

    • They better not fire her, but if they do, the next president will re-hire her next year.

  14. traitor trump is a con man and must be imprisoned

  15. They couldn’t stop her. Way to go girl!

  16. THIS is what a true patriot looks and acts like.

  17. Pompeo is a criminal. , he has got to be arrested., he is a patológica liar and conspirator…

    • He has no backbone for his own department. He’s a yes man, that’s why his officials are resigning for not backing his people.

  18. She is worth a million.

  19. Trump hates anybody that has ethics, class and intelligence. All the qualities he could never buy with his corrupt money.

  20. *People like this woman is what you call a real PATRIOT*

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