Exclusive: Former PM Mulroney on personal moments shared with King Charles | CTV’s Question Period

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney speaks about the interactions he’s had with King Charles and shares what his reign could bring.

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  1. I am so happy to Mr. Mulroney again. I was concerned about his health. Thank you for bringing him on for this historic occasion

  2. Wonderful presence Mr Mulroney ❤and clearly great circles and circumstances with the Monarch/pilons of the Canadian society

  3. The monarchy has nothing to do with Canada’s success,living along the American border does

  4. Just because someone is wealthy and has a lot of friends doesn’t mean they’re a moral human being

  5. “So I says to the king,a hundred thousand pounds?This bag don’t feel nearly that heavy…ha ha ha….ah,memories”

  6. Monarchy in 2023. Want to impress me. At least boil your own eggs, and perhaps dont boil so many.

  7. Anne was Elizabeth’s oldest child, she should be Queen. Charles is just King by accident — Even a banana republic selects its leaders in a more democratic way.

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