1. The insurection was planned by no other than Trump. He knew exactly what he was doing. And america needs to bring this evil man to Justice ⚖️. Know one else than trump.

    1. @Mr. Man don’t you get tired of saying random people on the internet have ‘TDS’? Don’t you suffer from BDS?

    2. Such a big insurrection, so tell me how many people in the government are confirmed dead from the riot? How many people who were protesting shot anyone on in the Capitol? As far as I know only one person was shot an unarmed female by an African American law enforcement and they will not release any information. I thought in a free society we have a right to know especially when a government official kills an unarmed citizen.

  2. How come he’s wearing shorts and no socks in this interview? Probably it was meant to be presented as a zoom interview

  3. He and the democrat party are why you’re tax to death and he’s sitting in an opulent home with overpriced feminine dress shoes with short-shorts

  4. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

    1. I’m from the UK, I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr BenjaminTyler

  5. There is a reason no one watches this video, there is a reason no one will remember John Boehner lol.

  6. Is he going to cry? He is so found of crying!!!!!!! He did nothing for the country and he is criticizing our President. What a joke!!!!!!!

  7. Our debt was 3 Trillion when Boehner got to Washington. It was 18
    Trilion when he left. Then he peddled a marijuana stock now traded on
    the pink sheets, and now he’s peddling a book. Typical. He even voted
    for the bailouts in 2008. Guy doesn’t even know what a real conservative

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