Expert Explains Why Drug Overdose Deaths Soared Amid Pandemic | MSNBC 1

Expert Explains Why Drug Overdose Deaths Soared Amid Pandemic | MSNBC

NBC's Kate Snow, who has covered the opioid crisis for years, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Associate Professor, Dr. Paul Christo, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the drastic spike in drug overdose deaths last year amid the coronavirus pandemic. Christo explains why the epidemic worsened, and what officials and average Americans can do to help.

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Expert Explains Why Drug Overdose Deaths Soared Amid Pandemic | MSNBC


    IT WILL FORCE STANDARDIZATION of THE POISONS AND GET THEM OFF THE STREETS. Take the money and power out of the hands of the illegal drug manufacturers and dealers.

    1. Even if they only stopped pursuing marijuana possession charges, it would free up a lot of resources!

    2. Drugs are illegal because that empowers the government and its well-connected buddies in countless ways. They will never make all drugs legal … not Trump, not Biden.

  2. People love the “artificial ” feel good of drugs – they love to party when the are happy, and sad and everything in between. Unfortunately, even though the warnings are everywhere, those that buy illegal drugs, and prescription drugs without a prescriber issueing, are taking their lives in their hands.

    1. 90% of the time the prescribers doesnt know the person or the drug well enough to do so responsibly. They also just do what their told and pass responsibility for outcomes. Thats how the opioid epidemic started.

    2. @MrLoobu True – in the beginning – for many of the Opiods – but its been years since we have learned about their addictiveness – as well as most doctors look for alternating solutions – as is the case in my family for a severe migraiine sufferer.

    3. @Ang Yes and all the same companies and people and incentives are still in place. There will be more drugs in the future to do the same, if people are dumb enough to think opioids arent addictive in 2000, they will fall for the next one too. Might even be so new that they take decades to determine the problem…maybe people are being mis proscribed right now ;P

  3. That’s a serious drug problem America has 93,000 now cant legally cast a vote but still may .

    1. @Jim River Overdoses in the US spiked following each installment if the Trump Socialist Stimulus Welfare Check Program.

      It was a way for Trump to remove the undesirables from the GOP

  4. *Just a heads-up:* Big Pharma ghostwrites doctors’ medical textbooks – “Undisclosed conflicts of interest among biomedical textbook authors”.

  5. Here where I live a mom and dad hadn’t heard from there daughter in three days dad went to check and found her and boyfriend dead from od. How awful so sad.

    1. Well, she won’t have to worry about them anymore. Jesus will take care of their problems now. I bet they’re doing better now.

    1. Overdoses is a way God holds irresponsible drugs addicts accountable for unpunished criminal activity. Honest junkies never overdose.

  6. I had surgery 3 weeks ago. They gave me 12 oxy for pain when I got home. Idk why people pay good money to feel like that. I still have 8.

  7. People are depressed. Pandemics are depressing. Cartels take advantage of such chaos. Question answered.

    1. And also, when you put extended lockdowns for long periods of time, way longer to, say, going past flattening the curb, the extended hours of social isolation often drives people to a non-selfsustaining state in which they become less preservent on their life.

  8. Yet another glaring example of how bad an idea lockdowns were. Cant wait to hear how democrats plan to blame republicans for this one.

  9. US will never solve mental health crisis, because that would mean looking inside ourselves and confronting how ugly a society we have enabled.

  10. “and just like a miracle, ivankas pants will disappear” – Donald tRump my hero

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