1. For someone who has had to buy an “expert” witness these people will say ANYTHING for money🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. I highly doubt a throwing a glass bottle can cut someones finger off completely . You don’t need a doctor to argue that.

  2. I’m not proud of this but I’ve done my share of drugs. It’s painful to hear an “expert” say anything about drug use… No offense, but call a addict to the stand. I’ve moved on from my former drug use but omg. This guy has no fucken clue wtf he’s talking about. Lol you don’t learn this stuff in class.

  3. I dont like how CNN sets these segments(snippets) up. It’s sort of a slap in the face of justice imo because they don’t discuss how Camille just tore into that “expert” and poked holes in his testimony.

    1. there seems to be a definite ‘narrative’ here. A definite choice of how and what is covered. The trial is going VERY differently.

    2. @Ducttape995 I understand that you can’t cover the entirety of the trial but they need to at least show both sides of this subject.

  4. The “expert” made his own narrative, deciding the position JD’s hand was in when the bottle hit him.
    So many lying liars acting as witnesses for Turd, it’s incredible.

  5. I dont think the “expert” takes into account how heavy those Vodka bottles are. Those things are heavy af and thick, so her throwing it and it smashing against his finger will forsure cause the injuries detailed.

    1. With these things it could have been that one in a trillion perfect storm moments. Just the right angle, speed, velocity, and whack, the tip comes off.

      With the broken bottle and everything else going on, I think he’s telling the truth. And no Artist would ever injure either of their hands. But if someone was angry with an artist, what better place to hurt them? That could have ended his abilities to create art had it been any worse. And it was traumatic enough. Psychotic really.

  6. An “expert” that wasn’t there, didn’t work on the finger, opinion based on pictures???

  7. As a layperson, even I could dispute this “expert” witness’s testimony. There’s no way that he could tell what he said from those pictures. What do the actual medical personnel who fixed his finger have to say about it?

    1. They also didn’t play the cross examination of this doctor where he got completely destroyed for ignoring key pieces of evidence.

    2. My husband is a radiologist and he says the johnny’s testimony is consistent with the injury

  8. Depends if the bottles were broken before they were thrown. I’ve been in a bar brawl where unbroken bottles and glasses were chucked about, the only injuries were heavy bruising. Also we rolled about in broken glass, fighting on the dance floor, and didn’t get cut.

  9. Stop trying to make Johnny the liar here, she’s a liar I’ve watched every minute, there’s no broken phone pieces either, it’s time we stand up for our abused men #mentoo

    1. What’s the problem?
      She seemed pretty neutral to me.
      At first she pointed in favor of Amber.
      Well potentially in favor and later noted on the possibility that Amber lied.
      Or am I missing something.

      I am Team Johnny, but I also try to remain open minded.

    2. In the pictures from the home owners before this event, there wasn’t a phone either. IMO there has NEVER been a phone in that area.

  10. Again, y’all are not covering any part of Johnnys lawyers cross examination. Y’all are painting a biased picture instead of covering both parties examination.

  11. This “expert” double talked. Show the whole cross examination. The dude was laughed at for double talking up there.

  12. She’s apparently lying throughout the hearing. I personally don’t believe her because of it.

    Johnny tells the truth, even when it’s not pretty, and possibly embarrassing to him. And that’s why I believe him.

  13. My Lord! What has this surgeon been promised to? Is he lying under oaths? Why are these witnesses risking their reputation like that? Where is Dr Kipper?

  14. He’s an “expert” in repairing.. not determining causes.. Camille kinda put that one to rest… again…

  15. In March 2015 AH texted her Mom”I feel like I’m on a very fast train about to explode, but I don’t want to jump off & leave my love behind.” confirmed text. Why hasn’t a news org. covered this? AH saw her Dad use substances & abuse Mom & he abused AH & her sister.

  16. Some of yall need to shut up and listen. The reporter in the video said Amber wasn’t telling the truth. Watch the full video before you comment.

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