Experts Warn Democracies Facing Autocracy: Protect Your Institutions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks at what has turned out to be prescient advice from Masha Gessen and Timothy Snyder about the necessity of institutions in preserving democracy, and the necessity of engaged citizens in protecting those institutions from a threatening autocracy like the Donald Trump presidency. Aired on 02/12/20.
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Experts Warn Democracies Facing Autocracy: Protect Your Institutions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. otto skorzeny How much more do you need to embarrass yourself before you take a powder?? Get yourself a glass of Smirnoff and shake it off. You got busted Get over it.

    1. I thought of him too during the Stand Out point. Maybe the intent of Stand Out was a bit different than what he did. Romney stood UP and SPOKE out. But he didn’t Stand Out by voting for impeachment. Still, if he had, would it have made a difference? We’ll never know for sure. Maybe what he did will change things… but not right away. I definitely agree with you, we need greater stand out. We need to all stand up and protect our constitution.

    1. @The Progressive Christian The Government does not feel like my parent. Lately I feel like I’m the governments parent and the kid won’t listen.

    2. @Mark M Excellent work, huh? Yeah, still, in order to have our govt. of, for and by the People, We the People have to show up. When we stand together, we win. I believe we will. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.

    3. @angela bluebird60 Look the problem is the shear weight against you. There’s 99% of the money and all of the idiots. Cannon fodder and money, the old one two; an effective combination.

      We had the power for a long time by logical induction of the video. Yet here we are. I won’t give up. I’ll vote and try to convince others. I’ve got five so far.

      But I’m pretty sure we can’t vote our way out of this and my time is stretched very thin.

    4. @Mark M I’m talking about the government of the Baby Boomers. The country invested billions in education, child development, listened to them so well they even stopped a war and brought down a President. What we have now constitutes no government that I’m a part of. If Trump’s reelected we’re doomed.

    5. @Mark M Glad you and yours are voting. Voting alone won’t do it, you’re right. That’s why we get with Move to Amend, Common Cause and the others. Choose one thing to work on. It is also joining in and work when you spread the word so others can participate. Thanks for the five plus you makes 6 !

    1. Very eerie & frightening that cross-dressing men like “Rachel” and his twin brother “Masha” Gessen are pushing Fake News and Propaganda!

    2. we are not a democracy, dumbakk. and the “rule of law” hasn’t existed since at LEAST the 1930’s. your lazy stupidity and immorality help push along the abuse of citizens rights.

    1. I totally agree, but if we do we have to accept there may be a civil war, as the trumpies are crazy and WILL SHOOT.

    1. @Chris Holoman especially thinking of how many years american has enjoyed the blessings… the trend has been consistent and acclerating, ever since 2000. Wake up,

    2. @Chris Holoman Because we have freedom of speech, as long as the democrats approve of that speech, we use that speech to educate and avoid mistakes of the past.

    3. That was the plan since at least the 1980’s but in particular with the ascent of AM talk radio and 24 hour cable TV news that feeds propaganda to the ignorant minds.

    1. I wish Hilary would have warned us about the record low unemployment rates or the rising economy. In a time when the media can’t be trusted, the most reliable measurement of how your leaders are doing is this question. Is my life better or worse under the new leader than it was under the old?

  1. WWIII will be started by a man and his followers who have brought in to their own delusion of power and invincibility. He and they will make the mistake of thinking their fantasy is viable outside the comforts of their borders. History is dominated by examples of this behavior. What we are witnessing today is the destruction of the safeguards that could prevent history from repeating itself.

    1. Chris Holoman     Thank you for your observation, as a French Ally i am angry about the killing of Suleimani Reckless, no stability and no safeguards anymore   Great Foreign Policies !    But, as i am a loyal ally, i will still keep telling you to Keep Pushing, People !    it is now or never, because we can not trust you as an ally anymore  sic The Kurds in North Syria…  And the Damage this Administration has caused to International Relationships, will take years to be be repared . I am not even speaking of the Deal of the Century… Concerning the Middle East !  Scam and Shame….   Usa wants to be Isolationist Economicaly i can understand, but it has nothing to do with being very very Stupid about Foreign Policies  and going nowhere…   Big Deception !   I feel very sorry and angry at the same time.

    2. “He and they will make the mistake of thinking their fantasy is viable outside the comforts of their borders. History is dominated by examples of this behavior.” That is one of the wisest comments I’ve ever seen anywhere. Thank you for putting that out there.

    3. it’s astounding. at 65 i never, ever thought i’d see this in my country. & here we are. we are living what germany 1936-? citizens lived. i wonder did they argue amongst themselves about hitler like we do? they would have if they had social media. i can’t believe this is really happening.

  2. The danger in justice department attorney’s resigning on principle is in the fact that their will be fewer good people there to fight the injustices that will be perpetrated by the corrupt. Someone needs to stay and fight for good. RISE UP TO DEFEND YOUR NATION FROM THE CORRUPTION.

    1. That includes all of you on here complaining about it, btw. Some of us have already done our time but are looking to serve in other ways.

    2. The actions of this type is what Potus hopes would happen it’s called ” MUNIPULATION .A puppet master mindset..

    3. @Joe Cannabyte Old Sailors never die !! We just get a little dingy !!
      And Dingy people have been known to do things a little out of the mainstream haven’t they ?😉🇺🇸

    4. I get your point, but imagine if hundreds of trial-level AUSA’s resigned in protest:
      Federal prosecution, the massive federal criminal court system, would all simply halt. Serious criminal cases would be abandoned, the accused defendants released.
      Traitors Trump and Barr would be thrown out in 2 weeks.

  3. I told my friend am very concerned if this man get another four more years what going to become of this country. People need to go out and vote vote

    1. Denise Alexis People did vote! Did you see that Trump got 129,000 votes in New Hampshire? That’s a new record for an incumbent President! Incredible!

    2. Snowflake! “Oh im concerned”. People said the same 4 years ago and the country is doing just fine. World wont end with 4 more years of Trump contrary to what the Dems want you to belive.
      Truth is America would be doing fantastic if Trump didn’t have to defend his presidency for the last 3 years.

  4. Stand out! That’s exactly what Bernie is doing and calling on all of us to do. See past this moment and push for the future we all deserve to live in and leave for future generations 💪🏾

    1. A capitalist country with strong safety nets is not socialism. People like you spewing misinformation are part of the problem.

  5. I have been saying this for three years. But never more so than in the last month. Get out and vote people

    1. @Lennart Krantz Because you believe the propaganda that Dems want to take your guns. We don’t. Truly seriously, believe that. We really, really don’t. I doubt that you’ve actually asked any but have heard it on Faux news or some other right wingnut news sources that that is what Dems are after. JUST. NOT. TRUE!
      Now assault rifles? Does anyone really need those? And tax breaks you say? Only 1% of the 1% got a tax break sadly.

    2. vote blue! vote for blue senators, get mitch out!! get graham out!! we need 5 more seats in the senate!! but we want as many as we can get! to their opponents! make calls, go door knocking!

    3. We are were listening to you..we did in 2016 and sure will in 2020..we had a awesome showing in new Hampshire…120,000

  6. It’s difficult when the minority rigged the system to make sure the minority maintains control and are supported by just enough people who stupidly believe the hate-filled propaganda to make sure they stay in power until even the stupid lose control….but then it will be too late.

    1. @Rod democratic socialism is not true socialism. If you like police, firemen, military, and medicare, Sanders is just expanding what is covered. Don’t draw a false equivalent to fear monger ignorant people.

    2. We never were a democracy. We are a constitutional republic, just like Russia. Bernie should feel right at home

    3. @prometheus5700 Sanders has never advocated for violence in the 900 years he’s been in office. Stop fear mongering.

    4. ​@prometheus5700 Careful with what you say when you have never experienced communism. My mother’s sister was killed by Stalin in the Gulag. I live in a country with “social” programs for the underprivileged far outperform the ones you already have. We have a stock exchange that does very well and we don’t have disenfranchised citizens with guns that go around killing each other as in your USA. Our capitalism thrives because of our socialism, not in spite of it. Get it that socialism is NOT communism, and, SOCIALISM and CAPITALISM are NOT mutually exclusive.

      You the USA is 25th on the democracy index, a “flawed democracy”, below Estonia. We are in the top 10. Why are you so low when you should be in the top 5?

      Happy and cared-for citizens are FAR more productive. Sanders is not out to demolish your capitalism, expect shake up those few that are involved in your health care. He will make 100+ million of you much happier than you are now, and then American will be great again. Guaranteed. Inform yourself before making stupid comments like this again.

      Furthermore, Sanders is the ONLY politician Trump respects, and fears. What Sanders IS capable of demolishing, and will, is Trump.

  7. Rachel Maddow, I pray you are worthy of the JOURÑALIST AWARD. Your views, facts and analytical skills are so on POINTS & FACTUAL.

  8. Difficult to protect our institutions when Republicans say they want to break the system. . It’s so much easier to break something then to build something.

    1. Sandy Billingsley       I have no skill, no expertise, i am caught  what shall i do now ?   Do the opposite of what Obama did !  Ain’t i Intelligent and a Stable Genious. Ain’t i cute ?        A French Ally

    1. 6 entities own all the major news companies.

      *Breaking Real News* :

      *Pete Buttigieg* supporter appointed voter – Emily Goldman is now the “Protection Director,” DNC for the state of Nevada. Look like Iowa is about to repeat itself… . 🙄

    2. @xu wang what tv channels or radio does bezos own?
      (pretty sure you’re about to accidentally conflate one person with a publicly traded company)

    3. Do know what a Oligarchy is?They are in cahoot with the dictator.

      Bezos can’t stand Trump!!! And has more money than the trashy 45.

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