Explaining Ramadan, Muslims’ holy month | USA TODAY

See why millions of people around the world fast and pray for a whole month. This is Ramadan.

Ramadan begins this week, a holy, month-long observance for Muslim communities in the United States and around the world.

Many Muslim people will observe Ramadan by fasting from sunup to sundown, praying together, holding communal meals and festivities and more.

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    1. @Ninja Queen funny how you don’t realize Muslims historically didn’t follow fasting in Ramadan like you believe… Muhammad conquered Mecca in Ramadan… do you actually believe that he travelled in the desert from Medina to Mecca without drinking in the day? Muslims fought battles every Ramadan for centuries. Do you really believe they went into battles hungry and thirsty? Remove the wool from your eyes.

  1. You put improve moral character… you realize that Ramadan historically and to this day is taught as the best time for Muslims to wage jihad?

    1. @waly Faye I never made a statement about your belief. Your question is useless and has no point. If Ukrainian is or isn’t a holy makes no difference to this conversation

    2. @waly Faye the second message wasn’t Meant to be sent to you. Also, jihad is jihad. Ramadan is taught as the best month to do jihad by scholars

    3. @waly Faye strange… I have a sahih bukhari and Muslim complete collection… and they say that Jihad comes from Holy war against the kuffr. I have a series on my channel of every time jihad is used in the Quran. The minority of the time is for “personal struggle’

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