Explosion at high school in Kabul kills dozens 1

Explosion at high school in Kabul kills dozens


At least 85 people, mostly schoolgirls, have been killed and wounded in an explosion near a high school for girls in the Afghan capital of Kabul, officials said. Officials have not revealed the cause of the explosion, or if there was a target. There has been no claim of responsibility yet. CNN's Michael Holmes reports and speaks with Afghan women's rights activist, Fatima Gailani.

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  1. That’s just inhumane and whoever is responsible has a special place in hell waiting for them. God Bless those families

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith I am not in France.. try that crap here and its forever jail, and I ain’t just gonna roll over.

    2. @Larry Scarr
      Well, I am happy we agree.

      Religion is a personal choice and should not be imposed on another.

    3. It’s the inhumane evil Western intelligence! They wanna exploit newly discovered resources like lithium from Afghanistan

  2. This world has gone crazy. God bless those little girls.

    1. @Gev_2000 Gaming Can you not just hush and let people respond without criticizing people for THEIR opinion? Just chill out.k

    2. @birdlynn you need to first make a cogent point. Then I can say whether I agree or not.

    3. @Tim No, nobody rescued them, and it goes on and on and on. Some are rescued and many are not. Cruel mankind all across the world. It is crazy and so disappointing when we see how things (life) could be different or better and yet MAN’s cruelty is bent on destroying what is good.

    4. @birdlynn nope, but at no time did you say or even imply what could be generously construed into something resembling a comment about mercy.

    1. @American Dream
      Americas First Lady Boy………what a load of bollocks this deviant is. Just like it’s civil partner, OmO bama

  3. This is shameful, my prayers go out to the families of these girls and all that loved them

    1. Yup, prayers to the imaginary big daddy in the sky that let this happen will surely bring the dead back to life.

    2. Prayers never help action will but everyone is just watching. After a bomb explosion People pray for a day or two and cry but then they forget what happened and the cycle repeats.

  4. What can you say AFTER THIS HORRENDOUS AND MISERABLE ACT AGAINST LITTLE YOUNG GIRLS I am ashamed and heart broken

    1. @Monica Mazzaro Apparently you didn’t get that this is propaganda to keep us in this endless war killing more people. You’ll get it eventually, puppet.

  5. How does no one know who it is? That is crazy. Send love & blessings to the whole world. People have love their minds.

  6. Cowards. Jackal cowards. Targeting a school. No honor or compassion at all. My heart is breaking.

    1. Imagine killing innocent young girls that are trying to find a better life for themselves

  7. Imagine an enemy who has brokered a deal to remove an occupying force and after the deal is brokered then decides to start attacking once the occupying force has agreed to leave .

    1. That’s weird, in history, they wait until the occupyer actually leaves. Think 1960s Cambodia.

  8. My heart hurts for the families of those poor innocent babies taken too soon & unfairly. When will the men on this planet learn that killing is not an answer?

  9. She’s asking for help from other countries, but how do you change the mindset of people? It’s heartbreaking and I’m sure many feel hopeless.

  10. Why by a school?!?!
    I can’t even find the word to describe the sorrow I feel those parents. #RIP

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