Extortionist Widen Collection Pool in Spanish Town | TVJ News – June

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  1. So now because unuh start get extorted like the others people you get concern. Never concern when it was not at your doorstep.

  2. Extortion in Jamaica is a sign of incompetent and worthless Government! Vote UIC in the next election for real change and a better Jamaica.

    1. @ZeeH the point is as succesive governments let it get out of.control..labourite and PNP..no order.in.Jamaica

  3. I grew up with this man πŸ‘¨. Very nice person, and I hope that they don’t kill him. They need to be taken out of Society, by any means necessary. Lazy dutty John Crow dem. When is the Government going to do something about these vultures?

  4. πŸ˜„ ok let’s just act as if the security forces don’t know the organizations. Dadadee…. smh politics i tell you

  5. Why look work when extortion so lucrative and easy plus is one of the hard offenses to prove Jamaica no problem man these are the issues these politicians need to focus on instead of drafting up bills about psychological effects

  6. The same way the authorities are clamping down on scammers they need to do the same to extortionist because our country is suffering from these criminals. We are scared of coming to do business in our country

  7. Maybe the police need to go under cover , set up a few wholesale shops and have a few cabs on the road…brand new officers not known in the division.. that way they can record all transactions with the extortionist and build a solid case without the corrupt cop on the gangs payroll leaking the sting operation..? πŸ€”

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