'Extraordinary news': U.K. becomes first country to approve COVID-19 vaccine 1

‘Extraordinary news’: U.K. becomes first country to approve COVID-19 vaccine


CTV’s Paul Workman reports from London where the vaccine rollout is expected to begin in early December.

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  1. “Operation Warp Speed” Gotta get it done fast before word travels of the side effects!
    Here comes the military, SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!

    1. @ken munro thalidomide was a mistake, but was not a cover up. Moreover, when there are tragedies like that, methodologies change to improve medical practices. From thalidomide regulation was introduced so that if you want to administer drugs to pregnant women you have to conduct a second clinical trial entirely to get approval for pregnant women. Used to be that drugs approved for everyone else was automatically approved for pregnant women. Medicine isn’t a perfect practice, but it is one where we learn from our mistakes and tell everyone about it to do better. For what it’s worth, it has doubled life expectancy.

    1. Yeah, do some research….see ALL the toxins inside of the poison, lol. Do you actually critically think? I assume not because youre a brainwashed robotzombiesheeple.

    2. @J T J metals are stable at low temperature. nanos just mean things that are of the nano size. Lots of small things are stable (like the things that make you up). glycol is also stable… sure it becomes solid if you freeze it, but it’s just fine at room temp.

    3. @Louis Petitjean well sure…question is why put that garbage in your body? That’s the million $ question…it’s not a debate about metals nano particulates and glycol and their properties….none belong in a human body…right?

    4. @Charles Van Horn _”see ALL the toxins inside of the poison,”_

      Oh eff off you complete moron! The problem _isn’t_ with asinine idiocy like “toxins” FFS! It’s all about _inadequate testing!_ *Normal* procedures take 10-15 YEARS to legitimately demonstrate sufficient efficacy and safety to be approved while this has been, what, ~8 months?! There’s literally _NO POSSIBLE WAY_ that they can know if its safe OR effective at this point, but Governments are desperately scrambling to find a miracle for _political expediency_ and pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime windfall of cash that’s wholly protected by impenetrable Liability Shields erected by those same self-serving governments.

    5. @J T J — Did you know that, whenever you eat raspberries, one the _natural_ digestive byproducts that your body produces is *_FORMALDEHYDE!?_*

      …or that Cyanide is naturally contained in Apples (though primarily concentrated in the core/seeds)?

      …or that both Water and Oxygen are lethally poisonous in sufficient quantities?

      WTF do you _actually_ know about what your body’s natural metabolic processes can deal with?

  2. Look up the cohort study published in Critical Care by Chiscano-Camon et al. Article number 24, 522.

    1. @brtle If I share scientific literature, they will remove my comment and block me. Googling “Chiscano-Camon et al. Article number 24, 522” is all you need to do.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – don’t believe Pfizer – they paid $2.3 billion fine for doing bad things.

  4. Glad there are naysayers, always will be. Means shorter lines for those who trust the science over gossip.

    1. @Luiz de Jesus I’m talking about the scientific information that the government is providing and basing legislation off. I’m aware that politicians aren’t scientists. My question to you is do you believe they are providing the truth?

    1. Cancer and sterility is what it looks like. It’s no coincidence that you cannot sue the makers for any type of bodily harm

  5. Make the government leaders and health officials with their immediate families to take the first injections, make sure they’re not placebo injections too.

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