1. why u media houses not covering the story about reggaeboy alvas Powell threaten to shoot micheal Hector this teammate that crime an that why hector don’t come back an JFF an tappa don’t do nothing about it to protect the player this is very serious crime hector need to report it to FIFA so they can come down hard on the JFF an tappa.

  2. # (1).I wouldn’t buy none when I go home I’ll eat enough and make juice and drink. I’m not buying it for nearly $4 each and not even look like dem deh dung a yawd.

    # (2). These houses are not meant for poor people. That kind of money can buy a piece of land and build a better home with more and bigger rooms with no attachment to another person’s home where you can hear everything that’s going on on their side 😏. It’s a shame !

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