Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responds to whistleblower’s testimony | USA TODAY

Zuckerberg called Haugen's testimony "not true," in a statement he released on Facebook.
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Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before a Senate panel Tuesday that the social media giant prioritizes profits over the safety of its users, including its youngest and most vulnerable.

Yet Mark Zuckerberg had remained silent on the internal documents Haugen leaked to The Wall Street Journal.

On Sunday when Haugen appeared on CBS News’ "60 Minutes," the Facebook founder and CEO posted a video taken with the company's new Ray-Ban smart glasses showing him sailing with his wife, Priscilla Chan.

Late Tuesday, Zuckerberg broke his silence and said many of Haugen's allegations "don’t make any sense.”

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  1. If only she was a real whistleblower they never get airtime in any news network or magazine so this is another distraction

  2. Whatever…FB will prevail against any regulatory legislation primarily on 1A grounds — especially, with a conservative SCOTUS. Nice try, Sen Markey-Mark!

  3. I have a problem with the accusation that Facebook invades people’s privacy when in fact people willingly post their clean/dirty laundry for other people’s consumption. Its pretty easy to avoid being the target of Facebook advertising and stopping their algorithm. Don’t download the app. It’s not a requirement. And its certainly not the only way to keep in touch with family and friends.

    1. Don’t know if you know but… Facebook deal with Google completely destroys your argument… If you use any Google product…. Facebook is sent the information and the ads will show up on your Facebook. Also, if you use any service that uses Facebook or Google. You Facebook will show ads base off what you search, the type of pics you post, you average clothing style, text message conversations, and more.

  4. just like a KFC whistleblower confesses “ppl will love it if our food is more greasy”. i dont get why its so controversy 🤦🏻‍. you know what you are getting🤷🏻

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