Facebook Oversight Board To Rule On Trump Suspension | MSNBC 1

Facebook Oversight Board To Rule On Trump Suspension | MSNBC


Rep. Ro Khanna comments on Facebook’s upcoming decision regarding Trump’s suspended account.
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    1. Try seconds. The Mara-la-go wedding crashers first post will be the election was stolen from him.

    1. @Farcical POTUS hello troll your quite active aren’t you. Are you receiving monies for spreading fake crap? Or do you just do it for free?

    2. @Michael Hernandez it’s all he has in life, even has a second profile to copy and paste more. Just report for spam or child abuse.

    1. Don’t do it, Life with Trump not on Social Media is peaceful. He hasn’t stopped pushing the Big Lie. Give him a 7 year suspension

    2. Except it does not matter… cos every word of his still matters cos the media still scrambles to quickly talk about them cos it still earns them the most click…

    3. @JBE Multimedia not necessarily ,if they don’t report it we don’t know what kind of criminal acts he is up to.

    4. @Farcical POTUS same with trump did you see that photo of trump smelling a little girls hair and it said vile trump

  1. Trump should be in prison and the only way he should get his word out is carrier pidgeon

    1. @L. Alan you know i feel like he thought to himself. I love gold… i wanna be covered in gold… wait i have an idea!

    1. @James Stewart false. Still the insurrectionist fault. They have the personal responsibility to research something before taking someone’s word as fact.

    2. @Justin T private companies can do as they please, or do you really want more government control over private companies? The 1st amendment only says “Congress shall not enact laws” that limit free speech, you’re proposing a form of communism by saying government has control over private industry…

      And go ahead and start your own social media site. Oh wait Amazon, Facebook, and others own most of the proprietary software that run social media sites and they revoked Parlers rights to use their Patented Technology. Why do you propose more government control over private industry, are you suddenly admitting you’re a commie?

    3. @Justin T In general I actually agree with you, but there are so many dumb folks out there who blindly followed Trump and his lies. So, there is a difference what words can make to dumb folks vs smart folks.

  2. Did he learn his lesson? .. Did he stop spreading the same lie? .. Then don’t give him a podium again, please!

    1. no, he now calls it THE BIG LIE lol this demon is a huge orange lie, He is the embodiment of THE BIG LIE lol this is all a huge joke and a waste of people’s time. I wish Jesus would come back and take care of these people once and for all!!!

    2. If he gets a megaphone again aka fb or Twitter another Capitol Riot may happen

    1. @Eric Duggan
      I’m right there with you, however, my FB has been on there way longer than 6 years. No matter what I did, the account wasn’t deletable, with no explanation.

    2. @Farcical POTUS …. “Person… Man… Woman… Camera… Television…”…. Lol… Stable genius… How many types of injectable disinfectants are there?…

    1. Again!!!!! Truly he has never stopped spreading the big lie, an neither have his ‘friends’ in congress.

    2. He’s gonna be repeating those same words as he lays dying…when someone shows you who they are,,,believe it…

  3. ….he has NEVER experienced a consequence for his actions, that’s why he’s never learned….teach him and ban him FOR LIFE!!

    1. Maxine Waters who actually did incite violence never experienced consequences either. Left does not make it right.

    2. @Google User ….I thought the subject was regarding the former president, not Rep Waters…didn’t know it was a blanket ban for EVERYONE that’s never faced consequences…..my bad!!

    3. @Google User she didn’t do it all over social media, then keep going after the FBI and her own party warned her to stop. Cute whataboutism, but fascist propaganda had no use in America…

  4. So, if I say something that upset another person enough, I get a 24 hour ban from Facebook. If I instigate a revolution I get a 5 month ban. What a fascinating scale of punishment FB has.

    1. TC Sam if you incite violence then you will get banned, if you bully people, you will get banned, if you post misinformation you will get banned, and there is plenty more that can cause you to get banned, you should read the TOS that you agreed to when you created your account.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Thank you Captain Pedantic. I make a sarcastic comment and you decide “NO! Sarcasm and Humor cannot stand. Not if I have anything to say about it! I shall needlessly explain and condescend because I cannot allow jokes on the internet!” Thank you Captain Pedantic, you saved us from a joke someone might have enjoyed. Now go! Go forth and ruin other jokes before unadulterated silliness breaks out!

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis if that was true it would be awesome but they allowed the insurrectionist a platform to attack America…

  5. That would be a bad idea to allow him back on any of these social media platforms. My opinion

  6. WHY ,WHY Would you let him back on? He is not someone that should have access to so many sick people that think what he says is true.. This is just sad . Dont do it DONT!!!!!!

    1. If Trump gets back on fb he will have a mega phone again and another Capitol Riot may happen

  7. Under no circumstances should that crook be allowed back on.facebook should be boycotted world wide if he is.

  8. I thought he was happier without social media, he literally put out a statement saying that he was. Who else remembers that?

    1. IDK but did you read his statement about the oscars? and their response back to him? OMG priceless and made me literally LOL for about a half house because u don’t expect the Academy awards to respond the way they did, but it’s funny lol;

  9. Punishments like a media ban are meant to inspire personal corrections to bad behavior. He has shown none. If he never shows it, don’t let him back.

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