Facebook whistleblower testifies before Senate Commerce subcommittee | USA TODAY

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies before Senate Commerce consumer protection panel.
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Who is Frances Haugen, the whistleblower who is taking on Facebook?

On Sunday night, Haugen told 60 Minutes on Sunday night that she was the source of leaked documents to The Wall Street Journal and to lawmakers. It was the first time she spoke publicly.

Haugen is calling herself "an advocate for public oversight of social media." She has a new website, Twitter profile and Instagram account.

Her message: She wants to fix Facebook, not harm it.

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  2. It’s about time someone stood up, and it’s awesome it’s a women, BRAVO. Now if they take away the 230 shield then America can use OUR freedom of speech as it is written in our Constitution. 👍👍👍👍👍 🙏🙏😃

  3. just like a KFC whistleblower confesses “ppl will love it if our food is more greasy”. i dont get why its so controversy 🤦🏻‍. i use FB and i know what im getting🤷🏻‍♂

    1. What you’re saying is very different from this. Greasy food from KFC or McDonald uses red and yellow to make your brain think you’re hungry/need food. This is appearance-based strategy. Facebook is similar to tobacco because it promotes production of dopamine. That’s why you like the pings, dings, beep, on your phone everytime you get a notification. Addiction to alcohol does the same.

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