1. He never said “Go to my Rally and Wear A Mask and keep your distance” ..Now Is changing?… give me a break

    1. Yeah if you go to his rally’s you sign a waiver accepting responsibility for yourself as a free American that wants to participate in political rally’s. But oh wait I forgot only BLM protesters and rioters are allowed.

    2. He made damned sure everybody signed a waiver so he couldn’t be sued for being a superspreader.

    3. @Roberto Ramos In the bill of rights, there are provisions for national states of emergency. Which is what we are in now… The most well known is civil war… In short… You don’t understand your rights.

    4. @Roberto Ramos And when rioters and looters are wearing more masks then Trump supporters at rallies… Its best jot to make that argument. 😁✌

    5. @Roberto Ramos So you signed that kind of paperwork at last year’s Rally’s?🤔 You don’t make any sense 🤣

  2. The name of the test. “Whatever it might be” why couldn’t he remember the name of the test?? LOL, this is hilarious

    1. What is the last test you remember taking, sure as hell wasn’t an IQ test. you mess with the Pres. and here’s what happens -How exactly is China going to retaliate? China is in big trouble right now and if the Three Gorges Dam ruptures you can kiss this Communist regime good bye. China gave us C-19, did God give them rain?

    2. Bunker Boy has memory problems. Might be from his adderall addiction. If your bar for who should be president is passing a test designed to determine brain damage or dementia… Well, you’re a sad human being. At least we know Trump can identify an elephant.

      Hamberders 2020. Four more patties! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. Doug Butler China will retaliate with more difficult questions than Trump had to answer and most Americans will fail. America gave the world the automobile and now we have climate change, tornados, earthquakes, wild fires. USA gave civilians weapons and now we have school shootings. Is God punishing the USA?

    4. @Doug Butler Well… Your making things up… Being able to speak against out world leaders without fear of reprisals is kinda in the constitution… What God do you know, would punish and kill millions of Chinese men women and children, for the mistakes of their gov? And why would you worship one that does?

    1. @Rod and really, you might need to check it out if you think we’re talking about anyone other than Trump.

    1. @shaolin1200
      why did millions go out drinking and on beaches, BEFORE any protests, and those In Tulsa and Arizona now paying the price with many deaths, and who’s to blame
      murderer trump.

    2. @Attikisses lmao Canada is a joke nobody even knows what you do…we literally know nothing about your boring country. You want to be us but your GDP is a joke so the world looks at you like what the hell is Canada good for? What do you do there besides ride on our coattails

  3. I tried that test the other day. The five words, in order: face, velvet, church, daisy, red.
    Let’s have a parade and fireworks and a national holiday named after me.

    1. In trying to decide who to vote for in Nov. Biden has no answers and is not saying how to stop the violence not to mention can’t talk and forgets what he is talking about so he’s not looking too good at the moment to me. Just can’t decide who I want to be my country’s leader.

    2. @Harry Dingling bet your name tag is all you can think about..at least you know what YOU are.

    3. @Harry Dingling sure can tell you’ve never been around anyone who over came a stutter have you. I have, and it isn’t something you outgrow. And, it has nothing to do with intelligence. I bet Biden knows we didn’t have an Air Force during the Revolutionary war. I bet Biden knows there are category 5 hurricanes. I bet Biden knows where his father was born. I watched Trump tell a member of the German Delegation, 2 times that ” my father was born in a beautiful little town in Germany,”. He wasn’t. Trump didn’t even know why Pear Harbor is important in our history. He’s semi literate. Ignorant, ineffectual, and lazy . He’s spent millions of taxpayer dollars enriching his businesses. By all his golf trips to his resorts. Other presidents utilized the course at Andrews A F B. Or played on public courses. The very worst thing Trump has done, is the con job he’s run on his supporters. He doesn’t care about monuments, the names of military bases, or the Confederate flag. He doesn’t care about any of you. All he cares about is your vote. Ronald Regan used to say; ” Trust but Verify”. Guess you weren’t paying attention .

    4. @Roberto Ramos It isn’t a pass fail test. It’s an indicator. Bet Biden didn’t have to pay anyone to take his entrance exams . Right now, somewhere, an investigative journalist is having a conversation.

  4. He’s bragging that he “aced” a test that is used to detect early signs of alzheimers and dementia…..

  5. He’s LYING..he doesnt have ‘friends’ – he has ‘subjects’ that have to be around him, they work for him, he has the ‘best friends money can buy’. An as soon as they don’t please him, he says “i dont know the guy, i dont know anything about him”

    1. As a taxpayer I’m not going to pay for friends and co. I am paying the president’s advisors do whole-heartedly give their best and if they can’t let them f*** off

    2. Please note he said “people”, not friends. I think he knew no-one would believe him and might challenge him to give some names if he’d said he’d lost friends….

  6. 🤔 couldn’t remember the name of the test.
    and… if he’s so smart, why has he threatened his college to not release his academic record.

    1. @wilssb2003
      Its the way it looks AND going to be even worse yet, watch next month black August.
      Not just with more dying. lol

    2. @sara Let me ask you. Were there a lot of people at those Trump rallies? I mean because the liberal narrative said otherwise… so which is it? Also the turnout for the protests were massive all over the country, were they not?

    3. @Harry Dingling You are correct on both counts. I mean the rally had something like 6000, so they could have physically distanced themselves but that didn’t happen. I’m sure some of the protesters will have gotten covid, but my contention is that Trump knowingly packed people together in an indoor venue for no other reason than he wanted some attention. That’s just sociopathic behavior.

    1. @Brian Connelly I wonder when people will learn that voting against candidates is more destructive than not voting at all. I wonder if partisans realize that they are literally encouraging the shitiness of their party, while hypocritically pointing out the shitiness of the other party.

      I wonder if people realize that republicans and democrats are justifying how low they can set the bar, by pointing out how low the other side just set the bar..

      Meanwhile, the whole country dies more and more each time the bar is lowered.

    2. @Harry Dingling Lol!When Trump leaves the White House in 2021 he can blame that on Obama too.

    1. Trump is the best president we have ever had. It is your obligation to vote for him. If you vote Democrat, you vote for China.

    1. He has the best memory ever. I bet he could tell what he had for lunch. If he forgets, we can remind him…a Happy Meal!

    2. I found his cadence weird. He hesitates every time after “man”~ a slight hitch in his speech.

  7. The DSM-IV lists several tendencies. To be diagnosed with ASPD, a person must have at least three of these symptoms:

    failure to conform to social norms (i.e, they break the law)

    repeatedly lying or conning others for profit or pleasure

    failure to plan ahead or impulsive behavior

    repeated irritability or aggressiveness (such as always getting into fights)

    recklessly disregarding the safety of themselves or others

    consistent irresponsibility (can’t hold down a job or meet financial obligations)

    lack of remorse (i.e., rationalizes their actions or is indifferent to other people’s feelings

    Remind you of anyone?

  8. It’s the first test he has ever passed all by himself, no wonder he wants to tell the world about it.

    1. @Cropper Copper notice how you are arguing over how I’m structuring my argument instead of rebutting whatbi actually saying

    2. @Roberto Ramos Nope… I did notice that you told a lie and misunderstood the process, which was a key part of your argument, then I called you out on it and you have been lying about what you said ever sense. Nice Try at another spun, though.

    3. @Roberto Ramos Your recent point was that you did not set up a false dichotomy. I pointed out that you did… Because you trying to present arguments NO ONE MADE BUT YOU and then pretending to argue against them… Because you can’t argue against what was actually said. 😁👇

  9. He is a “tough” guy that is afraid to give cold, hard facts regardless of how they reflect the current status of America.

  10. Agreed but the leader of the country should have says something to “peace” a nation instead of stupid comments like they are dogs.

  11. “If you get it in order you get extra points.” OMFG I haven’t laughed like this in ages! 😀

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