Fact-checking Ted Cruz’s claims against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

CNN's Sunlen Serfaty and Daniel Dale break down Republicans' claims during the first day of questioning in Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Senate confirmation hearing. #CNN #News


    1. @Red Rick That’s what I said when Camala got on the same ticket as an old white man she dubbed a racist.

    2. A woman is a human being with a pair of X chromosomes. I learning that in high school biology. Why didn’t she just say that?

  1. Oh what patience and dignity she displayed when confronted by such ignorance and bad behaviour.
    They all should no better. The world is watching her brutal and unnecessary attacks.
    She’s more than capable of doing this job her record and experience if better than the last candidate who I believe is part of a cult that requires a male to be present to make decisions, so please 🙏 😊

    1. The fact people are so pressed about her not answering the question of what defines a women. No matter what she answers she will be criticized. She didn’t even answer the question and people are still criticizing her. That is such a loaded question I can see why she didn’t have a answer. Because the definition of a women has evolved it’s not just someone who has a vagina or someone who acts feminine. That question shouldn’t even have been asked what does that question have to do with her qualifications.
      Even if she answered someone who identifies as female they would have asked for a specific description. Very ignorant for people not to notice how much of a trap this question was.

    2. @Kathy Bear That’s an easy question nowadays thanx to the Democrats. Anyone can be a woman or a man or any race or any animal. You are what you say you are according to Democrats. Enjoy the confusion.

    3. @Joboygbp Edwards literally what does being a democrat have to do with this? I associate with no party so I don’t understand where your coming from. Being a democrat or a republican shouldn’t matter it’s the fact people think this question is important. There is no right way to answer this question. It’s like me saying what defines a man? And I respond saying someone who has a penis and produces sperm. And or someone who is masculine and produces testosterone. Those comments are ignorant some men aren’t born without a penis and or can’t produce sperm. Some men don’t produce enough testosterone and are not masculine. It’s basically insulting those people.

      This is how I view the question they are asking for characteristics of a male and female when those narratives have changed.

  2. Term Limits,please! Too many crusty meat puppets continue to limit the progress of Our Great Nation.These law makers should,like the President,serve no more than 8 years. Cancun Cruz,Pelosi,Graham,McConnell,Schumer,enough already. Just to name a few…

    1. I agree. Term limits are needed and necessary. The Founding Fathers always looked at The House and Senate as “part time” jobs that people will take to serve the country and its citizenry. They should serve for a short time and then return to their regular life and job. The idea of a “professional politician” was abhorrent to them.
      Give Senators 2 terms of 6 years each (12 years total) and the House 4 terms of 2 years each (8 years) in total. That way they can get their agenda done, and if not they need to get out and let someone else try. Once they are done, they are done forever.

  3. Ted Cruz MX bound Ted as we all know him as admitted he actually knows how to read at third-grade level what a good boy.

    1. @CaliTXman Trump likes to look at the little girls in his pageants and you’re complaining about pedophiles????

    2. @Ranting Ratite Yep. I’m that far ahead of the curve. You midwits blame everything on Trump, and at some point you’ll blame him for all the cp on Hunter’s laptop.

    1. @FirstName LastName Who? Trump? Kavanaugh? Gaetz? Idk, there’s a whole list of Republican leaders who fit the bill actually, who have had or have active cases against them.

    2. @Hugh Jorgan It’s more than that acually, but you wouldn’t understand the rhetorical aspect since all you want is a black or white answer, boiled down to the simplest form of understanding, disregarding the complex nature and intersectional aspects of what “being a woman” is…or maybe you just simply can’t understand it.

    3. @Ayuds ..You clearly didn’t watch the exchange. The context of the question was for her to provide the biological definition of woman. To which Brown Jackson answered “I can’t, I’m not a biologist”.
      It’s pretty scary she’s willing to sacrifice all her personal integrity (particularly as a proud black woman) just to appease a few far left idiots in the Democrat party (i.e AOC) and the delusional special interest groups who think guys can just “identify” as women.

  4. Most of these politicians are not very evolved — selfish, combative, dishonest, ulterior motives… Too bad it’s not required that one be a mature, selfless person before being elected to represent the nation and your constituents. I guess the nation as a whole needs to grow up — you get what you deserve!

    1. if it were to those white Republicans she wouldn’t be a federal…if somehow Amy conney Barrett or rappy Brett Kavanagh are qualified to be supreme court justices, then is leaps and bonds more qualified than them to be a Justice

    2. I agree that people need to mature. It’s why we have the problem of Washington representatives and a worthless president now. Spending our tax dollars in wasteful ways every day.

    3. @piertinence Yes I remember Kavenaugh not being convicted of any crime. No proof, no evidence to show otherwise. 🙄

    1. @Aristotelezz The biggest liar is Joe Biden. At least Trump delivered on all his promises, and we had a very thriving economy, til Sleepy Joe stole the election.

    2. That’s why we have debates, unless you have a candidate who purposely avoids debates, as Biden did. 🙄

    3. @Gregg Mackie AMEN BROTHER! The MOST votes EVER in a general election for a presidential candidate AND THIS is what we get? So hard to believe when you hear that statistic alone.

    1. I hope the big guy is ready to defend himself for all the hunter biden emails hes discussed in. A few cnn townhalls and youll be on his side.

  5. I think the Senators need to be questioned just like this and made to answer under the same pressure and give a HONEST ANSWER and repeatedly give the SAME TRUE answer. It will never happen! They can not do it, they lie to your face every chance they can.

    1. The Senators aren’t on trial, she is. The Senators aren’t trying to be confirmed to the highest court in our land, SHE IS. Stop trying to deflect from the lies she told here. I agree, there are liars among much of Congress, but the only way we get at them is thru our voting of them. Once she is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, our voting won’t matter in her case. REMEMBER THAT!

    2. @Elaine Kay You obviously haven’t watched and listened very closely any of the GOP Senators question her in my estimation to say that. Go back and ESPECIALLY listen to Ted Cruz’s questioning of her. Watch ALL of it, to the end. He was terrific at pointing out HER FLAWS!

    3. @David Suro I agree she’ll get the confirmation, only because Democrats hold the majority votes it takes. One POS, will take the place of another. She’s a liar, whether you want to see it or not. It’s been proven here by the GOP Senators, whether you see it or not. They’ve done their jobs well. Whether you see it or not…

    4. @Rene L Pot calling the kettle black. YOU have learned nothing about her through the testimony. She’s been proven a liar and a pedophile sympathizer through her sentencing of them. It’s right there in her testimony to Senator Ted Cruz. You are just too blinded to see truth when it’s presented for you to see. BLIND! Incredible blindness to the truth!

  6. Funny how all these GOP Senators are tracking Judge Brow Jackson but didn’t that all vote to appoint her to the Federal bench only a year ago?

    1. @Lawlzinator If a judge isn’t good enough for her rulings to on SCOTUS, then why was she whole heartedly approved for federal court? Congress did affirm an accused rapist, with no substantial investigation, who likes beer and lied about boofing but I guess we can’t have a judge who follows laws from CONGRESS.

    2. @Thomas Moeller The only liar was Blasi Ford who couldn’t remember what happened to her where it happened when it happened, on what day it happened, who did it who brought her there or who took her home. But she did remember she only had two beers. 🤡

    3. @Major Anthony Nelson Is that what you call the thousands of sexual abuse victims of the Church who come forward decades later with their accusations? Liars? Are they all liars? Many of them don’t remember exactly when it happened or what happened immediately before or after, but they remember the assault and they remember the perpetrator… are they all lying too?

    4. @Lawlzinator If they were this concerned about her temperament, why would they vote for her to be a judge ANYWHERE? Your argument makes no sense.

      If you’re concerned about a judge being too lenient, don’t vote to confirm them at all. They had access to all of the claims and information when they voted to confirm her before. If they weren’t concerned then, why should they be concerned now?

      It’s political grandstanding and they’re being fake. They weren’t this concerned about the women and children when they confirmed her before. It’s phony.

  7. Amazing how a couple of senators can make the whole room look unprofessional while America is watching History being made

    1. @Que Creations Why does skin color matter? Black people form their states voted to put those senators in power.

    2. Nothing, To me. I was just making a point to Que Creations who said “White Republicans Senates”

    3. @Ebenezer Spludge Corey Booker explained it perfectly. You’re likely a white male and won’t understand.

  8. it’s pathetic that on a world stage we continue to show the people we elect to our government have an education level of elementary children and then try to act as if they are lawyers or in Graham’s case, POTUS

    1. @Mr. White Where is it written they must be lawyers. Probably in the same place GOP thinks gracious questioning is. They are rude, crude and quite frankly, stupid. If either one spoke to me like that, they’d get slapped down so bad, their mothers would be worried.

    2. @Derrick x converge x Maybe, but they are both lawyers. Graham was a lawyer for a private practice and an attorney in the military. They are both law school graduates whether you like them or not.

    3. @Bert Saenz So did you say a name or didn’t you? Don’t talk to me about “sentence structure” until you brush up on your own grammar. In any case, you are digging yourself in a hole here.

    4. @Ms. Mc Could have, but they didn’t…..so I called them out on it. If what they wrote was so clear, you wouldn’t of wrote your own comment. Let it go.

    5. @Mr. White lol. Too funny. You point blank can’t read. There is zero issues with the grammar. You attempted to change the subject by making something up from my statement vs avoiding the point of the comment, the point of the video. Your comment, naming people, is so ridiculous that it makes the situation worse. Graham was named because he’s cried for two days that the person he wanted nominated wasn’t. It’s not his job to choose a justice. Try to change the subject and make stuff up as long as you like.

  9. What I found more unsettling than Cruz’s and Hawley’s deplorable treatment of Brown-Jackson is the fact they drafted a letter to see the testimonies of witnesses and victims in these abuse cases. That they would RISK traumatizing these victims again and put witnesses’ safety at risk to score POLITICAL points, is just about unforgivable. Remember that when it’s time to vote!!!

    1. @Abner Ruiz Because justice wasn’t served in EACH case (as Cruz laid it SIMPLY out for you to see 😳) , she sentenced the pedophiles with much less time then was even RECOMMENDED by the prosecutors. The maximum time was not even considered. For you to not see that and all the other people arguing here, leads me to wonder how many pedophiles are here commenting? 🤔

    2. @horseygurl143 You CLEARLY haven’t watched the Republican grilling of her or you have such a huge bias FOR her that you’re blinded from the truth. She’s a LIAR and she’ll get the seat on the highest court of the land as a judge. Hope that makes you happy, cause it’ll affect ALL OF US in the end. Go back and watch Ted Cruz’s questioning of her. Watch it to the end, cause the end is the best part. The TRUTH is there. She’s a liar

    3. @Winston The Dino No, incorrect. The Senators do this so WE the People get a chance to see some truth about who is to be confirmed as a judge on the highest court in America. PLEASE understand that. It’s for US to SEE and UNDERSTAND who may one day sit in judgement of us ALL here very soon. It may be the last time we get to see HER before us and see truth about HER character. Understand that and think about it. The GOP questioning of her should be a case study in colleges everywhere. It should be a careful warning to future generations to watch and learn from. It’s unfortunate that you only see it as nothing more then “tribal warfare”.

  10. Looking at these senators over the years. I actually knew they will do just what they did to judge Jackson. Stay the Judge you will persevere.my prayers are with you

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