Fact-Checking Virus Impact On Children Ahead Of Summer | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Fact-Checking Virus Impact On Children Ahead Of Summer | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


As new waves of coronavirus appear in the South and Midwest, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel joins Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss why he thinks summer camps need to be opened and how that can be accomplished. Aired on 05/25/2020.
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Fact-Checking Virus Impact On Children Ahead Of Summer | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Kids have No Idea whatsoever ever about Hygiene. Don’t expect them to take care of themselves without Parental Supervision…..

    1. My church’s sleep away summer has for decades required the junior campers (age 7- 11) wash hands and brush teeth in groups with adult supervision. There is no reason to social distance within a pod of children, and children have learned to avoid strangers for decades. Redefining strangers is just a small step.

  2. Summer camp is same as school, so whats the pt of closing school then? Most parents wont send kids to group setting

    1. Many parents need some form of child care in order to work. Not all have stay-at-home relatives to provide it.

    2. Public schools are more like indoctrination camps and daycare rolled into one. They exist to destroy the next generation of Americans.

    3. @david Milton Private schools are not indoctrinating people into Communism. Private schools actually teach the 3r’s

    4. @Lucius Kiirus
      I went to both,I speak from my experience.
      More drugs at the private school,less students.
      More students at public schools,softer curriculum.

  3. 3 or 4 hours a day. See how things go. We probably need a split school in the fall. Half from home. Half at school. Some parents have urgent need. Others won’t be willing to risk it

  4. I think the only reason we haven’t seen a major outbreak in kids is cause they were taken out of school early in this pandemic. Bring them back together in groups kids will die.

    1. Stop thinking, woman. WuFlu is a scamDemic. 86% of people who get it never knew they hadn’t and 99.5% of people survive it. Kids don’t die from seasonal Flu and they are not going to die from this either.

    2. @Lucius Kiirus Well, maybe they haven’t died or haven’t gotten extremely harmed by the seasonal flu due to, I don’t know, vaccines? Which have been widely available for some time? Something that’s yet to be accessible for COVID since it doesn’t exist for the masses.

    1. @Jay Gibson
      Nope,more tha the flu.
      Stop with the minimizing.
      What are your qualifications ?
      Are you in the medical field ?
      Or,are you just repeating what you’ve heard ?
      How did you conclude “just like a flu” ?

    2. david Milton
      Believe as you like.
      See swine and avian flu.
      We didnt shut down or place infected people in nursing homes to affect an election.

    3. @Jay Gibson
      Neither of those went nationwide.
      Neither of those were concerns like this.
      Election ?
      Are you serious ?
      So,the whole world is faking in order to sway the American presidential election ?

      You are gone.

  5. How many kids have to die for your economics? How many people is it OK to have die for your economy?

    1. ​@Marshall Boling That may be so, but the combination of COVID, the damage to the economy, and Presidential failure to actually lead this country… is making everything far worse than it has to be… My question remains. How many people have to die so you can have your cappuccino or beer with your buddies on the beach… How many could have been saved if Trump would have actually taken charge and really led the way from the beginning. The man is a Coward. Trump didn’t cause COVID, but he is not helping us deal with it. He’s put on rose colored glasses and thinks we all should wear them.
      Marshall, how many of your friends and family are you willing to loose? Will you still support Trump when they die?

    2. Mistair Arts Um for 1…… CHYNA lol okay. For 2… president trump will not allow true economic failure. We will be back to normal soon in 2021. Look at the stock market now. It’s not doing bad because of investor confidence for 2021. Because trump is a shoe in.. sorry dude

    3. Mistair Arts only real reason deaths are even semi high is because of New York and NJ where people live on top of each other like ants lol

    4. @Marshall Boling New York is high because it’s got the most people packed into the smallest space… Great for the disease but not great for NYC… Are you really as dumb as you sound… America has the highest number of cases of any nation in the world and is only 4 percent of the global population. I know you want to make light of this… of me… and rationalize going out and ignoring the situation… so do that… it’s your life… wait… it’s also your families lives, your parents lives, your friends lives… Make like it doesn’t matter and those are the people who will end up dying. Because all of the people who have died were parents, siblings, spouses, friends of someone… Make light… do… have fun at the bar… just don’t cry to me when the result happens, and you can’t say goodby to someone you love because they are in isolation… go ahead… live like that.

  6. Do u know how wearing a mask is so uncomfortable and it is difficult to breathe. And u want children to wear the mask the whole day?

  7. And they will survive why take the chance of losing a child to this virus and maybe even giving it to adults unknowingly

  8. First of all ! kids and germs go hand in hand, we will not sacrifice our children for your bottom line! #profitoverhumanity

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