Failed US Federal Response To COVID-19 Manifests As International Disaster | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Failed US Federal Response To COVID-19 Manifests As International Disaster | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the where national coronavirus policy in the U.S. is still falling short and how the consequences of the Trump administration's failures stand out in the data on the impacts of the worldwide spread of the virus. Aired on 04/08/2020.
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Failed US Federal Response To COVID-19 Manifests As International Disaster | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @lexa harpell And we just haphazard jump in and out and shake it all about. We are doing the Hokey Pokey. Another little saying works here too: the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

    2. Can I move there? I’ve always wanted to and your prime minister is an absolute badass. She’s handled a ton of things extremely swiftly and firmly. I wish we had a leader like that 🙁 shout out to all the sexists out there that think women are bad leaders. Look at NZ and US leaders.

    3. You can go on proving to the world how to do global pandemic properly. Keep on being awesome New Zealand!

  1. 4% of the world’s population and 16% of virus fatalities.
    Over confident and under educated, as usual.

    1. Bryce Brogan Sure. I am an infectious disease research scientist who graduated from Duke University in 2003.

    2. the list I am aware of AI. It is nothing new. Also, if you know about AI, then you should know we are able to stream data in “real time” to an AI. How can you say “real time” data does not exist?

  2. This is what happens when you elect an egocentric narcissist who runs a country like a reality show.
    Lots of love form Australia Stay safe America and please listen to Dr Fauci and your health specialists.

  3. From Andrew in Australia,
    It saddens me deeply to see your great country at its knees.
    I applaude your front line workers from the bus drivers, doctors, nurse and all that are suffering.
    But what I can’t fathom is your president!!!!! He has dropped the ball from the start, America needs a leader! Not a blamer, saying that its going to be all over soon is ridicules. He should stand up like a man and follow the professional advice and please show some compassion to your fellow humans.

    1. Only afew of the elite will died, but alot of the old, minority races, poor whites…….all these people are not considered human enough for Trump and some of his follower to really care about. I watched videos of his followers say “the old should sacrifice themselves for America, poor people shouldn’t have children, being a burden I suppose. This is the mentally of Trump and his people

    2. It isn’t that he dropped the ball… he never picked it up in the first place. Every step of the way, he has had to be FORCED into taking whatever steps this administration has taken, and has consistently been trying to backpedal on each and every one of them; the only thing keeping him from doing so is when his polling numbers drop because of his retrogressive rhetoric and actions. Were it not for that, we’d not even have what little we do in the way of genuine response to this thing.

    1. Doubt obama, or anyone for that matter, would have had the ability to deal with this crisis. obama cut hundreds of millions from CDC budgets each year for 5 of his 8 years.

    2. Victor Johnson Stop. Blaming Obama. Trump has been in the White Zhou’s for over three years now. There are no excuses.

  4. Sorry, sitting here in Australia, we are looking at this bafooooon you voted in & just like the last 3 years are just shaking our heads.. No leadership !!

    1. @Julie Salzer we don’t need MSNBC. However MSNBC’s facts check out. There are reliable news services all over the world all reporting much the same thing.

    2. @Julie Salzer “Fraud investigator…empirical evidence” So what does, or doesn’t, the graph show you that makes it fake news?

    3. Just Say’n Exactly this. Sorry ostriches, the numbers don’t lie. They are cold hard facts. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of grief behind those numbers.

    4. @Peremalfait We (Aus) closed our borders, later than we should have, but still before things got totally out of control. After that only Aus citizens and residents were allowed in. When it was found people were not complying with self isolation requests, it became a condition of returning that they were housed in the vacant hotels in secured isolation for 14 days. That has caught any incoming cases. We have been testing at a much higher rate than the US to detect and isolate cases of known contact and community transmission.

      The federal government has been almost entirely focused on the economy. That has included a one off payment to those on welfare and pensions (which has already been paid), a JobKeeper guarantee for businesses who would otherwise be laying staff off which pays a set wage for them to keep those staff on ready to reopen when this is over, they have streamlined the application process for people claiming the dole, and bailed out some big businesses. Apart from that they have banned gatherings (weddings are limited to 5, and funerals to 10) and I THINK it was the feds who dealt with infected cruise ships.

      Health, education, transport, and policing are all administered by the states. The relevant ministers for each state are coordinating efforts so the message is mostly consistent across the country. The biggest difference is that Victoria has closed schools and when term 2 commences on Wednesday it will be all online. Other states have only just started holidays and afaik have yet to decide what form school will take next term.

      Most states have closed their borders, only allowing trucks and essential workers across (eg someone lives in NSW but works at the hospital 10km away in Victoria).

      I’m not sure if it was federal or state governments who issued the stay at home orders, but it is state police who are checking on motorists and issuing fines for breeches.

      Possibly our biggest difference is our education system. Kids finish high school with some understanding of the scientific process and some critical thinking skills. It’s only a very few vocal nutcases here who dismiss science. Even our pentecostal nutcase Prime Minister is forced to admit it’s true, so although he was downplaying the consequences (and was one of few who thought he was going to the football the weekend before the Monday shutdown) we were not being told it was a hoax. Indeed, if he had tried he would probably have been given a vote of no confidence by his own party and replaced within a few days.

    5. MasterWayneDK58
      Take a look at Australian news – you’ll be surprised at how well they’re doing on this.

  5. *when your government systematically train half your population to ignore reality,*
    *don’t act surprised when they do just that.*

    1. @Trigger Warning And how many reported deaths were there from the Swine Flu in that time in the US?
      Roughly stated to be 12.500, with a margin for error up to around 18.000.

      Now how many covid-19 deaths have been reported over these two months?

      You really don’t want covid-19 to stick around and spread as much as the Swine Flu.

    2. @Jonathan Lyngexcept it’s only one side that deliberately twists everything,first part of engaging reality is seeing that

    3. @146agi122 it is both sides, look at the liberal news media we’re all in an echo chamber the news needs to be autided to tell the whoke picture of facts and let the public interpret them, they don’t do anything of that sort anymore, no exceptions.

    1. He might – if he can figure out how to use his magic Sharpie to write “Not!” in front of “US” throughout the video.

    2. @Chris Bu
      No I am already sick and discussed by the yellow turd. It needs no reinforcing.

    1. @Hubbi Bubbi Americans are self destructive. Because they are the only ones who can destroy themselves, entropy dictates that eventually they will destroy themselves as there can never be a perpetual Empire…from the Roman Empire to the British to the USA…problem is they are daunted by the successes they can achieve if they apply a modicum of common sense

  6. “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” 
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  7. Our gov wasted two whole months. Now, at last, they were in a panic, blaming everyone else.
    They are trying to scapegoat WHO and CDC.

  8. Trump, 2016: “I could shoot someone and not lose voters.”
    Trump, 2020: “My neglect caused thousands of deaths, and I haven’t lost voters.”

    1. You forgot to quote he said in that infamous Hollywood bus that he can grab women by the P and will get away with it.

    2. On January 11th the first death was reported in China.
      On January 14th the World Health Organization said there is no human to human transmission.
      On January 21st the first case is reported in the U.S.
      On January 27th the President extended screening to 20 airports.
      On January 28th the President bans travel from China.
      On January 29th the President evacuated U.S. citizens from China.
      On January 30th the World Health Organization declared the virus a public health emergency of international concern. Well President Trump was already on it.
      On January 31st Joe Biden said the President was xenophobic and creating hysteria.
      On February 2nd the New York health commissioner said there is no reason not to go out, ride the subway, get dinner, go to the parade.
      On February 4th during the state of the union speech the President pledged to safeguard Americans from the virus. No applause from Democrats and Pelosi rips up the speech. On the same day Governor Cuomo said “Preparedness is always the best practice. There is no need to panic.”
      On February 6th U.S. forces quarantine in Okinawa.
      On February 12th & 13th New York officials encouraged people to “Show some love to Chinatown businesses” and Mayor De Blasio visited Flushing.
      Pelosi pretty much does the same thing in San Francisco Chinatown on February 24th.
      On February 21st Governor Cuomo announces he will visit States that have legal weed… priorities right.
      On February 25th the CDC warns that the virus is likely to spread and people should prepare. The same day the administration has a classified briefing with Senators.
      The Democrat Louisiana Governor and New Orleans Mayor proceed with Mardi Gras.
      On February 26th Governor Cuomo said “This situation shouldn’t cause fear.”
      On February 28th New York hospitals state “They are well-prepared for the worst, stay calm.”
      On February 29th the first death is reported in the U.S.
      On March 1st the first case is reported in New York.
      On March 5th Mayor De Blasio takes a subway ride to show everyone it was safe and encourages people to go out… see a movie. MARCH 5TH
      On March 9th Bernie Sanders said he wouldn’t have closed the border to fight the virus.
      On March 11th Mayor De Blasio said “If you are not sick you should go about your business.” MARCH 11TH

      In 2015 the New York Health Department warns Governor Cuomo of a serious ventilator shortage should there be a pandemic. He instructs them to draft a death lottery and blows $750 million on a solar debacle in Buffalo.

      New York is in the $#!t it is in due to it’s own failed leadership. IMO the so is the country.

      If Democrats were in charge right now we’d ALL be dead.

    3. @Terra812 Fun facts & timeline:
      – 2016 UK mock NHS Exercise: Operation CYGNUS, assessment of NHS capability, seven weeks into a pandemic (‘A deadly respiratory virus’ from Asia) [setup by Imperial college of London]. Findings: Shortages of PPE, Ventilators, Critical Care Beds, General NHS capacity, Overflowing Mortuaries.
      – 2017-2018, tests carried on DOD personnel during that influenza season. Report published in Oct 2019 by Armed Forces Health, ABSTRACT PURPOSE: Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.
      – July 2019, CDC closed US Army Fort Detrick bio defense center due to deadly gem research level 4 or serious severity level warning.
      – July 2019, Reuter reported on 3/22/2020 that Trump administration eliminated a key CDC expert and American public health position in Beijing intended to help detect disease outbreaks in China
      – August 19, 2019, Washington Post headline- Officials: Nearly 100 Cases of a Mysterious Lung Illness Could Be Linked to Vaping (by Lena Sun & Lindsey Bever).
      – Sept 2019, US reported there were 1080 cases of unknown pneumonia in 48 states, 18 deaths & were classified as e-cigarette death. Yet same type e-cigarettes have been sold for years.
      – Sept-Nov 2019, sudden illness spikes killed 12,000+ Americans. It was classified as influenza and e-cigarette death out of the 19 million influenza patients of which 120,000 hospitalized.
      – Oct 17 2019, Event 201 (Global pandemic drill) participants: John Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      – Oct 18-27 2019, Military World Games in Wuhan, China. US athletes (300+) and personnel (100+) participated and resulted at 35th place, United States (USA): 0 Gold, 3 Silver, 5 Bronze. 1st place, China (CHN): 133 Gold, 64 Silver, 42 Bronze; 2nd place, Russia (RUS): 51 Gold, 53 Silver, 57 Bronze; 3rd place, Brazil (BRA): 21 Gold, 31 Silver, 36 Bronze; in total, there were 66 nations participated.
      – 5 of those US athletes were sick & were taken to a local military hospital during the game; went home without waiting for the rest of the group 2 days prior & left via a private military plane. (One of those possible patient zero/one maybe identified as Maatje Benassi by a US independent journalist George Webb, ) Also the US delegation was found splitting into multiple groups visiting many public places & their hotels were literally very close to the Huanan seafood market.
      – Nov 2019, First COVID-19 case was reported in Wuhan.
      – January 8 2020, A Montrose resident Almeta Stone’s sister die of COVID-19.
      – Jan 8 2020, another news article heading: Flu season is hitting hard already. ‘People feel like they have been hit by a bus.’ Health officials had warned the 2019-2020 flu season could be one of the worst in history. Although the season tends to peak in February, in South Florida, doctors report they are not only treating two strains of the flu, they are also sending people to the hospital with complications such as pneumonia. “About 80 percent of the cases we are seeing involve some type of respiratory illness,” said Paolo Coll, a family medicine doctor with Memorial Urgent Care Clinic in Pembroke Pines. While the flu symptoms tend to clear up in one to two weeks, the cough tends to linger, he said.
      – Early January 2020, Dr. Helen Chu, a disease specialist in Seattle, had the ability (and instinct) to test for coronavirus in early January. But officials told her she wasn’t allowed to test and sent her a Cease and Desist letter, her story even got on New York Times.
      – January 2020, several reports indicated coronavirus wasn’t originated from Huanan seafood market.
      – Feb 2020, top US execs dumped $9B of stock before virus hit. Some congress people did the same.
      – Feb 2020, reports from China on the genetic strand of Wuhan COVID -19 patients were type C (third generation) which can only come through from type B (second generation). There was no type B in Wuhan whereas US has all the old genetic strand generations of the virus in the country, from first to the fifth generations.
      – Feb, 2020 Japanese media was first reported the sudden increase of influenza death or outbreak in America since Sept 2019, many of which may have been caused by the COVID-19. They came to that conclusion after they have studied their first patient who got COVID-19 after visiting USA without having any connection or travelled to China.
      – March 11 2020 (9:30 am-11:29am), CDC director Robert Redfield, admitted that some of those influenza deaths were indeed COVID-19.
      – March 11 2020 (11:30 am), COVID-19 hearing cut short by Trump White house and didn’t resume. Reason: Several witnesses were called to a sudden emergency meeting at the White house. The witnesses include CDC director Robert Redfield; Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; and Robert Kadlec, MD, assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the Department of Health and Human Services.
      – March 2020, Russian media reported that hackers had traced back the original account on the internet that had started spreading rumors about Chinese bioengineered COVID-19 in a lab near Wuhan gone wrong, was from CIA despite it was written in Chinese Language.
      – March 2020, many old CDC closed Fort Detrick base articles returned with “404 not found” error messages.
      – March 2020, Japan, Italy & Iran have also reported they have a very different & independent genetic strand hence they were not & cannot be coming from China.
      – March 19, 2020, Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of a renowned medical research institute in Italy, says he is now hearing information about it from general practitioners. “They remember having seen very strange pneumonia, very severe, particularly in old people in December and even November,” he says. “This means that the virus was circulating, at least in [the northern region of] Lombardy and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China.” ,
      – March 20, 2020, South Korea tested cases = 316,664 with about 9,000+ cases. While US tested cases = 103,945 with about 10,000+ cases (US data were merely estimates from the COVID-Tracking project and not actual disclosed figures). If you put this figure by per million people, Korea will be at 6,148 test performed while US at only 313.6 test performed (and it isn’t even a real figure, only via COVID-Tracking project estimate while actual data can be easily obtained from other countries around the world). Is USA really lacking testing kits or supplies? Or is it simply health care/governmental inefficiency? Or worst case scenario, it is deliberately hiding something from the World?
      – March 20, 2020, the Prime Minister of one of the five eyes countries, Scott Morrison says, “we were able to slow the virus’ start and spread in Australia through these early periods. The country which has actually been responsible for a large amount of these [infections] has actually been the United States.”
      – March 25, G7 meeting, no joint statement about global health and economic crisis due to Pompeo et all insisted COVID-19 as the “Wuhan virus” and the rest of the G7 countries rejected it.
      – UK Independent headline- Coronavirus: Mike Pompeo insists G7 use ‘Wuhan Virus’ – but world officials refuse.
      – In a time of crisis, why would anyone so stuck up with the name (especially it has already been officially decided by WHO), unless they are trying to make sure everyone assumes & believes where the virus was originated from.
      – April 7, 2020, even China bashing Fox News headline reported 2 studies show: New York-area coronavirus outbreak originated primarily in Europe, not China: report
      – April 15, 2019 at Texas A&M University, “I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. Like… We have entire training courses.” – Mike Pompeo.

  9. I’m British. I’m not so happy with my own government’s response but we are now doing the right things regardless of the cost to the economy. What I see in the US is frightening. You must unite to manage this situation and you must be science and data led. To not do so means you’re killing people who should have survived this. That’s unforgivable. Somehow, you’ve got to get the right people in charge. The rest of the world is willing you to do this.

    1. @Stephanie Tihanyi today is Easter Sunday so Happy Easter! I think you have mistaken me for a Fan of MSNBC because of my semi innocent comment. Lady, God brought America President Donald John Trump! I am so Thankful we have Trump in office to lead us through this Attack from China and some un-named cohorts. Democrats have shown us their True Colors recently, Pelosi tried to get money to fund every Progressive pipe dream ever conceived, Pelosi put these idea’s out there before the needs of the people which is Contemptible and Despicable! Trump said no!! I feel my temper rising so I will sign off with this. Happy Easter, Christ is Risen, God Bless and God Bless President Donald John Trump, Keep America Great !

    2. @Stephanie Tihanyi You sound like you live in Chez Republic. That is a great country. Maybe the best country to live in many ways. Here is answer to your questions. 1. All of us need affordable health care. Healthcare insurance doubled under the Obama administration. Me and my wife’s healthcare insurance cost us $1,595.00 U.S. dollars per month. 2. Affordable transport. I love the way its done in Chez Republic. 3. Free of crime. The United States is a den of thieves. Houses getting broke into. Drug addicts stealing everything they can get their hands on. Scams over the phone and internet constantly. It is legal in the United States for people to call you asking for buisness and money without your permission! I like the laws in some European countries where you cant call for SOLICITATION. I hate when people do that. 4. Police corruption? What about it? Of course it has to stop. Fire all corrupt law enforcement. 5. Fair social security. That is one area where i think is very fair in the United States. F.D.R. needs to be remembered for this great achievement. Absolutely great program we have in U.S. 6. I have “a” gun? Well well that might be the biggest understatement of your life but then again, i don’t know you. 7. God says? If you want to know what God says read His Word. 8. If it goes badly for me? If someone tries to harm my wife or children it will go badly for them! Do not be a fool, i would not hesitate one second to protect my family even if someone forces me to lay them down!

    3. The problem is the democrats would rather everyone in America die than agree with anything Trump suggests.

    4. @C Klan Yes, some democrats want the country to have tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, recession just to blame something on Trump. The democrats are glad for the virus. So sick are the confused in this nation.

    1. Mark Tyson Wrong. There is a very obvious point. Our government is totally corrupt. When congressional members skate for insider trading while a useful person like Martha Stewart gets house arrest for “similar crimes”, corrupt. When Hillary Clinton destroys evidence, steals millions from a ravaged Haiti, let’s useful men die in a foreign land while pleading for help, corrupt. Etc, etc, etc…..

    1. @Rick M China has got _nothing_ to do with the way Trump is failing to manage this crisis.
      I know it’s difficult to go against your programming but, just this once, drop the whataboutism crap and focus on reality.
      The Chinese aren’t in charge of what happens in America during this nightmare, Trump is. What he does or doesn’t do might have a direct impact on _your_ chance of living through this.
      Two thousand people a day are already dying. Nothing anyone in China does is going to affect whether that number goes up, or goes up _drastically._
      Snap out if it.

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