Families not impressed with RCMP commissioner’s testimony

RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki testified again Wednesday at the mass shooting inquiry. Victims' families in attendance weren't impressed.

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  1. Considering how they have become a mouthpiece for this government isn’t a issue, remembering that they are SUPPOSED to be independent. Yea they need to do 1 of 2 things disband or be truly apolitical. After all their missteps, there is no gaining trust back for generations, unless there is a massive shift and overhaul. But with this government theres no chance of that.

    1. I do believe that Lucki is an example of the Peter Principal in action. She may have been competent before becoming Commissioner, but now? A joke.

  2. Sheer incompetence. How is there no repercussions of the lack of knowledge of the job and failure to protect the public. Also how as the commissioner not have a uniform? Too used to working from home?

  3. Nova Scotia needs to look at kicking out the RCMP and forming their own provincial police force. The RCMP isn’t free anyways.

  4. She does not know, nor never has known, her job description and she has no understanding of her responsibility. She is an extreme disappointment.

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