Fantan Mojah: TVJ Entertainment Report Interview – February 5 2021

Fantan Mojah: TVJ Entertainment Report Interview - February 5 2021 1


  1. Him sell out!

    Wonder what he will think of next, as much I dont believe in the faith I always respected them for pushing morals and positivity.
    Hope they dont let him bring down the faith.

  2. Well for sure he ain’t living a Rasta life he’s just having the dreads and a wrap on his head for style!!! Do yuh ting
    I have never seen him as a Rastafarian ( I guess he needs the money)

  3. Rastafari is for the upliftment of ini people ina righteous, not inna folly, bout music, music, righteous lead di nation, man can do chune fi di queen dem, rastafari nuh sex. Lightning. Watch u self enuh youth. Bout sexy pants , ah tights pants that bwoy. Fire bun 🔥🔥🔥
    Haile Selassie 1st . Lives and reign.

  4. At 3:00, he said “sexy pants”. It’s obvious that this is not a man. He wears skin tight pants and calls it “sexy pants”. My girlfriend wears tight pants and that’s what she calls them. Sexy pants.

    “Mi can’t believe” by bounty killer was talking about rastas like him

    1. @Dancehall Pilot yes. Definitely. Not skin tight “sexy pants”. Me and my girlfriend don’t exchange clothes

  5. in his own song “hail the king” he literally says “what it takes a man to gain the world and lose his soul”
    look at himself now, talking about hype and wanted to be noticed and talked about….. lmao

  6. Covid time the man wah money nothing nah gawwnnn fi him people leave him alone look at the crime rate a that a bother me

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