Fareed: Lets talk about 1 thing America got right 1

Fareed: Lets talk about 1 thing America got right


As countries around the world see a substantially lower number of daily coronavirus cases than the US, CNN's Fareed Zakaria examines what the US did right and what they did wrong in the government's response to the pandemic. #CNN #News


    1. Bryan MG – and you are a Chinese in-cell trying to divert the truth spreading anti American propaganda

    2. Bryan MG – he hasn’t conned me, far from it. Ask yourself who wants to allow the tearing down of statues, who wants to protect America’s borders, who wants to keep the Chinese out, who wants to defund the police, who wants to make America Great Again, as opposed to those that want to rip it apart.

    3. @Arizlan Arizlan why do you believe a draft dodger, who defrauded a charity and scammed thousands of students with a fake college actually cares about america?

    4. Rory Cannon – because the alternative is to allow communists to tear down our civilisation and turn it into the CHAZ. Even if what you say were true, there is no other option than to vote republican. The deranged have done this to America. It is your fault that Trump will win by a landslide. TRUMP thanks BLM, Antifa and the spoiled brats that are SJW’s. You have done his work for him. Congratulations

  1. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

    1. @r m smith Yeah definitely seems like it. Sweden isn’t doing fantastic in their handling of this pandemic, particularly when it comes to deaths per 1 million people.

    1. @Cybr Friends He never had a republican special counsel witch hunt going after him and those in his orbit.

    2. Gary Alan WOW! We’re talking about an economic meltdown and the death of 135,000 Americans and you pull a diaper story out of your butt!

  2. I haven’t seen Republicans get this mad since they revolted against the Republicons! America or Trump!

    1. I haven’t seen democrats this mad since they were forced to turn in their slaves for bed sheets.

    2. @Kerrie Kupar These people aren’t good at acknowledging how dumb they are. These are the same people who call liberals “coastal elites” and then voted for Trump.

    1. @Dave Waldon yep that’s what Governor Cuomo said LG slim senior citizens back into the nursing homes full of covid

    2. @Dave Waldon What’s that got to do with the young people with young children of their own that are dying, and it’s getting worse

  3. Fareed Zakaria reminds me of a disappointed uncle who nonetheless loves you very much.

    “You are a good person. I know you can do better. I am just sad we are having this talk again.”

    1. America did fail electing Clinton and Obama..The worsts thing that could happened..Obama coup happened and is being proved .Clinton could have gotten Bin Laden so many times but was to involved in the courts getting caught lying about getting BJ’s in the white house..Obama Coup was real and is being proved..Obama Biden committed treason and sedition..They are caught.Fake media is corrupt and played a huge part protecting the coup with all there lies dividing American…Obama Clinton Biden sold out to China. U S should have continued to be in charge of pandemic research, not the Chinese Communist Party..They also gave all the jobs away for 30 years.No wonder there are riots..Trump Pence Barr Mcconnell, Pompeo,all the Republicans in the House and Senate are American heroes that saved the U S..If Hillary would have won Obama coup would have never gotten exposed..The sad failure is people getting brainwashed for 4 years and lied to. FOOLS

    2. @Joey Pail “..Obama coup happened and is being proved ”
      actually bill barr admitted that there was no coup. keep dreaming.

      “Clinton could have gotten Bin Laden so many times but was to involved in the courts getting caught lying about getting BJ’s in the white house”
      another falsehood…
      “Obama Coup was real and is being proved..Obama Biden committed treason and sedition”
      another falsehood, biden has been repeatedly proven to have done nothing wrong in ukriane.

      “They are caught.Fake media is corrupt and played a huge part protecting the coup with all there lies dividing American…Obama Clinton Biden sold out to China.”
      they havent lied, you just dont like the truth.

      “”Trump Pence Barr Mcconnell, Pompeo,all the Republicans in the House and Senate are American heroes that saved the U S”
      actually no they have caused thousands of deaths and costed billions of dollars.

    3. @Dave O “every immigrant who moves here says it’s the best country because it’s not communistic or socialist. ” – except that’s not what they’re saying.

    4. @Dave O – “every immigrant who moves here says it’s the best country because it’s not communistic or socialist.”
      Every immigrant? Are you sure you didn’t make that up?
      – “Let that sink in for a minute.”
      I’d rather not, because I think it’s not true.
      – “The US is by far the last hope for freedom.”
      Freedom to what? Inequality, bad education, bad health care, corrupt government? What important freedoms do the citizens USA have that for example the best of the European countries lack? For example in my country everybody has the freedom to go to university (it’s free), so getting higher education doesn’t depend on your parent’s income. Also you can walk anywhere inside the country borders (with few exceptions), regardless who owns the land (to my understanding it’s not possible in the USA). I consider that a great freedom. I can go to forrest anywhere in my country, and know that nobody can come to me and say “go away, this is private land” (although the land may be privately owned).
      – “Even YouTube is really starting to censor free speech”
      Isn’t YouTube an American company?
      – “…you’re all soooo uneducated and brainwashed you don’t really understand individualism or what America really represents.”
      If the USA is so free, why are there ten times more people in jail there than in most European countries? If people abroad are so uneducated, why did almost half of the US voters vote Donald Trump into presidency, and why most of his voters still support him?
      – “The world is better because of the western Anglo-Saxon culture that is the USA”
      Could you form that into a thought that makes more sense? You seem to be saying “Anglo-Saxon culture = the USA”, which doesn’t make sense. What makes the world better and what makes it worse is a complicated thing, and takes much more than an ambiguous one-liner to explain and understand.
      I like the USA, and appreciate it in many ways, but I think it’s been in decline for quite a while now, both morally and as a society in general. The best European countries (together with a few other countries around the world) need the USA to get it’s act together and keep sharing the burden of carrying the torch of democracy under the darkening skys of the world. If we fail in that task (and in truth we’ve been far from perfect when doing it), the future of the world is bleak.

  4. All of the “socialist” EU countries except Sweden are doing better at mitigating Covid-19 than the US. It’s called responsible governing.

    1. @YouTubeModerationTaskForce “we still need to point out that CNN ONLY focuses on cases because it puts the USA in a worse light than if they focused on death rate”
      uh no CNN focuses on cases because it is easier to track cases than deaths. this is basic logic, keep up.

    2. @YouTubeModerationTaskForce “If they did that there are a lot of European countries doing worse. ” actually no, the US is still doing far worse.

  5. I wonder how much of that stimulus money found its way into trump hands and trump cronies hands….

    1. @Adam Mcgrath Lol You people are so hopeless… you think trump’s giving Obama and Biden money from the multi-billion dollar slush fund he has, to give to himself and his buddies, from the relief bill?!?!?

      The Dems only voted for the relief bill because oversight was put back into it… yet trump has totally reneged on any oversight, refusing to give any data over to Congress, like he’s supposed to!
      And you think he’s giving that to the Obama and Biden?!?

    2. @James Schultz *Est.1982 because Obama never had a stimulus. I’m sure you were just as concerned with cronyism then too

    3. @James Schultz *Est.1982 Trump’s policy benefit wealthy american, but is harmful to common american’s health.

  6. This is happening because we just so happen to have the dumbest human being on the planet as our President. This is happening because we have certain republican governors who are more concerned with being Trump’s loyal shoeshine boy, instead of being concerned about the lives and welfare of the residents in their States. Trump tried to convince us that the virus was a hoax created by the mythical “deep state” media just to make him look bad. He then tried to fight the virus with magic. And when that didn’t work, he tried to convince us that injecting ourselves with disinfectants  was the key to defeating the virus. And when that didn’t work, he simply said f….k it, and gave up. He then went off to hold rallies and play golf.

  7. Public-health experts have stated that Trump’s early efforts to downplay the threat of the virus robbed the US of valuable time needed to prepare for what is now a pandemic — potentially costing thousands of lives…

    You need a president who’s willing to hear bad news, willing to understand that they’re going to have to focus on something that they may have not intended to focus on. President trump clearly did not want to hear that bad news when he heard about the outbreak in coronavirus,”
    –Ben Rhodes, Former Deputy National Security Adviser under President Obama..

    Trump spent “two months of completely ignoring every bit of scientific advice,” Dr. Ashish Jha, the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute stated in mid-March. “We’ve wasted two months. And this is not a disease where you’re allowed to waste two months.”

    Jha, who received his doctorate in medicine from Harvard Medical school, criticized Trump for telling Americans that everything was “under control” when it was very clear to anybody paying attention that it was not under control.”

    “I don’t use these words lightly, and it’s incredibly painful for me to say it,” he said, adding: “The cost of all of this is that tens of thousands of Americans are going to die unnecessarily.” He went on to say: “It was wholly preventable, and not just preventable in hindsight — it was preventable in foresight. Everybody said this is how it was going to play out if they didn’t act.”

    Trump said that COVID-19  “came out of nowhere” and “blindsided the world.”  His comments left scientists, doctors, and national security experts in a state of disbelief. Experts had been warning about the next pandemic for years and criticized the Trump’s decision in 2018 to dismantle a National Security Council directorate at the White House, charged with preparing for WHEN, NOT if, another pandemic would hit the nation..

    Trump’s elimination of the office suggested, along with his proposed budget cuts for the CDC, that he did not see or comprehend the threat of pandemics.

    “One year later I was mystified when the White House dissolved the office, leaving the country less prepared for pandemics like COVID-19,” Beth Cameron, the first director of the unit, wrote in an op-ed. She said the directorate was set up to be the “smoke alarm” and get ahead of emergencies and sound a warning at the earliest sign of fire — “all with the goal of avoiding a six-alarm fire.”

    1. There seems to be this misconception that our ability to deal with a threat dictates who is responsible for the threat in the first place. Are you saying that if we had done a better job of controlling the virus (whatever that means) THEN we could’ve held China responsible? Yep, sounds like the logic of a socialist globalist. You don’t care for justice or peace, you just have Trump Derangement Syndrome. The American people were robbed of valuable time needed to prepare for an election by this CHINESE virus. China should be held responsible for releasing their bio-weapon across the world.

    2. @Jon Jr “Are you saying that if we had done a better job of controlling the virus (whatever that means) THEN we could’ve held China responsible?”
      nope, thats just a pathetic strawman fallacy from you.

  8. Somebody at CNN needs to fix Fareeds microphone volume. Its been hard hearing him for weeks.

    1. For weeks? I’ve had trouble for years! Don’t think we will ever enjoy Fareeds volume in this lifetime.

  9. And every citizen got a one time payment of $1200 dollars, while the Wealthly got the lions share ?

    1. And Ivanka and Jerod got $500 billion of coronovisus money! That’s insane people! Trump thinks we are too dumb to remember anything! That’s because every day has a new crisis. I swear!

    2. @Robin Johnson Please help me, I have heard nothing about $500 billion to the Trumps. Where do I find this info?

    1. Except for that fact the S&P500 market cap of investor money is roughly $26 Trillion dollars… with about 20% individuals and 80% corporate investments, pension plan investments, etc… basically what makes the world happen.

  10. Dr. Fauci: “A very honest and sincerely man who has only one goal, and that is to protect the American people against the corona virus”

    1. Paul Neuteboom: Can you clarify who made the quoted statement and who it’s supposed to be about? I couldn’t find it on the net.

    2. @Richard De Fortune There’s video of him talking about it yes. And Fauci belongs to it. Cheers

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