1. sam getalong sam if you don’t shut your filthy mouth i will drive to your house pick you up and body slam you onto the pavement and then i will dance on top of your roof and then drive off as you weep in agony for being a smartass.

    1. @G OA He was the top contact for fighting against caliphate backed terrorism (and against Taliban too back in 2001 before Bush declared Iran to be part of the Axis of Evil)

    2. I laugh when leftists say killing general salami or whatever will cause a nuclear holocaust
      For real ppl need to stop watching CNN so much

    1. A remotely operated targeted drone strike on an Iranian who wasn’t even in his own country at the time reminds you of an invasion?

      That’s kinda weird.

    2. The goal was to cut off the head of the snake. Success. Stop being stupid. Let the big boys run the government.

  1. It is amazing………that our media has very little understanding of past history and continues to manipulate their views into reporting instead of reporting facts and the full story..

    1. Illegal Vietnamese immigrant in Switzerland . I hope they kick you out from Europe and put you Vietnam slum again hahaha

    2. There’s nothing more beautiful,,, then missiles ripping open the sky,,,. !!! The Fourth of July in Iran,,. Will be on TV real early this year,,. !!! Are you going to be scared for another hundred years,,. Iran will do something worse,,,. ??? When someone threatens you,,,. You go beat on their front and back door at 4:30 a.m.

    3. I come from the land of ice and snow,,. What happened to the people we trained,, to fight and take back their country … and the wealth that was stole,,. ??? Valhalla Valkyrie…..

  2. Any foreign policy that isn’t giving them billions of dollars to put in their missile program is good foreign policy to me

    1. that was their money… it was frozen by the US. the whole point of giving them the money was to get them to agree to stop developing a nuclear program. and it was working. diplomacy and economic strategy is always more effective than war, where people lose their lives and govts piss away money for nothing.

    2. @Harry K so they didn’t put that money its missiles to attack Israel and if we would have had a better deal than that idiotic bulshit you called diplomacy we wouldn’t be in this mess would we.

    1. @Gaming On No, you can thank Trump for this crap. That sloppy orange idiot is doing this ALL for what he believes will provide him with a political advantage at getting elected in 2020. Terrorist Don is however TERRIBLY mistaken. Trump’s only FURTHER solidifying a Bernie Sanders LANDSLIDE victory in 2020.

  3. Iran MISSED on “purpose” their targets with every missile – 0 casualties. Iran doesn’t want to escalate the conflict. Why is CNN’s Fareed and the lemon lying to you?.

    1. @Kyryll T My sources… Today’s 11 o’clock News on multiple channels.

      They said it took 15 minutes to travel the distance, the US detected the launch within 2 minutes and the soldiers themselves had 4 minutes to take cover.

    1. @Sadig Garayev he is referring the US base in syria that the US blew up so their allies could not use it.

  4. Obama: gives billions to iran and makes a treaty
    Iran: makes bombs and weapons and stuff, then repeadly disobeys the treaty over a span of 10 years
    Trump: takes out man at the head of disobeying the treaty and possibly the next osama bin laden.
    The left: ORANGE MAN CAUSE WW3

    1. correction: obama gave BACK roughly $2 billion that were frozen in sanctions since 1979. get your facts straight troll. how can you possibly negotiate if you want to keep sanctions against a nation that is willing to denuclearize… soleimani had nothing to do with the deal, he didn’t “disobey” any treaty, trump ripped it up 18 months ago.

    1. Yes Sir, they are laughing and stratergizing at the same time, every country knows how to destroy this country now!

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