1. We’re so comfortable and swarmed with cheap entertainment, simple people forget that real life is real life and the internet is the internet.

    1. @Admiral General Aladeen please take your vaccines and don’t forget to wear 5 mask and your boosters. Please.

    2. @Wallace Naylor Texas super spreaders didn’t wear masks, met with Kamala and Kamala was not in quarantine.
      Whitehouse response: Kamala was tested during a routine checkup…..on a Sunday.
      Rules for thee but not for me.
      Just like Cuomos, Pelosi, Whitmere. Little people stay locked up while they go on vacation, gym, hair stylist etc.

    3. @Bert Hubnip ~ Found your comment rather vague, felt it could be wrongly taken as confirmational by some, so was glad to see you further elucidate the point in your reply. There is much truth in what you say, but the internet is like any other tool at our disposal—-we each have an individual responsibility to use it properly. The internet is neither all good, nor all bad.

      In fact, for those who use it responsibly, there is much more good to be derived from it than bad. Like a hammer, it’s a powerful tool, but just as we shouldn’t overly rely upon a hammer for every purpose, which would prove more destructive than constructive, neither should we allow ourselves to become too dependent upon the internet. Nor should we allow ourselves to become too immersed in the digital world, be it the internet, cell phones, or video games, at the expense of interacting with the physical world surrounding us; family and friends, books, art, live performances, nature, exercise, meeting new people in the everyday world outside of digital platforms, etc.

  2. This isn’t right vs. left, it’s sane vs. crazy. Liberal or conservative, if you are sane, vote the crazies out, even if it means holding your nose and voting for a candidate or a party you hate. First restore sanity; then we can argue about the details.

    1. @crxess The only reason Florida’s vaccination rate is about average is because they are a purple state. The Democrats are mostly vaccinated the Republicans aren’t. Is that to difficult to under stand? So now the pandemic in Florida is focused in the unvaccinated areas. You can look for cases by country and see it is primarily in red counties as well.

    2. America is fractured more than ever before. In a time when everyone has to be coming together for the sake of the many rather than the few, politicizing and weaponizing the pandemic as Mango Mussolini, the GOP and Faux & Friends have done has only served to widen the divide.

  3. Is funny,I know some family members that don’t want to be vaccinated for fear of side effects but swallow 8 pills a day for fear of dying as per their doctor.

    1. @Tiffany You are hidding behind a paragraph you think is cleaverly crafted. Only problem is you have contradicted yourself so many times that it is so absurd that you have me almost spitting out my coffee. Thank you for the monday laugh :).

    2. And others are so well educated they know the risks, and are 100% healthy, so don’t need an experimental “vaxx”

    3. @R P It is important to note that these COVID vaccines are NOT from scratch nor wholly experimental, as they are modifications of the previous SARS vaccine which have FDA approval – which is why they were created so quickly having a foundation to build off of. These current vaccines also were tested on over 60k willing participants with zero adverse effects reported. There was no time to wait 5-10 years for the full FDA approval process, but these vaccines were given clearance by the FDA, WHO and CDC for emergency global distribution due to the mounting death tolls. Having all the information and context is key.

    1. @Suzanne Hutchins The numbers you are siting is for undocumented immigrants who were already in the US before the vaccines were available. Everyone entering the US is either required to prove vaccination or be vaccinated.

    2. @agecmorgan 73 cant keep it covid free with all the ‘Americans’ that continue to refuse vaccines and pass around the virus. Furthermore since you seem to only look at Right wing media channels for your data, maybe it would behove you too look on the Department of Homeland Security’s website vs a media outlet.

    3. Covid + variants and natural selection will do their work and run their courses through the unvaccinated. Good luck to them! They will certainly need it.

    1. Mango Mussolini, the GOP and Faux & Friends have done a fine job of politicizing and weaponizing the pandemic with gross disinformation and Reich-wing fear mongering.

  4. Not surprised. In America , saying everyone should have access to affordable healthcare is considered controversy.

    1. @G S clearly not enough if doses are expiring without being used in the states.
      Just ask those who want it then stop holding them in the dying country, like produce the vaccine and send it to normal people who want to live. if half of america is too dumb to not want to needlesly die a painful death based purely on ignorance and Choosing to believe obvious lies then let them go we will all honestly be better off

    1. @Paula Wagstaff No. He’s there right now in a dirty diaper mumbling something about “Corn Pop” and ice cream treats for lunch.

    1. @Chris Albert : I see your point. There was a time when a lone nut job, was just that; a loner. Now, they go on the internet and find out they’re part of a, “community.” And before you know it, they’re sharing their fan fiction and planning an, “event,” when the FBI kicks down their door and they discover their community was actually a, “conspiracy,” and the rest of the world is pretty damned relieved they never got to have their, “event,” which would have involved guns and, “settin’ thangs raaaght!” Before we all knew about how people get addicted to their own endorphins from one too many visits to, “I’m right, Dot Com,” and how Confirmation Bias was more than just a thing that happens to individuals, we actually believed that the World Wide Web was going to make us all SMARTER, with access to, “information.” But, people like Donny, Putin and Fox turned it into an open sewer, and should all be jailed, just for that!

    2. @Chris Albert It certainly is on his shoulders. He was given a platform and used it to exploit our weaknesses and for his own personal gain.

  5. Because we ruined our primary education system. And then higher education ruined itself by becoming a profit driven administrative nightmare.

    1. Absolutely…..the education is the key….. I really love an old African proverb….The child that doesn’t feel the warmth of the family & village later will burn it down

    2. Yeah but no purely blame is on privatisation. Selling out. Selling off services is cheap money on the books but it rips another hole in the tank where you cant see wealth bleed from untill your stuck with public assets run down and stripped of quality in the quest for shareholder profits.

    1. That’s right Aidan. FOX is NOT news, it’s Propaganda. Google: (Network name) + Media Bias Fact Check; e.g. FOX News Media Bias Fact Check: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/fox-news/
      For a quick reference copy this Media Bias chart: https://preview.redd.it/5uj056hynnq21.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=f953a6055adba5db8969647622e50a506155fc62
      Watch this: Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism – FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM exposes FOX News : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P74oHhU5MDk

      And this: Fox News keeps breaking its own rules – VOX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cijh3bdxwmE&feature=youtu.be

      Remember what happened to Shep Smith in October 2019. He was forced off the air for his reporting the facts and NOT the fallacious stories Murdoch and FOX senior management wanted him to do.

      All other FOX anchors and reporters (apart from Chris Wallace who reports facts) continue to report conspiracy theories, lies and ‘alternate facts’ that President Trump and the Trump Administration promote via Twitter. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Ainsley Earhart, Lou Dobbs, Julie Banderas, Neil Cavuto, Jeanine Pirro, Steve Hilton, Heather Childers, Steve Doocey, Sandra Smith, Bret Baier, Maria Bartiromo, Molly Line, Pete Hegseth, and a host of other FOX personalities only report Trump propaganda and their opinions, rather than the facts.

      Chris Wallace is THE only FOX anchor that reports on the facts. Maybe Chris Wallace will eventually meet the same fate as Shepard Smith.

      Even Rupert’s own son James resigned from the board of News Corp in July, 2020 over the toxicity of Fox News, saying he was leaving “due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions.”
      You’re watching Fox News. You just don’t know it.
      The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained

      Murdoch Watch Episode 2 – Murdoch and his role in the Trump Presidency

    2. @Lynn Turman Mostly, in Australia, we still are doing well. There has been an increase in numbers in some states that we’re concerned about…but that number is tiny compared to almost anywhere else – less than 200 per day so far. Also lockdowns have been implemented that have a decent chance of slowing infection rates down, so long as a few idiots don’t mess it up for the rest of us. The delta variant coinciding with a few people who did the wrong thing seems to have caused the current increase.

  6. 84 % of the entire danish population will be fully vaccinated in 8 weeks time, and i personally believe that we will be cloose to 90% by New Year.

    1. @Tom Terrific the problem with the term socialism is it’s such a broad term. If you look up 5 different website definitions you will get approximately 5 different versions. A good social welfare safety net isn’t contradictory to a highly capitalist society. If you look at the social welfare safety net of Australia and New Zealand it seems better overall compared to the US, many think that this means we are socialist compared to the US , however to give one example we spend less on publically funded healthcare, so that doesn’t make sense , spending more tax money on public healthcare would mean leaning further towards socialist in my opinion. Some people the ideology seems to override common sense , no way would I want to be forced to buy private healthcare because I don’t trust my public healthcare that much and I have to pay extra tax for that. Private health insurance in Australia gives some extras in some cases and shorter waiting times if it’s elective surgery like say a hip replacement. There are several factors why the US health system is expensive but the socialist concept is less of an effect than other issues. I know from Joe Biden and previously Obama what they aim to do is bring in universal healthcare by small increments because going directly to that can’t get voted in favour of. Extremely strong resistance to the government being the single buyer of drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Sorry if I rambled a bit.

    2. @Ve G We had to wait for the Vaccine, if we had it before we would have been vaccinated much sooner. Fortunately we have had a very high unity in using masks and taking care of eachother as we always do. so we have been dealing with the virus in a good way, saving many lives. I am just happy we have a vaccine at all at this point.

    3. @Ve G
      There’s a Grinch in every crowd.

      Absent compulsion, it’s nearly impossible to get 100% of 6 million people to agree on ANYTHING. Plus, there are people who, because of a variety of conditions or circumstances, are not candidates for the vaccines — they’re ineligible.

    4. 88% of uk have had first dose and 71% are fully vaccinated in uk despite the fact that anti vax are trying to get s foot hold.
      There was a worry the young would get vaccinated the day over 18s were eligible for vaccinations the queues were enourmous.

    1. Except for the millions of us that had COVID and have better immunity than your shot. Do you really think their made in 6 months vaccine that has just 1 part of the virus in it gives you better immunity than someone who’s immune system has fought the whole virus successfully? Not to mention the 13 thousand people who have died from it, and that’s the # they admit to. But remember this conversation a few years from now when they realize the long term effects of this vaccine. Kinda stupid to volunteer to be a guinea pig for a vaccine with less than 6 months of test data. When they came up with the SARS 1 vaccine 35 people died and they pulled it. Thousands have died from.this vaccine and “nothing to see here”. But anyways, I wish you luck with all those poisonous spike proteins running all over your body like they claim they wont. Drs out there finding the spike proteins in ovaries, livers, testes, everywhere but where they’re supposed to be which is in your arm. So yeah, good luck with that. I prefer to live the rest of my life without uncontrollable body tremors like thousands of people are dealing with right now. I personally know 2 of these people.

    2. @bob riggins Can’t wait till I start seeing ads on TV saying “Your entitled to financial compensation if you’ve taken the covid vaccine.” Sorry, but I am not going to be a guinea pig. You all can test it for me!

  7. This is one of those rare moments when society is asking the population to stand up and do the right thing. We’ve certainly come to see who we can rely on.

    1. @R. T.E. What you’re saying is true but America is different. GOP and voters are extraordinary submissive to one person that the quote “I could shoot someone and wouldn’t lose supporters” isn’t a joke anymore. He owns them all.

    2. @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger He owns them all because they LET themselves be owned. This could all stop in a second if the USA really wanted it to. It is the way it is because that is what people WANT. That is how pathetic things have become.

  8. This is the country we’re you can buy a gun before you can drink alcohol. America is full of contradictions.

    1. @Rástradamus I think this is actually funny, you raging in front of your keyboard, taking this as a serious matter. I can only enjoy the thought of you getting wound up, getting all red-faced, heart beating faster as you think that you are the internet legend of the week. Go have yourself a stroke good sir.

    2. @Fistbumpbros I’m here laughing at you. It seems your imagination is getting the best of you. You’re in your moms’ basement writing descriptive paragraphs projecting your rage on to me. I think it’s hilarious.

    3. @Rástradamus Ok, this is boring, you are just reflecting my scentences, so we are done. If you had any sense of originality and quality, it would shine. Sadly, it does not. Bye.

    1. For sure. I’m not American and it took me months to get my shot. My partner has been desperately trying to get one but can’t find one anywhere. We will happily take them!

    2. nope, they go to waste, but biden admin just bought 200,000,000 more doses… lol how quaint!!

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