Farmers React to Drop in Fertilizer Prices | $4m Allocated to fix Sewage System in Trelawny

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  1. Time to cut the BS@#& with DOCTOR that’s a profession or schooling certificate ..Here they are now referred as SENATORS for the people of JAMAICA..

  2. Why these people swear on a oath, and don’t live or stand up to what they swear to????

    1. Beaches they don’t swear an oath to us the people but to the queen and her successors

  3. The government needs to help the chicken farmers also with the cost of the imported bag feeding…

    1. @T poultry feeds are not made in Jamaica is imported from overseas ( USA, India etc) the price of chicken is almost double from COVID-19…so lowering the tax on importation would help to fix a more stable price on chicken meat…

    2. @T so what do you suggest then for farming chicken then needs to be ready for the market by 6 weeks…

  4. 4m US or $ja? What repair can that do. Thats the price of a car. Car money can fix sewer system.

  5. Why are these person talking negative about these two senator? Especially Gordon, he is speaking on what he think, not what he knows! I don’t like this type of reporting in Jamaica; person like Gordon should not be allowed to spew nonsense to the public without been question on what he is saying! Why are we in such a rush to pass judgement on these two highly qualified individual??? Are we so parochial in our thinking?

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