1. It a scam, they have a scammers pounds, What violations the Goate farmer in violation for.
    The goate farmer need to spend some dollars on themselves and their animals ,properly secure animal pen, put in place alarm bell tone on a few of your live stock, insure the animal in thefts or natural disasters, Sell two or three of the goats use the funds for this reason, and stop demanding Government help after the effects , Once again all farmer should have a license shotguns gun ,properly train to use it only when necessary.

  2. Poor goats soon becomes extinct at the rate these 🐐 🐐 rustled rushed not leaving not even one for you to catch the breed again

  3. Is this hos how that man 30 Cows vanish into tin air is this a disgusting disguise of brazenly bareback stealing people hard rearing animals bare face fi true Minister of Agricultural now you have your work cut out for you I want to see you get creative and start earning your salary

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