1. There is sulfur in the air before an eruption. Why wasn’t it detected? It seems like geologists would have been aware and prepared.

    2. @ danaolsongaming …This was no freak event, that volcano has been showing unprecedented heightened activity since June, this tragedy was entirely preventable.

    1. Encourage🐀~•*^*•-:💩💨Demonrats to🚀launch probes,
      🚀inquires, 🚀and investigations into “ACTIVE” volcanos🌋s in every🌎hemisphere🌍on🌎Earth !! Eradicate Demon🐀s🐀💦~••_💩💨making huge🐀~•;-💩mess.

    1. @Skeets Mcdaddy Take your triggering cowboy attitude somewhere else.
      If we need anything from you, we’ll be sure to let you know…..bye felica

  1. Gotta admit though dying from a volcano is a pretty badass way to go. especially now a days cause it don’t happen alot

    1. MaJay-_-Yumi
      Well. May get you bragging right on the other side and hang out with souls from Pompeii…….

    2. I don’t think volcanoes erupt less than they used too but, you’re right that I think we die from them less because we’ve learned not to build cities by them *cough* pompeii *cough*

  2. Man: “Come on Babe! Let’s go down into the crater!”
    Woman: “I’m scared. What if it erupts?”
    Man: “Oh don’t worry. What are the odds of that happening?”

    1. i mean whether they are in the crater or not. They still would have died just being on the volcano. So this doesn’t really matter

    1. Maybe there was a rare Pokemon all up in there and someone on Pokemon Go was like, I’m gonna catch that one.

  3. People: let’s go look at an active volcano and take pictures.

    Volcano: I’ll give you something to look at!

    Me: Well y’all wanted to see something 🌋

    1. @ I don’t know ….Bullshit, that volcano has been showing unprecedented heightened activity since June, this tragedy was entirely preventable.

    1. “Some body once asked could I spare some change for gas I need to get myself away from this place”

    2. @FmnstsRDumb MAGAMAN “I said yep, what a concept, I could use a little fuel myself and we could all use a little change”

    1. @Koltred + well as much as I hate news & all their games, it’s true that a volcano erupted & all the other major news people’s have it as well.
      Those who go to see what they call an “unpredictable” volcano… better say their prayers before getting anywhere near…& RIP to those missing or confirmed dead…

  4. There’s more than 8 missing, there were 24 Aussies there and 11 still missing and there were 100 people there

    1. Kara – the latest update is there is 11 Australians missing. I’m Australian, this has come from our PM just now. I’m not sure what the nationalities of the other missing are yet? There are 3 Australians also confirmed dead as well.

  5. Got to love how even during near death experiences people continue to record for their next post. 🤔 Complete idiots live amongst us all.

  6. Reminds me of when Comrade Bone-Spurs was warned not to look directly into the solar eclipse… and then he did anyway.

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