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  1. Congratulations my son and daughter it’s a a double blessing train them up right lots of hard work may God give you lots of strength to go through God bless you.

  2. The Lord bless you with five girls but now is your job now to look after them and keep them safe lord bless you don’t run away from your responsibility no matter what you will overcome it

  3. May the good Lord bless you and your family and cover you all with his precious blood.
    You are good father. Please bring them up in fear of the Lord. You put some fathers to shame. Stay bless.

  4. Such a great blessing but comes with great responsibilities. May God grant them grace ❀️

  5. Wonderful blessings. Grow them up in the admission of the Lord. May God πŸ™ provide for you all in a very special way.

  6. Neville is having fun in this interview,,, di father look like him jus lef high school,,, kids are indeed gifts we get on our journey thru life

  7. Wow…his face expression tells all… Beaming with pride…I’m here smiling I would listen all day to hear about them…Blessings flow

    1. @Paul Reid ok my bro..my daughter and I was here typing in the name and found nothing rest assured you just got 2 subscribers ..God bless your home and family πŸ‘β€

  8. Dear young’father gently tie a loose ribbon on one of the babies to know which baby is which .πŸ™πŸ’™ Congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks Leonie. I’ll consider that. The name of our YouTube Channel is ‘Me and Mi House’.. Check us out and subscribe

  9. Wow what a blessing!! I thoroughly enjoy watching the YouTube channel Me and Mi House, never a dull moment ☺️

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