Father Of Parkland Victim Endorses Joe Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Father Of Parkland Victim Endorses Joe Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


Fred Guttenberg, father of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg, tells MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian why he is endorsing Biden and believes the former vice president is doing enough to address the issue of guns. Aired on 03/11/20.
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Father Of Parkland Victim Endorses Joe Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. For me voting for the nomination of Biden was a question strictly of efficiency and pragmatism. An ostensible populist demagogue like Trump seeks to turn this into a binary dichotomy of “Socialism Versus Capitalism”, and a populist like Sanders on the polar opposite side of the spectrum(dogmatically, I dare say) cannot win in a tribalist environment against a professional name brander; especially in the Rust Belt or states with significant rural voters that can swing the electoral college. The nuance and subtlety of “democratic” socialism falls on deaf ears with such voters, who see socialism as a mere red flag by default. Trump wants the least amount of nuance possible to argue with, and Biden, despite being a senile dementia patient, represents significant enough overlap on the ideological spectrum to the extent that Trump would need to rely on a “I’m just better in that regard” case. We have seen Trump’s character, and moderates want a base point alternative that will not spend $60 trillion or promise everything to everyone under the Sun just to win an election among the gullible. Moderate pragmatists want incrementalism as their modus operandi, not ideas that consist chiefly of blank checks with the expectation of automatic returns, and money coming from nothing in defiance of Newton’s Third Law.

      In a choice between dogmatic socialism and dogmatic fascism, even choosing a dementia patient makes more sense than those dipoles.

    2. @Mulinaster did you at least vote for sanders in the primary? I don’t have a problem with harm reductionism.

    3. @Mulinaster Both sides are bad, now let me vote for my center right-wing corporate-backed candidate. Pathetic.

  1. Just EARLY VOTED FOR JOE BIDEN down here in South Florida , the election official said early voting has been steady there.

    1. @ALAN 711 Thanks for advertising your ignorance and your foolishness, but we already kinda knew that the seniors are a drive and vote hazard.

    2. Joe Biden is old and has dementia, not to mention he touches young girls inappropriately and has been caught lying MULTIPLE times. Myself and many other young people DO NOT trust or support Joey biden as the democratic nominee. We want BERNIE SANDERS2020. GO HOME CREEPY JOE!!

    3. @Mind Freshener Well that’s OK , we won’t be around that much longer….and that’s OK too, cause if you are the example , and I believe you are, of how disrespectful and thoughtless younger people have become….then I’m ready….but remember….you my young friend will be my age someday ,and I hope that you are shown more kindness and respect than you have shown me…Oh and also, I paid my way thank you…and you are enjoying some of the fruits of mine and many others labor…so a simple thank you would be nice…but definitely not expected you entitled arrogant bratt !!

    1. he is going to get destroyed by trump without him even trying come November and the entire world knows it.

    2. Terry Tater

      That’s a rumor. And if he said that it doesn’t mean he didn’t know Joe wasn’t qualified or best. It just means he knows Joe wanted to spend more time with his grandkids who lost their dad.

    1. And yet you spend every day commenting on this and a lot of other MSNBC News stories… Your brain seems to be approximately as “ah big” and functional as the orange tweeter’s

  2. ( Fill in the blank )  endorses Joe Biden.  Well hells bells, that’s a game changer!     NOT.

  3. fair play to this guy, but they are obviously trying to up the number of non hacks who they can parade out who have any enthusiasm for this guy.

  4. Vice President Biden, please
    , PLEASE, please don’t refer to President Obama as Barack! Your wife is even less entitled to do so! Respect President Obama, and the institution of the presidency, not to be so casual, informal and chummy in a public speech. It sounds arrogant when you call him by his first name.

  5. Big endorsement from somebody who’s not a politician. Can’t play that establishment bs

  6. Yes, we can count them, even though the msm can’t count. There are less than 11,000 gun murders in a year, 1/4 the ppl killed by texting drivers ( FBI UCR). Let’s fear monger some more msm.

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