1. Dr. Fauci now sees who is the problem. He recognizes that Trump and his defenders will throw him under the train; they serve at the pleasure of the president 🙄

    1. @Carolyn Dennis
      Are you unaware of the difference between planning A pandemic and planning FOR a pandemic?

  1. McKinley is WAY out of his league when he is trying.to confront Fauci! He got OWNED by someone (Fauci) that actually understands and accepts science and medicine… Fauci is not only a far more intelligent person than McKinley; he is also a far more skillful politician…

    It’s too bad that Fauci is so old, and lacks the ambition for leadership outside of his particular field of expertice… He has navigated the nearly impossible line between supporting science and Trump in a very savvy way, and, by doing so, in avoiding the consequences of Trump’s immature, reckless narcissism and childish, bratty behavior, has saved the lives that Trump would sacrifice in his own interest.

    1. Consider the types of people who are in the Trump administration orbit 😲! They are incapable and are unqualified to lead humans or even animals. What to expect from a swampy cult 🙄

    2. High schoolers are better if their teachings and learned behaviors are on the right side of how to treat people as they expect to be treated.


  2. That Congress is very disrespectful
    Dr. Fauci is an doctor n he knws what he talking about n Dr. Fauci is not 💋 trump A$$ like that congress r.

  3. Hitler’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, supposedly said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. Sound familiar??? Trump lie every day!!!

    1. @Captain Win I literally had one tell me today that they would not coexist with Democrats. He said that what Democrats have coming will be worse than COVID19 This discussion is right hear on YouTube on the story about the man who refused to wear a mask. It was scary. He admitted to hating Democrats and don’t consider them fellow Americans. I’ve never seen Americans so divided under this administration

    2. Aks2sweet, i find that detail to be irrelevant, my point is that Trump isn’t the only one who has lied in such a capacity. If people are going to call out Trump for bad behavior, but then go on and ignore that same behavior when others like the Democrats do it, I am going to challenge the credibility of their argument.

    3. @D Davis well that man is a complete jackass for saying that. I’m independent, I lean more right, but I have democratic friends. Not all Republicans are like that man. Also, include the media, ALL media, in the division we have seen. I think it’s intentional on their part honestly.

    1. @Side Dude Blake A. Marnell Born October 22, 1964 of 3751 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA, 92113-2841 San Diego (Border wall guy) hangs around Trump rallies looking for attention since May2019, and does not work for CNN. He did not vote in the 2016 election. Call him  (415) 548-4772 or (619) 742-7377 and ask when he worked for CNN or just STFU.

  4. trump’s handling of the coronavirus simply could not have been worse. the blood is on his hands.

    1. @BEASTMODE 2020 were you trying to write the word “whining”? ugh.. you trumptards couldn’t be any dumber.

    2. @Jay Johnson awww.. trump has trained you well. have you enrolled in ‘trump university’ yet? you totally should.. and don’t you worry. it’s not a scam at all!

    3. To Vman Armand: You are wrong. On January 31, 2020, President Trump wanted to put a *travel restriction* on the ones who were planning to enter the US from China. Nancy Pelosi was encouraging all to go their respective China towns in their areas. The President was called a xenophobe and a racist. In March and April 2020, we had a COVID

      Millions of Americans died in *needless wars,* whom presidents of inferiority, wasted their might and power. *Trump doesn’t have to war,* showing restraint as well being a great negotiator, without the shock and awe.

      President Trump is a multi-life saver — to the tune of hundreds of thousands of lives.

    4. @DB Cooper you believe what comes out of the mouth of DONALD TRUMP, who can’t even tell the truth about where his father was born! stop calling anyone else dumb.

  5. “OK, we’re gonna play that game!” They want to blame it on Fauci now? lol pathetic, Twump will never take the blame for anything but wants to play President.

    1. Takes the glory for anything “good” and diverts blame for anything bad smdh ain’t that the truth!

    2. @Jesi Harper Cardosa He takes glory for things that are not there.
      He is not “there.”

    1. There is only number that counts is the number of deaths, lack of testing will just make that number bigger.

    2. @Carolyn Dennis Yes, she is. And I’m seeing a lot of dumb on this CNN chat. Thank God not the majority though. The msm makes it sound like the majority feels the way they do. Not true. A lot of people waking up

  6. We will see more of this as the election gets nearer and the rise of Covid increases. THE Covid strategy from this government will not to be to reduce the virus it will be to blame anyone they can for the situation. Fauci is in their line of fire, they will try to blame him and others rather than accept responsibility and try to make things better.

    1. @Rebecca Harper sorry ,but you are mistaken. Dr. FAUCI is not what you think he is. I made that mistake too. He advocated and helped fund for Gain of Funtion of the Corona Virus at the Wuhan Lab. The process of tuning a virus into a virus on steroids and giving it the ability to jump
      From animal to human. Dr. Chris Martenson ( not a leftist nor a rightist) has been giving out valuable information, breaking down studies or tearing them apart. He is all about data.i learned this about Fauci from him. Binge on his videos, and when you get to the one wit hmmm Dr. Fauci have a bucket near you because I have a feeling you are going to Vomit. And by the way Hydrochloriquine with zinc and Zpac actually works when taken early ( like any antiviral) we are being lied to
      Media has politicised this medication and Fauci does not want to acknowledge it because there is no money to be made on a generic drug.

    2. Jacob Calham
      Oooh my god that’s hilarious I got to use this one. But on the flip side so is Trump being a so called POTUS

    3. @james squires Dr. CHRIS MARTENSON. A pathologist from Duke university has a channel Peak Prosperity. He has been giving out valuable , reliable information based on data of Corona Virus. He talks about Dr. Fauci. And how he had a role in Gain of Function which is what Jan T described. You may need to binge on his videos, but it’s worth it.

    4. @Barry G Jan T is correct. Totally true. Fauci advocated and funded for Corona Virus GAIN OF FUNTION at Wuhan Lab. Make a virus into a virus on steroids and give it the ability to jump from animal to human. Dr. Fauci is a snake. I thought he was amazing in the begining untill I started getting the truth. Binge on Peak Prosperity. Dr. Chris Martenson a pathologist who went to Duke University. He is not politicizing this Pandemic. It’s all about data with him.

    1. I agree The Marxist DemocRATS look like morons trying to protect an old white guy with dementia locked in his basement.

    2. @Daniel Doucet says the person with their location left on and who publicly praises bunker boy…you are not too bright, son. Thoughts and prayers.

  7. It’s like George Will said, this GOP has to go…they are “Trumpists,” NOT Republicans. Vote them out!

    1. Exactly, George Will is part of the GOP legacy neocons Trump supporters aren’t part of the legacy neocons, thank goodness. I agree vote the neocons & Marxist DemocRATS out.

    2. Daniel Doucet are you asking to vote the NEOCONfederates OUT! Agreed! Trumpzis and NEOCONfederates are losers!

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