FBI Director Wray: 'We Have Not To Date Seen Any Evidence' Of Antifa Connection To Capitol Riot 1

FBI Director Wray: ‘We Have Not To Date Seen Any Evidence’ Of Antifa Connection To Capitol Riot


FBI Director Wray said his department has "not to date seen any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribing to antifa" in connection with the Capitol riot during a Senate hearing on domestic terrorism. Aired on 03/2/2021.
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FBI Director Wray: 'We Have Not To Date Seen Any Evidence' Of Antifa Connection To Capitol Riot


    1. @Kevin Anthony
      What white supremisists?
      I remember the black ones all summer burning cities down.

    2. @Madji Of Cimmeria 140 injuries to officers, with 3 deaths as a result? What denial plane are you on???

    3. @espy
      That’s a lie, just like Sicknick was. the only people hurt were the protesters asking for an audit of a blatantly fraudulent election.
      It’s somehow democratic to not audit an election half the participants say was fraudulent!?…and murder those who claim it?

    4. @Madji Of Cimmeria starting to think you are a troll…but…blatantly fraudulent election? not according to 60+ courts many of whom were trump people. NO evidence, they said. Giuliani went to court and said it wasn’t a fraud case, because he just can’t lie in court and get away with it. There was some fraud, but committed by republicans trying to elect Trump, none of it enough to turn the election results. And there were so many audits of these elections, it was ridiculous, including 2 independent audits in Ga to ensure both ballots and voting machines were accurate. And that on TOP of recounts, hand counts, sig verifications, etc. The republicans who were in charge of the election in GA, who voted and contributed to trump said it was accurate. Bill Barr, Trump’s personal lawyer said there was nothing to indicate a fraudulent election. But to you, apparently, facts don’t matter. As to the capitol insurrection? You realize you are in direct opposition to what the FBI says, who are Trump’s own people??? You have to either be a troll or completely delusional at this point.

    1. @sam-online LOL wow really you are more stupid than i thought, don’t say it out loud your mommy and daddy might take away your computer.

    2. @Doriamo okay so why hasn’t any of the left been identified in pictures or arrested. Why did legitimate trump supporters brag about it? They even live-streamed themselves in the capital. Where’s your proof because these people who have been arrested are admitted Trumpers? The left is not worried about Trump running in 2024 we’re just happy he’s gone now.

  1. 1. We saw with our eyes they were golden calf worshippers
    2. “We love you, you’re special,” to Antifa? Please

    1. @Billithekat You know you hit a nerve when the D-list AstroTurf starts commenting with “I’m not a troll you are!”

    2. @Someone Nearyou Those are some dedicated cosplayers, willing to be arrested and charged with crimes

    3. @Doctor Thirteen Yes they are and they do the same with impunity across most every demon rat run city in America. Send your thugs to Huston TX or Phoenix AZ and see how much they get away with. Or hey send them to my house and see if they are able to walk out.

    1. I see that an old man in dresses still keeps you and your little buddy up at night. Please join the rest of us in 2021.

    2. @Communism is Slavery Schools still closed. Lot’s of kids pretending to be adults with too much time on their hands.

    3. @William Paul If we could only stop the Democrats from feeding them, they would be forced to grow up and get jobs…

  2. “We all want to know what happened to Officer Brian Sicknick.” Senator Charles Grassley.

    1. @Constituent A His mother released a statement stating how and when he died. News outlets have had to retract their statments. Also the family condemned the lies that where spread about his death, the true cause of death was reported on the 6th. But MSM had a narrative they wanted to push so they knowingly lied. Because its easier to post lies and retract it after then to be honest.

    2. @Michael Anderson So you have the autopsy report or were at the autopsy with a medical degree? Better to wait or look like a fool.

    1. @edgar dalad I think there’s some miscommunication or something. I was questioning the claim that the Vice President bailed out persons from 01/06.

    2. They haven’t been charged with terrorism because there are no laws on the book which define domestic terrorism. Just like when McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, in 1995, he was charged with the bombing, but not terrorism. This is because laws defining what is domestic terrorism don’t exist. We only have laws defined for when outside entities perform terrorist acts here domestically.

    3. @Robert Cabrera Wrong. PATRIOT ACT was signed into Law after 9/11 by Bush to combat domestic and foreign Terrorism.

    4. @Danrion I know all about the Patriot Act. You better reread that law and what it defines. It has a very broad definition of foreign terrorism, but specifically doesn’t define such violence on US soil, enacted by US citizens, and planned by US based domestic organizations as being any form of terrorism.

      That’s why the justice Dept doesn’t call the KKK a terrorist organization, even though it is by every common sense definition of the term, and why members of that group are not put on any terror watch lists.

  3. You can tell the fbi is antsy to actually be able to do their job, instead of being distorted into some crude cudgel for the baby king to wield against those who wronged him…

    1. If they wanted to do their job: all those in 2018s insurrection would be arrested.

  4. Those anti-terrorist laws, that were pushed in the patriot act were meant for this. It really wasn’t meant for Mohammad, it was for Billy Bob.

    1. @Someone Nearyou in your mind broken windows and graffiti is equivalent to actually entering the building fighting with cops and hunting for law makers??? That’s just imbecilic. Good luck finding Antifa, they’re probably chilling with Bigfoot watching the Loch Ness do laps.

  5. actually it was the easter bunny and a gang of peeps who dressed up as trumpanzees and attacked the capitol.

  6. Of course, it was not connected with ANTIFA or BLM at all. Everybody saw the rioters inside and outside and what they were shouting out. And we all heard Trump praising them with “love you” words. So he couldn’t have said that love call to ANTIFA or BLM. The idea of ANTIFA or BLM connections is only introduced by the people that were directly connected with the riot. It is like, criminals defend with each other, shifting the blame to unrelated groups. That is what the Trump and Trump-enablers have been doing.

    1. actually, Trump started the antifa rumor (see the call with McCarthy). The rioters themselves have a HUGE problem being portrayed as Antifa, lol. they have publicly said this is false, over and over again.

  7. I really hope that the FBI is not wasting their valuable time on such obvious nonsense. I’m assuming that the Crypt Keeper is a member of GQP. Shame on him for peddling such crap.

  8. It is utterly unbelievable – and disgusting – than the US circa 2021, an FBI director has to make statements on behave of anti-Fascism. WWII veterans should be appalled & disgusted knowing that the fought a war (supposedly) against that criminal & despicable ideology that today is hailed as “patriotic.” What a country!

  9. Its simple. Show me the receipts. Show me the online messages of hundreds or thousands of BLM/ANTIFA planning this insurrection in disguise. Ill wait.

  10. I think the funniest thing is the people from January 6th losing their guns. They are getting their guns taken away right?

  11. As the ex-president said, “you’re special”
    So special they’re not terrorist just some freedom fighter

  12. And yet we still need to KNOW – WHY WASN’T THE NATIONAL GUARD CALLED??? Why did the assault occur for over TWO HOURS without help??

  13. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

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