FBI looking Into Pardons By Ex-Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin: Report | All In | MSNBC

On his way out the door, former Kentucky governor Matt Bevin pardoned around 650 prisoners, including the brother of a campaign fundraiser convicted of murder, sparking FBI interest. Aired on 12/26/19.
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FBI looking Into Pardons By Ex-Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin: Report | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Marseilles Vieux show us where it says 85% of all violent offenders in Chicago are freed. I betcha can’t.

    1. @Marseilles Vieux “You don’t do any research do you? The fallacy is that you only have media binders on. Especially when the information is so easy to find.”

    2. @newmove Nope… I will give you the answer… SSL You probably won’t even know what to do with it anyway… Your point is still squashed… LOL

    1. Gina Ke fallacy? You don’t do any research do you? The fallacy is that you only have media binders on. Especially when the information is so easy to find.

    2. @Marseilles Vieux “you only have media binders on” another fallacy. How do you know that’s the sole source of her information? Do don’t!

    3. @newmove Funny how you say that when the obvious answer comes from research. Her answer does not come from research.
      And just because she uses “fallacy” as one of her words means nothing without proper research. Hence, her statement is the fallacy not my fully researched statement…

    4. @newmove No your comment is full of fairytale fallacies. Remember SSL is the answer. You are welcome again… LOL

    1. Democrat’s have made bullying name calling by adults common place, so no, I doubt the Democrat’s will ever be afraid. They weren’t afraid of it when they fought for slavery, segregation, expelled their black members and assassinated one of them when the Republican’s fought them in court to make them take their black members back. Brains are a lot more valuable to our country than your ignorance.

    2. So stating factual actions and history is projection? They say that if you’re not a Democrat as a kid then you’re heartless, if you’re not a Republican after your brain has become fully developed at the age of 26 then you’re brainless. I sure hope you’re a teenager.

    1. It’s hard to believe that there’s people out there that still fall for the false emotional advertising of the Democrat.

    1. Not necessarily. He may well have hated the American people all along, but felt he could not show that side of himself if he wanted to keep his job. Knowing he was being booted out of office just removed that inhibition. It is likely that most Trump supporters have a pathological (and to many ordinary people, inexplicable) hatred of other Americans. It is a trait one should not be surprised to find in a traitor.

  1. Insane! Land of the free?! For Who? Not for us! That tells me that the judicial & political system makes money & thrives off of locking their people away! America is hopeless!

    1. Private prisons are very lucrative. Keeping innocent people or non violent i prison for 10, 20, 30 years can make one person or a groups lots of money.

  2. Matt Bevin released proven guilty pedophiles back out on the streets with no remorse of doing so.

    How does it feel to endanger the children of America through the GOP, Republicans?

    1. Oh no, that just means there will be more people to vote Democrat. Reality seems to be escaping your emotional tirade.

  3. Now many pay attention: Extreme Conservative Tea Bagger Republican, and Trump idolizer ,Bevin WAS crazy when he ran for Governor in 2015 !

    1. True, because neither physical proof and/or evidence is required to bring charges or a conviction. It was recently reported that nationally 90% of all sexual assault convictions did not include either. Even the ones where the “victim” claimed there was pictures and/or video, yet none were found. Even the ones where the “victim” claimed to have been vaginally penetrated multiple times, yet a complete hymen was found and no physical damage.

  4. Bevin will be in Federal Prison and then the Feds will round up all the released in his honor too.

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