85 Comments on "FBI report debunked key Fox News talking points. See how hosts reacted."

  1. Michael Torres | December 10, 2019 at 8:05 PM | Reply

    Fox News don’t care about the Truth

    • Michael Torres | December 10, 2019 at 9:32 PM | Reply

      @Democrats are Flying Monkeys Save your Religious talk to the Pedophiles who molest young boys. Start praying for your own soul for supporting someone like Trump who go against everything you believe in. An Adulterer who slept with a Porn Star. Who also had many affairs while his wife was pregnant. Who also has sexually harassed many women. Let’s not forget he doesn’t know any scriptures from the Bible.

    • Anderson Cooper | December 10, 2019 at 9:34 PM | Reply

      Michael Torres You know all the indictments on you criminal treasonous democrats by John Durham will come in 2020 just before the 2020 elections to punish you Democrats and give them payback for giving trump three years of hell.

      That will influence the elections and Republicans and Trump will win everything back in landslides.

      You should not have smeared bill Barr . Karma is a bitttch ….

    • Robert Clawson | December 10, 2019 at 9:37 PM | Reply

      Can you spot CNN’s fake news? As the fake news leader CNN can fake you out. If you can’t tell the difference between this and real news, you are in the right place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo Fooled you.

    • Oh you are so deceived over there!… Your watching too much CNN … I’m watching both Fox and CNN and it is unbelievable how CNN have behaved on all grounds in regard to their leader!… American doesn’t need enemies with CNN… Russia is the least of your worries!… Wake up America, for if you fall, we all fall! Those who attack on such a level only do so when trying despartly to hide something!… and boy have the dems acted unjustly! Sure they have now set a new precedence by law in order to deceive!… What is this if not corruption!… I personally see it as the hand of God… Throw a stone into a street pool and the mud surfaces! Trump is that stone, and the mud!?… Well need I say?… Time!… America needs to wake up!!!

    • @Ant Brad wow thank oh Messiah for enlightenment. Were you sent by the chosen one Donald? The gospel of bullshit.

  2. Fox “news” like Donald trump takes advantage of unsophisticated folk

    • @Jon 66 he fills stadiums across the country. Hello.

    • The Russians aren’t going to be able to help trump this time. Haven’t you ever asked yourself why a KGB agent whose sworn oath was to do everything in his power to destroy the U.S. made such a great effort to help trump win. He even said publicly he wanted trump to win.

    • @hugh morrison it was actually Lenin. Trump went back in time and took a full lesson. I heard that from some unnamed people. I think…maybe.

    • It’s unproductive to throw every republican under the bus because of this obvious abuse. People really don’t put much energy into remembering everyone has lived a seperate unique experience including traumas. Our greatest trauma was a corrupt government. Experimenting on us from pushing cigarettes to pollution to slavery to pushing drugs as medicine, to everything essentially ever made by early boomers giving us cancer. Government never should have been a business or an institution promoting religious or personal beliefs. It was always intended for inclusiveness. I’m trying hard to remember the world we live in now was made in the image of those raised on toxic beliefs and personal aggendas. I say embrace and educate the betrayed, lead by example. Us calling half of the country idiots will not make the situation better.

  3. Fox’s job is to deny, deny, deny, deflect, deflect, lie, lie, lie some more, deny, deny, deflect… etc. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s for their viewers. The brainwashing is strong on Fox.

  4. fox news stooges are to unbearable to watch and listen to.

    • @Sean Long Yes…

    • Anderson Cooper | December 10, 2019 at 9:34 PM | Reply

      😂You know all the indictments on you criminal treasonous democrats by John Durham will come in 2020 just before the 2020 elections to punish you Democrats and give them payback for giving trump three years of hell.

      That will influence the elections and Republicans and Trump will win everything back in landslides.

      You should not have smeared bill Barr . Karma is a bitttch ….

    • Dominique Roydor | December 10, 2019 at 10:18 PM | Reply

      @Anderson Cooper
      It is disturbing to see such hopelessly delusional and laughable idiots like you!

  5. Honest question. How is it legal to to lie like that in the “news”?

  6. When will Rupert Murdoch die?

  7. This proves that Fox news commentators can sell anything and their ignorant viewers will buy it.

    • @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. he has them on obstructing justice, perjury and forgery? That’s not enough? You’re not real bright are you?

    • @Julie B what an intelligent argument! You work for CNN or the NYT?
      I’m jk, I don’t think anyone would pay you for any sort of work.

    • ralph petterson | December 10, 2019 at 10:35 PM | Reply

      And that attitude is exactly why you lost last time. Will lose this time. Disrespect for 2/3 of a country.

    • Shame they never figure out why there are no charges levied. Fox must count on folks not ever checking for themselves.

    • @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. “Agent Orange”… man that was so last year’s impeachment slur. You guys really aren’t very creative.

  8. Lol hearing the crazy qanon people’s defense of this report is so funny. I’m sure they’re in this comment section too

    • * MSNBC/CNN ~ just last week, Fake News said Trump uses his personal cell phone for White House business. =FAKE NEWS

      He has not used ANY personal cell phone at all since being elected only using authorized government devices.

      * MSNBC/CNN ~ President Trump had made a financial arrangement with so-called Russian oligarchs = FAKE NEWS

      *MSNBC/CNN~ President Trump ordered the USS John McCain ship to be moved during his Japanese visit.~ FAKE NEWS

      *MSNBC/CNN ~ President Trump was sending 100,000 troops to the Middle East in response to growing threats from Iran=FAKE NEWS

      *MSNBC/CNN ~ Trump removed Martin Luther King‘s bust from the Oval Office =FAKE NEWS

      * MSNBC/CNN ~ President Trump issued a Muslim ban=FAKE NEWS

      *MSNBC/CNN ~ President Trump caged children at the border= FAKE NEWS

      *MSNBC/CNN ~ President Trump worked with WikiLeaks to ‘hack’ Hillary Clinton‘s emails & steal the election =FAKE NEWS

      * MSNBC /CNN ~ Covington MAGA hat kids mocked Indian story = FAKE NEWS

      *CNN/MSNBC ~ Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist & Drunkard story = FAKE NEWS

      * MSNBC/ CNN~ Jussie Smollett hate victim & MAGA hate crime = FAKE NEWS

      * CNN/MSNBC ~ Trump colluded with Russia =FAKE NEWS

      *CNN/MSNBC ~ there is no crisis at the border = FAKE NEWS

      *CNN/MSNBC~ Cohen will Testify that Trump Knew in Advance About the Trump Tower Meeting =FAKE NEWS

      *CNN/MSNBC~ Donald Trump Jr. Was Offered Advanced Access to the WikiLeaks Email Archive. =FAKE NEWS

      *CNN/MSNBC ~ Trump is going to start a nuclear war with North Korea =FAKE NEWS

      * CNN/MSNBC ~ Trump has no path to 270 electoral votes to be President =FAKE NEWS

      *CNN/MSNBC ~ If Trump is elected President the economy will crash =FAKE NEWS

      *CNN/MSNBC ~ Trump campaign was NOT spied on by Obama =FAKE NEWS

      Do you want more?

    • @Trump 2020 what rock do you live under ? I bet you get all your news in online forums. lol

  9. This is hilarious but quite sad and pathetic.

  10. They impeached Clinton for one lie. ONE! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  11. It’s crazy how the rest of the world sees one thing and Fox News sees the exact opposite. They would see cloudy skies on the brightest day at the ocean.

    • Trump 2020 No they cannot possibly take anymore. They are about to bust at the seams

    • it’s crazy how fox, repubs, trump, and presumably putin are gleefully celebrating “a devastating indictment of our fbi”.

    • Nonya Bizness This was not “our “. FBI. IT was you treasonous Democrats FBI.
      That’s why every one of them was fired.

    • @Mark Dice As we love to say in the south ” bless your heart.”

    • Its the other way round my friend… I am on the other side of the world and let me tell you there are no cloudy skies where CNN are concerned for they have opened up your country to all kinds of ridicule!… The blind leading the blind!!… Remove the scales from you eyes and start supporting your president for you are a disgrace in the eyes of the world thanks to your lawless leaders in the dems!… The whole world sees it but you for CNN are deceiving you all…. Or should I say… some!! Wake up!! Stop Listening to CNN… In Iran the people are brainwashed by their leaders and so they can be excused for their lack of understanding but you guys in the US need to wake and see what is going on and start by confronting CNN! They are known on a global level for their deception! This is a controlled media and you ought to do some homwwork!!!

  12. Doesn’t FOX NEWS have a disclaimer saying ” for entertainment purposes”?

  13. Laura Ingraham looks like a horse face.

  14. They are seriously sickening…..
    Shame for lying to the American people. fox needs to go down !

    • Michael Finnigan | December 10, 2019 at 10:22 PM | Reply

      @Trump 2020 https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2015/jan/29/punditfact-checks-cable-news-channels/
      cite your source. if you say fox i refer you to their truth score of 40% vs CNN 80%.

      we don’t KNOW that trump hasn’t made financial arrangements because he is illegally blocking a congressional ORDER(an order there’s no reason to block if he’s innocent)to show his taxes
      trump merely denied that the uss mcain was moved, the navy confirmed that they moved it at his request. he can blame some unknown unknowable “white house official” but we all know that his precious fragile ego couldn’t handle it.
      trump ABSOLUTELY issued a muslim ban. the ban trump put on countries was explicitly motivated by religious intolerance, THAT’S why the supreme court struck down his muslim ban. failing to implement a horrible policy does NOT exonerate you from attempting it(re; demanding that ukraine bribe him).
      there are children in cages at the border. there are pictures. next you’ll be telling me the earth is flat.
      we don’t know that kavanaugh isn’t a rapist (same logic that anti vaxers use btw), but it would have been nice if the FBI had been allowed to properly investigate the claim by interviewing EVERYBODY instead of just those trump deemed most likely to side with him. but aside from that, kavanaugh did NOT comport himself with judicial restraint. and NONE of the federal judges that trump is pushing through are qualified, the’re pure political appointments designed to interfere with YOUR freedom.
      the crisis at the border is purely due to trumps refusal to treat refugees like human fucking beings.
      obama categorically did not “spy” on trump. they identified his campaign as being ripe for corruption. they were right to do so, he clearly invited and attemted to collude according to the muller report that he tried to obstruct.
      some of your accusations of “fake” are due to innacurate predictions. nobody can know the future.

      and that mlk bust was reported missing by the TIMES you nematode. and they made a retraction and an apology across MULTIPLE platforms.

      some of your points were indeed mistakes made by those outlets. but they are not the same company, and msnbc has only a marginally better truth score than fox. and mistakes are not lies.

    • Trump 2020:
      ⚠️ TROLL/BOT ALERT!! ⚠️

    • I certainly know little about law but I feel it would be prudent to initiate a class action suit against Fox News for their purposeful lies against the American public. Smarter than me, please respond.

    • Roy Batty already blocked it.

  15. “Truth isn’t truth” Giuliani

    • What he meant is it depends where u get ur facts for ur “truth”

    • Like fake news and deep state mews dont count

    • JustADad SC And don’t forget trumps popular “don’t believe your eyes or ears”. And Kellyanne’s good old “alternative facts”. It’s truly astonishing that people still give this administration and the GOP any credibility whatsoever.

    • Dennis Jefferis | December 10, 2019 at 9:17 PM | Reply

      @KRAKEN kellyann… “he gave(glup) alternative facts”
      You forgot the pause when she swallowed her pride.

    • @JustADad SC
      When Rudy stated “Truth isn’t truth”
      The first Truth= The person speaking is someone you believe to be truthful.
      The Second Truth= Is what that person is telling you.
      Perfect example CNN gives a report.
      You believe in CNN but CNN is malarkey

  16. HARRY CALLAHAN | December 10, 2019 at 8:44 PM | Reply

    Typical Narcissistic behavior, even trying to “win” in the midst of being impeached.

  17. The fox hosts all have that cringy smirk,very similar to other cults like Scientology and westborough Baptist church….just plain nuts

  18. Fox news needs to run a disclaimer every half hour announcing that statements and reports given on this network are not fact based but are opinions of Trump and those of us who worship him

  19. Queencity Limo | December 10, 2019 at 8:58 PM | Reply

    The funniest part about this interview was that dudes smile

  20. They do it because their audience believes it. Fish in a barrel.

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