FBI Reports Woman Intended To Ship Pelosi’s Office Computer To Russia | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

FBI Reports Woman Intended To Ship Pelosi’s Office Computer To Russia | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


The FBI has charged a woman involved in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol after getting a tip from a former romantic parter stating the woman intended to take Nancy Pelosi’s computer and send it to Russia. There has been no indication the laptop has left the United States. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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FBI Reports Woman Intended To Ship Pelosi’s Office Computer To Russia | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. The Espionage Act is the most frightening prospect this woman could be facing – it doesn’t get much worse, legally.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis yawn like his group that was protesting shoot at a white van.. He didn’t hold the gun he just filmed it. Yet you and others say all who was inside capital building are terrorist correct. he filmed himself saying burn this place down lets take this place and other crap… Or do you believe Jussie Smollett is innocent

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis LOL So Trump fault the world got Covid then that all of the EU – to Africa!!! China waited until after the holiday when all the Chinese people leave to go on their 2 week of vacation per year…. Plus I am raciest grandmother is 3/4 Navajo /1/4 African who married my German grandfather who came to this country in 1931 and was called Nazi for being a German other Grandmother is Syrian – who married my Barbados Irish Grandfather so sure I am the raciest a Human you never meet and you judge with no reason what so ever except by the way I see things okay Nazi…

    1. @Kalla H There’s a difference in what delusion and fantasy actually mean….I’ll help you understand FANTASY is that which comes from one’s imagination while DELUSION is a false belief that is resistant to confrontation with actual facts. You may be very acquainted with the latter more than the former

    2. @Kalla H You brought up fantasy originally, not me. Seems like your weirded out about something that you again….brought up. You lost this discussion before it began….get some rest, your brain seems a bit scrambled. Later

    1. @Nicholas Parker How about we charge all the Congressmen who met privately with Russian officials and the ones who spent the Fourth of July in Russia with espionage?

    2. @Ethan Henrichs PLEASE grow a brain cell and then learn to use it!!!
      EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE – the REAL sort that can stand REAL scrutiny!!! OTHERWISE shut the F#$K up!!!!

    3. @Ethan Henrichs Grow a brain cell and then learn how to use it!
      EVIDENCE has to be able to stand rigorous scrutiny, by the FBI, courts etc! So when you can do this people might start listening!
      BTW the person who has the most direct links with China is NOT Joe Bidden, but Mitch McConnell! His wife (Elaine Chao) calls the previous Chinese premiere “uncle” and is in regular contact with him!

    1. @Linda Mansfield More of the Big Lie. You goobers are so freaking gullible. Trump plays you all like fiddle.

    2. An American sending potentially sensitive information to their longest standing enemy? Even the trump supporters must think he’s backed by Russia. Oh, and I’m sure I saw putins fingers when trump opened his mouth one time, he’s such a puppet…

    1. @Diana Diana considering she had to buy a plane ticket, book a hotel room etc. Yeah, kinda hard to prove insanity.

    2. @Diana Diana Fair enough. But I still think that Trumpism is a mental disorder, and acting under the auspices of Trumpism should count as incompetence.

    3. Yeah because everything is exactly as the TV is telling us and only a complete q anon tin foil hate lunatic would question it

    1. @Bubba Harrod MSNBC became CNN years ago. Actual journalism, i.e., reporting FACTS and not ajenda driven opinions, no longer exists.

    2. @The Chris Show that’s still idiotic. But if she did that, let’s hope she accidentally destroyed the HD too

  2. Why don’t they ship her to Russia!? She wants to do their job, let her! I don’t know if the computer is destroyed, who can we trust!?

    1. Well this country is basically turning to a weird combination of russia china and the middle east so i guess she won’t need to go lmao.

    2. FBI arrest Florida ‘hardcore leftist’ who plotted armed attack on pro-Trump protesters at state Capitol

  3. Aw, how adorable, a little MAGA cultist decided she wanted to be an espionage agent.

    Treat her like one. Fair is fair.

    1. Or send her to live in Russia, if they’ll have her. She’d find out how much fun it is to live in a country ruled by a dictator.

    2. I already see what going to happen in the future. You going to have all these conspiracy theory out there on Nancy Pelosi hard drives / laptop and what they found on it etc. I see it already.

    1. @Brian Matzen not really. And to be clear; I’d be even angrier if this had been a progressive doing it.
      and yes, I’d want them to convict under the Espionage Act if the woman was antifa or BLM.

    2. @Michael Shigetani maybe not you but others hate Trump to a point they are willing to break the law just to see what he’s hiding which the media and newspapers do all the time.

    3. @Brian Matzen absolutely baseless crap coming out of your brain and off your keyboard, do the world a favor and think about what you say

    1. @30.06 on a Grassy Knoll “conspiracy morons” hahahaha. Yeah. Yup you’re a completely brainwashed slave who thinks everything that the TV doesn’t tell you is a “conspiracy” when you don’t even know what the word means and are oblivious to the fact you media zombies are the biggest conspiracy theorists idiots in the world. Russia! Insurrection! White supremacists! Orange man bad! Wearing your mask, begging for your vaccines, worshipping corporations and criminals. Everyone who doesn’t go along Isa conspiracy theorist who voted for Trump in your delusion.
      You never served. You played call of duty and ate cheez puffs for seven years. FOH fake

    2. @Jonny Jeremiah ok guy who never went to college and has a pos job…lmao… youre not smart!!! youre a below avg person. you know nothing that i dont know. FACTS!!! lol… not only was I a street kid who served drugs and fought his entire life i also served 7 yrs as a recon scout with 2 tours in iraq during OIF1 & 2. i also have my masters degree from northwestern univ. in US HISTORY!!! lol… I ALSO OWN MY OWN F”ING BUSINESS!!!! lol…I made a lil over 11,000 this WEEK while you made how much??? lets do the math $12.00 per hr times 40 hrs a week is 480 before taxes so after you brought home $300ish??? i will never allow a person who makes $300 a week try to tell me about facts.

      enjoy you crap life loser who knows secret info he got from the internet…lmao! i couldnt make this up! lol… some moron who never spent a single day getting an advanced education and who is also a loser in every measurable way thinks he knows more than an overly educated combat veteran who grew up on the streets…lol…sure guy, keep believeing youre special!

    3. @30.06 on a Grassy Knoll I wouldn’t call you a Nazi per se. More like the average german citizen who really was brainwashed to believe the Jews were evil and the cause of all your problems. Just as you think of trump supporters they saw the Jews as different, strange, as having dangerous beliefs. Not really human. So when they were censored, you agreed. When they were framed, you believed it. When a handful got fed up and fought back they were called terrorists. People like you. Who feel justified to hate and dehumanize others…. Yeah not so good

    4. ​@Jonny Jeremiah do you see my avatar pic to the left… i just got a recon tab tatted on my arm cuz i like how it looks and my vietnam veteran(you know the war trump dodged) father thinks its great as well…lol. i also have the POW flag on my shoulder. you know the people TRump and his voters think are not war heroes… john mccain is the definition of a WAR HERO!!! he spent 5.5 yrs in a vietnam war prison and half of it he was in a box that was 4″x4″. his father was a naval admiral and the vietnamese said he could go home but he refused because its against military code to be released before the men who got there before you espcially for an officer. so he stayed…he stayed and was tortured every single day of his life.

      you have the life of a loser. you couldnt imagine what he went through. you have never had a hard job in your life. you have never had a callous’ on your hands nor feet. when was the last time you worked hard enough to get a blister? im guessing the last time your dad made you rake the leaves and your soft hands couldnt handle the easy work.

      after one day you would have given up. you have no spine and you stand for nothing. you would break too easily and you know it in your heart. which explains why you never had the balls to sign your stupid repetitive name on the dotted line and why you cant see a combat veteran when hes calling you a pos traitor to your face!

    5. proverbial face…lol. hes lucky hes not face to face with me. ive never met a man who called me a fake veteran to my face. not once. its only these online pansy azzes who are that dumb.

    1. Trouble with that cliché is that it’s not a “stupid game” that she played. The right wing’s love of Russia and Putin, and their desire to see him have control in the United States is no game.

  4. She should get the same prison sentence as a person who’s been wrongfully convicted for having weed. 25 years or more

    1. @Rose Bloom how is making an observation based on known facts race baiting. Anyone with sense and a computer can see that people of color have been historically unequally sentenced when charged with similar crimes as their white counterparts. It has been proven that not only are they more likely receive higher bail but are also more likely not to receive a fair trial because of lack of legal representation and or implicit bias in not only white but also jurors that look like them. Using what has been historically factual information concerning our legal system as it relates to people of color to make an observation then coming to the conclusion that her skin color will more than likely play a part is not race baiting. Getting angry at a person for making a valid observation doesn’t get rid of racism, it perpetuates it. I hope you can understand stand that.

  5. She’s lucky this isn’t the 1950s where she’d be facing the death penalty in a CIA bunker. Regardless, I’m sure she’d rather that than spending the rest of her life in a SuperMax.

  6. These are sad, sad days for America. It’s ignorant, radicalised citizens are turning on the country, committing crimes in the names of their fake saviour ‘tRump’. Dark, dark days.

    1. @Edgardo P. If someone in leadership spoke the same words as me, I would definitely develop an affinity for them. How could I not? tRump uses words of hatred, divisiveness, victimising, bigotry, racism, anti-muslim, misogynistic, etc etc… For these followers of him, he sounds like them. Finally, they have a leader who is JUST LIKE THEM… but in fact, not really, this guy is just a conman, and he has them fooled.

    2. now they’re talking about “deprogramming” “Trump voter’s”? the children or Trump supporters? The left is the real cult absolutely insane!!! they are totally Off Their Rockers.!!!!!!/

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