FBI Says DarkSide Is Behind Pipeline Ransomware Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC

FBI Says DarkSide Is Behind Pipeline Ransomware Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. Shutdown the Russian internet in and out of our country, see if that gets Putin’s attention

    1. @Move on Over I’m way beyond 12 years old (given my grad degree in abstract math and undergrad degrees in BOTH chemistry and physics) and I’m not at all clear about what’s going on here (given I just saw this headline about 5 minutes ago), so why don’t you shine your _immense_ wisdom on us concerning “how it works”? BTW – are you wise enough to infer the reason I mentioned my AMAZING academic achievements?

    2. OP: yes, we should take out a node or two and cripple Russian cyberspace. We invented the internet.

    1. Lol or the Jedi contract where the owner bought a ton of stock in four seasons with a Saudi prince

  2. Embarassing that hackers can shutdown pipelines, cause water plants to make people sick.
    Why are there even apps that can be accessed at all. Ridiculous. All this ran before computers.

  3. This has happened before, and the best part is that it’s not because the companies have great security and the hackers were able to get around it. In almost every situation, the companies had little to no security because they didn’t want to invest in it. I work in the technology field, and I worked for a company that hired me to audit their processes, and they used default or extremely poor passwords across the board. I wonder who could have had the skill to hack then?

  4. Remember when Rudy G. was the head of a CyberSecurity firm and he locked out of his own phone so had to have people at the Apple Store unlock it so he had access again to all of his client’s confidential information? 😅😂

    1. Remember when Hillary transmitted classified state department documents through her unprotected computer servers and her unprotected cell phones. Remember, she destroyed the computers and sell phones. They were totally destroyed.

  5. Well simple solution if they wish a contract with the goverment then they should have security audited by the goverment to make sure its secure but that would be common sense and we cannot have that

  6. I get more scam calls than phone calls now-a-days Im sure theres good people on both sides thou

  7. Problem is companies don’t want to do the updates because it means that they have to take their server down and the so the security team don’t have enough clout to enforce that into company policy

    1. This was an outside attack. We need that infrastructure bill signed. Cyber security is included in that bill. We got attacked a few years ago.

  8. The attack coincidentally – probably not a coincidence – on the same day as Russia’s “Victory Day” I believe… interesting.

  9. Even the guy working the leaf blower in the parking lot would’ve known to use new firewalls….smells like cheap vodka to me.

  10. governments like the U.S. should authorize assassins and bounty hunters, or Seal Team 6, to send the right message to hackers

  11. So what happens if back up all my data and apps; then I get hacked with ransomware; and then I wipe my hard drive and put everything back ? … Does that make me safe from these hacks?

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