1. @Megalord Ng and for Trump having classified documents and top secret hidden away, fuckdonaldtrump. LOL I don’t need a little saying late let’s go Brandon I literally say fuckdonaldtrump

    2. @Beautiful Disaster I don’t know about Trump money from russia, pleaee prove it. But FBI is investigating Hunter Biden money from Moscow mayor wife, is Hunter Biden russian?

  1. My only problem is with the archives department not realizing that they were missing the documents in the first place

    1. Funny how the FBI is going 10 days after Biden was just there to clean it up?? I go to my beach house also in Winter 🙂 tipoff or What! Double Standard!

    2. @Brian Stockwell ok, but it sounds like you’re still focused on the person. The govt losing docs has been a issue for over a hundred years(transcending generations), but wasn’t deemed important until Trump/Biden/Pence.

    3. You still think this is about documents? Ol Joe is on the outs. Dems are dumping him. That ol pony soldier is riding into the sunset.

    4. @Caesar Medina Actually I’m not. This is not a political issue for me at all. As you stated yourself it’s a systems failure and just because it’s been a long-term problem doesn’t mean it should be allowed continue. Why it even got to this stage is beyond me. Regards!

  2. Any time you hear someone start a sentence with “Look…”, rest assured that what follows is almost always some bull$#%+.

    1. @John B it would be if Biden ACTUALLY gave his lawyers the documents to hold which DIRECTLY put them in the crime …

    2. She said that the FBI was expected to search the beach house, no chance that there was classified documents hidden there at some point though, right? 😂

  3. When is the FBI gonna investigate how we keep track of records and why it took sooo many years to know the documents were missing?

    1. @Chris Brooks  it’s exactly like that one shows and proves intent the other doesn’t 2 different things if you live in reality

    2. @Chris Brooks  considering nobody knew of such documents Biden had absolutely no reason to oust himself he could have just kept em ,you are no genius

    3. @Cody Russow there is no argument at all. If it helps you feel better you are so right and I am so wrong. Biden is so incredibly honest and trustworthy and he was just keeping all those classified docs safe I’m sure. He’s totally innocent and completely cooperating with the law. Nothing to see here folks.

  4. delivery man- hey mr biden where shall i put this box
    biden- put it in the garage but mind you don’t trip over all of those classified documents

    1. @J҉O҉K҉E҉R҉ :The bottom line is Biden DID NOT refuse to turn over any and all documents found, no matter how long they were at his residence. Trump knew he had them, but refused to turn them over after being politely asked on numerous occasions during a one year period. If Trump would have simply turn over the documents when asked, I would say Trump , Biden and Pence should all be treated equally. However, they each reacted differently and therefore should be treated differently. They should be treated according to how they reacted to the findings of documents in their residences. One agreed to turn them over while the other refused. So, why would you think both should be treated the same?

    2. @It’s me so you’re saying that firstly, Biden didn’t even have a clue that he had the documents? If that is the case, then he probably shouldn’t even be president… because does that mean he doesn’t know when he sees a classified document or that he thought so little of them he just threw them in a box in his garage and totally blew the responsibility of U.S. security off? Is that what you’re actually saying?

      And you’re saying that people should be convicted of crimes based on their reactions rather than the severity of their crime? Are you truly saying that also? So if Trump missed one tax payment for one year… and Biden missed… would be 12+ years (at least) of tax payments … Trump’s 1 missed tax payment would be worse because you don’t like his attitude? Is that what you really think?

    3. @R Montrose yeah And
      trumpty saga went on for over a year ….still had 300 plus documents …wonder where the other 1000 went …putin 😁

    1. @Time Surfer  the doj were at mara logo and knew the documents were there well before “the raid”…… and the Ashli Babbit comment is maybe the dumbest thing I’ve heard today on the internet….. congrats

    2. Just like when Democrats decide to label a riot from the left “A peaceful protest”… But when people on the right do it a fraction of the scale “INSURRECTION” 🥴

    1. @Lt.commanderTomonagachen Actually we have photos on Hunter’s Laptop of the box they were canceled in labeled “Important Doc’s + Photos. So I think we already know the answer to that.

    2. From what I’ve read, there were probably more classified documents crossing Biden’s desk than there were flyers. The question is why can’t intelligence agencies keep track of their documents? The answer? The volume is just to much for them to keep track of.

  5. I’m sure it was a complete “surprise” to him when they showed up lmao. To bad they won’t did it for real, the maybe we can go back to being normal and stop all this insanity.

  6. “FBI searches (blessed) Biden’s home in Delaware” so let’s otherwise “Convince It Forward” with Laus DEO

  7. Is the national archives complicit in this classified document mess even unintentional? Is that why they have not charged anybody?

  8. Why are they searching it now after you gave him weeks to get it out or destroy them! We are Sick of this 2 tiered justice system and it Will Stop!

    1. @DC Bunker Cooperated? They already knew and already came out to Trumps home. The real question is why are they just now raiding bidens home

    2. As Tom Homan stated, ICE Former Acting Director, ” f you want to seek asylum do it legally and go through a checkpoint”.

    3. @DC Bunker Really? Cooperation? You must have a different definition than I do. Even Karl Rove mocked Trump for failing to cooperate on Fox News.

      When docs were found at Biden and Pence’s homes they both immediately turned them over. In both cases NARA didn’t even know they were missing and hadn’t requested them. But they requested the ones from Trump because he had so many. He REFUSED TO COOPERATE FOR A YR AND A HALF. How did Pence and Biden get their documents? We don’t know. But we do know Trump ordered his people to take top secret docs out of the WH. So again. Biden Pence cooperated. Trump did knew what he was doing was illegal and did it anyway.
      The FBI went to Mar A Lago in person twice to get the docs. Trump refused. Finally after a yr and a half he turned over 12 boxes of docs. Then he and his lawyer, Bobb, certified in writing, that the property had been searched and there were no more top secret docs on the premises. So does your definition of cooperation involve LYING TO THE FBI? Because they did. Now his lawyer had to hire a lawyer for that lie. Because that’s how Trump COOPERATES.

      Then the FEDS served Trump a subpoena, which he promptly ignored. Ignoring a subpoena is cooperation?
      Did Pence or Biden ignore subpoenas? They did not!
      Once the Feds finally did go into Mar A Lago they found the docs were NOT secured in a closet as Trump claimed.
      He had some in his office unsecured, in his desk, others in his safe, in his bedroom as well as the closet. Keep in mind Mar A Lago is open to the pubic, housekeepers, staff, wander around freely. A Russian agent infiltrated Mar A Lago and had her picture taken with Trump. Other people were known to walk in off the beach. Hardly a secure location. 
      Was that all of Trumps docs? NOPE!
      Dec 7th his lawyers found even more top secret docs in a storage unit belonging to Trump. OOPS!

      Keep in mind Trump’s own advisors, appointees, aides were tasked with taping his documents back together while he was in the WH. Trump repeatedly would tear up docs and throw temper tantrums. He was advised to stop, but he didn’t. NARA has the torn up docs as evidence. Trump was also seen burning, shredding and even flushing docs. Stealing, destroying gov docs is a violation of the presidential records act as well as the Espionage act. Trump passed a law the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which increased punishments for people who mishandle classified information. I would say, stealing, shredding, burning would qualify.
      So Trump passed that law, then violated it because he thinks he’s above the law. Which is why he brags about being sued more than anyone in history. Is that what you call cooperation? Breaking the very laws you pass? Obstructing justice, lying to the FEDS and destroying documents?
      Clearly one of us ONLY listens to right wing media. One of us is a willful idiot, or a liar, or brainwashed, and it isn’t me.

      Explain Biden’s wealth growth? I don’t have his tax statements so I can’t account for his wealth growth. But you know who does have his statements? The IRS. In fact Biden has handed them over his taxes every year he’s been in public office. As has every president since Nixon. Well…… Everybody but Trump. It’s called TRANSPARENCY

      . Even though Trump promised on multiple occasions to release his taxes, he never did. After 6 years of his fighting and the case going all the way to the SC we finally have his taxes and it proves he’s a liar. Trump said he couldn’t release his taxes because he was under audit. A lie! he was never under audit. Which is actually a requirement for the POTUS. Again, it’s called TRANSPARENCY. 

      Trump also lied during the debates and said he paid fed taxes. His tax statements prove otherwise, he lied again. In the past decade he paid zero to the Fed in nearly every year. Two of his years in office he paid a combined $1500. In fact he paid more in taxes to CHINA than he did in the US Speaking of China he failed to disclose his bank account in China. He also had an account in Russia, the Philippines, Panama, the UK. Trump was supposed to divest from foreign conflicts of interest in regards to his business. He lied about that too and never divested.
      He claimed he would give his salary to charity. Another lie. He had zero charitable donations in his last year as POTUS.

      So one president turns over his docs when he finds them. The other, YOUR GUY. Steals them, shreds them, burns them, refuses to return them, lied about having them, blames the FBI for planting them. To this day Trump refuses to legally certify he has turned over all of the docs. I wonder why?
      One guy also releases his taxes. Your guy fights it all the way to the Supreme Court.

      Your guy also is a BILLIONAIRE. Who has gone bankrupt on multiple occasions, who refuses to disclose how he climbed out of bankruptcy, how he made his money, what foreign conflicts he has, who refuses to disclose his taxes. Gee, I wonder why? 

      Btw, remind me how Kushner got 2 billion from the Saudis? He’s infamous for making the worst real estate deal in NY history, yet you expect me to believe he was just given not 100m not 500m not even 1 billion but 2 BILLION DOLLARS? I guess those top secret docs are coming in handy for Trump.

      Now Biden’s net worth is 9m. That’s possible considering his age. A senator’s salary is 174,000 per year, Biden was a senator for 36 yrs. If I averaged his salary out to 150k per yr that gives him 5.4m
      Then he was a VP for 8 yrs. The salary for that is over 230,000 which is over 1.8m. Biden’s wife is a doctor who makes over 100k per year. So being worth 9m is easily attainable particularly considering investments.

      Now explain to me how Trump who claims a loss every year for the past ten year can claim to be a multi billionaire? Particularly after all of his bankruptcies. I’ll name a few. Trump Vodka, His football league, Trump airline, Trump Casinos, Trump Hotels, Trump magazine, Trump airline, Trump boardgames, Trump steaks, Trump beverage company. Tour de Trump. My favorites. Trump charity. Busted and shut down for fraud. Trump University, also busted and forced to pay out 25m for fraud. OOPS! Trump INC just found guilty on 17 financial crimes and fraud. His CFO Weisselberg pled guilty to 15 more financial crimes and is currently rotting in prison. So all the evidence proves what a lying fraud, tax cheat Trump is.

      Now shut your ignorant yapper. Clearly rational thinking, evidence, facts are not your forte.


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