Fear Gripping Greenwood, St. James | Mayor Promises to End Homelessness – Oct 11 2022

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  1. The News team is doing a great job getting the News to the world.May God continue to keep the team strong.🇯🇲❤️🌄

  2. On October 6 2022 we cry out for justice to the honourable Andrew Michael Holness for justice but no response as yet we are hoping very soon.Because judge Mrs Amina maknoon called abuse dramatics and that the abuser can’t be all that bad.The evidence is on the McCarthy family true life story on YouTube and this is no joke please don’t be like the officer’s the laugh in the family court on duke street in downtown Kingston Jamaica we i Shawna-lee Thorpe McCarthy was trying to draw the evidence to their attention, because they saw the evidence now and so the laugh is on them.God bless 🇯🇲❤️🌄

  3. Judge Mrs Amina maknoon called abuse dramatics and that the abuser can’t be all that bad.the evidence is on YouTube the McCarthy family true life story.God bless this is no joke 🇯🇲❤️🌄

  4. Judge Mrs Amina maknoon can’t remain in the court room because the evidence proves that she is unfit to be a judge and so it would proves that the law does not applied.And we all know that no one is above the law no matter what position you hold if you are wrong.God bless and i repeat this is no joke.🇯🇲❤️🌄

  5. It seems as if the News is not checking comments, well it is ashamed because this is going on for a while now.God bless 🇯🇲❤️🌄

  6. What nation can be so heart ❤️ less and low down and dirty to be preying upon the elderly and less fortunate??you’re crying for help, and yet not even the sick and help less you’ll have no respect nor sympathy for who are the people of Jamaica?
    The seeds you’re sewing is the same fruits you will reap.

  7. Lord change it in Jamaica 🇯🇲 is very really sad an hard too living and living in cost, come on man.

  8. If only the persons on charge would utilize Root Cause Analysis to treat the problems in Jamaica, such as the traffic congestion. We just try beat the symptoms to death and hope that would be all.

  9. That how System of Capitalism work everything must be Regulated , Law and Order must follow, you shouldn’t allowed to put up building where every ,who every where you feel like , We have weak minunicapla Town and Planning Corporation and Local Gov”t so much complaints i hear of people buying land that don’t owend by the sell, at a matter of fscts some of them didn’t borne when the right full owner leave Jamaica now there children,childrens ready to do some developments to the land my great grantfather land in Bouden St Thomas what if I want to put up a Shopping Mall to create jobs for people who crying every day have no job. The gun violence and indisopline carry a bad taste to invest.The Gov’t have to help the people who need help the most in a constrictive way.The Gov’t work for the people.and the other way around.

  10. Job well done in Highgate. The congestion in the town has been a problem for some time.
    Thank you to the JCF and other agencies for remedying the problem.

  11. Lawlessnes in all its form must be discontinued regardless, people must do due diligence before entering into any form of transaction, Mr Mayor would’nt you, time go stop sanction wrong doing

  12. Norman Scott Spanish Town is a wreck , poor drainage , zinc fence right in the centre of Spanish Town, you need to go find the criminals who was selling lands in Clifton.

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