Fear While Driving Along Broadgate | Hundreds of Students Missing from School System – July 14 2022

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  1. What is wrong with PATERNITY LEAVE? Fathers can apply, have applied & are granted PATERNITY leave in New York.

    1. Why are you comparing Jamaica to New York? That’s one state. Not even maternity leave is mandatory in all the United States. Also, no one said that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s just that there’s issue with how early it was announced.

    2. It is a counter productive move, men need to leave the care of a new born to the mother. Damn foolishness at a time when the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

    3. @Michael Walker it’s not. Both parents deserve time to bond with their newborns without worrying about their pay. My father took vacation leave to look after my brother and I after my mother’s maternity leaves had ended.

  2. Everyday COVID had been blamed for the lost of education. The country had been opened since April 2022, what about pick up, dust off and recalibrate. Other countries faced the same issue with COVID, what they do, they strategized and start again. The amount of money that the government waste could put in the education system. Too much blame game.

  3. Sir do you know that lady always have a problem at the same time she have no idea furthermore she is not the one you should have dialogue with is the Jamaican people that lady in question she know everything I know nothing

  4. You should call the Jamaican people and put the issue to them not that lady I do not have respect for that lady if you do in God we trust

  5. Every time I hear that lady name come up there is nothing good comes out the light do not shine brighter it always overcast

  6. You and I know you can never tell which direction some of these Jamaican people want to go if you go left they say you should go right if you go right they say you should go left and these are the type of people I do not want to see on my TV scream or hear them on my radio station I never like that lady before

  7. How long Jamaican people are going to go through type of drama from the national works agency as I said before Steven Shaw must be fire can somebody ask the prime Minister when he won’t fire this man and EG Hunter turn over the national works agency to China harbor check

  8. If Steve jump over there or anybody from the national works agency dropped over that I really wouldn’t care too much

  9. I still don’t understand the reason for opposing the measure other than the love of opposition

  10. Don’t matter which Country you get maternity leave you are getting only 2 weeks pay you’re supposed to get the maximum pay out ,what is wrong with the government sector that’s responsible for the welfare of these people Teachers,Nurses And others
    The government fail the people of Jamaica with his followers they should be charge for war crime against the people of Jamaica
    They violate the constitution right of the people ,especially the youths

  11. Jamaican men should be advised to apply for marriage licences before applying for maternity leave.

  12. I don’t like to watch the news it is so heartbreaking… Jamaica a land of wood and water…yet we are having a water problem I pray for one the people unit in one and vote out this wicked self made government…….

  13. This is so disgusting all these years and Jamaica still cannot get the water situation right….

  14. This paternity leave is unnecessary!! right now we need added work time and more opportunities to survive this harsh economic climate!!

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