'Feared for my life': Alberta doctor shares COVID-19 experience 1

‘Feared for my life’: Alberta doctor shares COVID-19 experience


One Calgary doctor who caught COVID-19 is part of a younger demographic getting sick. Ina Sidhu reports.

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  1. Can patients use cell phones in ICU?
    Cellular telephones are not permitted while in the ICU as it can interfere with patient confidentiality and equipment

    1. @Tammy McLeod then you know hospitals are ALWAYS over capacity ALL the time 24/7 365
      that canada under trudeau has one of the WORST acute bed per capita ratios of the oecd

  2. Statically and not emotionally under 70 your chances of survival are about 99% and perhaps higher

    1. You should not have skipped math classes. A 1% death rate means that 400,000 Canadians would die.

    2. @Amelia Bedelia Not true. It is 1% of those over 70. I am all for draconian measures around the vulnerable. Insinuating that 1% of all Canadian would die is disingenuous. For those under 70 it is 99.95% survival and under 30 influenza is more deadly. I do math just fine. So let’s test your math skills. 99.95% under 70 and assume a 25% infection rate. I’m waiting.

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