1. Couldnt the same assumptions and speculations about peoples intent on either side of the conflict be made from home.

    1. Yup. Can you imagine somebody from Saskatchewan going to war in Quebec saying “no you can’t separate”… This is so sad.

    2. Save the weapons and the Molotov for the illegitimate Kremlin puppets that will be installed. They’ll be more effective that way vs. Using them against tanks right now.

    3. @Juliette Gill I can imagine it, and it is so funny. Thanks for that. SK contractors can’t even work in QU. Would they allow them to fight?

  2. Today is the day everyone stops being a covid-19 and mandates experts…
    Now they will become Ukraine 🇺🇦and Russia 🇷🇺 experts…

  3. Sorry after seeing D PM Freeland cheering and so happy that more everyday Canadians be sent overseas in harms way? All because She has family there. So how many everyday Canadians have to go overseas to Keep Ukraine and MS. Freeland happy ? But feel free to jump on a plane and stand up for what you Believe in time for Canadians troops to come home

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