1. Brand new homes in Texas for 200k. 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage. Democrats have created unaffordable prices because of high taxes. You get what you vote for.

  1. If you are Short on money take back all the tax breaks that you have given to the rich. There ’s trillions we could get back.

    1. @Joes B4 Hose I didn’t know Karl Marx was in charge of the US Economy back in the 40’s and 50’s. But if the shoe fits.

      I mean the leaders of our economy sure did a good job in schools and in politics of brainwashing everyone to let them control most of the Capital in the world and any other system must be of the devil.

      Even though they had nothing to do with the fall of the USSR.

    2. @Joes B4 Hose – between corporate subsidies and bailouts the republicans are also socialist, but they give our money to prop up the economy/corporations under the idea that helping national companies will maintain US economic influence globally. The republicans are just as much globalist and socialist as the Dems. If you think ones side is better than the other you are an idiot and it’s no longer “redistribution of wealth”, it’s making the wealthy pay back everything the country unfairly gave them to build their monopolies for global influence during the 40 or so yrs of good times – 80s – ’19, trillions. If they want to be in charge so much that they ran for office, then they get to take responsibility when they break it so that 60% of workers in the country cannot afford a $400 emergency…and that was before covid. The irony of calling Marxist lazy because all you know is a whip and a check from your “betters”.

    3. umm tax breaks are legislature and the federal reserve is a whole other entity. lol.
      Cut the damn spending but that never works with the Dems. It’s always tax and spend…only the pocketbook has been negative for decades now.

    1. @dave mitchell Yes, inflation happens. That said, 40 million isn’t too many people when there are vacant homes there.

    2. @dave mitchell There are plenty of vacant homes. People own them and don’t live in them. Same problem here in Utah

    1. Hyper capitalism is a cancer to the average American and all the lies the Republicans come of with doesn’t justify the minority living like kings and the majority living like paupers.

  2. If big businesses needed it, he’d be more than happy to bail them out.
    This is such bullshit. Our government needs to have a huge overhaul! Replace all of the bad actors!

    1. There is no difference between our government and big business. Lobbyist run government and wall street is how they get paid.

    1. This is about the republicans crying about inflation if the bill pass. The chairman of the Federal Reserve said no extreme inflation and the little inflation don’t does come in the future will go back down because they have experience through out the 60’s and 70’s to where we won’t have extreme inflation like Venezuela or any country who has failed and had extreme inflation.

    1. Not happy with fed reserve version of neo feudalism ?? … You should be thankful Bill gates is largest Farm land owner in America and !! and is now growing bugs ( no kidding ) to dry , crush and add to your food chain …happy days

  3. Fed chief never shop in real life ..See how much more the public has been paying , everything goes up in price .And he said no inflation & no concern .Yes not to him & 10% population!

  4. Man who cares bout inflation from this when the rich haven’t cared ever? Oh now that we the people are getting out from ur boots it’s a problem. It’ll be a nice French afternoon for sum of y’all if u wanna wait is out.

  5. He said that later in the year, people will start spending. Maybe true, as business opens up. I guarantee you, the price of everything will rise. It’ll make your jaw drop.

  6. Well, if you didn’t just print money and instead took the money from the 1% who owed it in the first place you wouldn’t have this problem in the first place, would you?

  7. It’s unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult,
    This isn’t good in the sense that it ends up addicting the civilians financially in different angles of life.
    We see complains here and there on social media from different people in different parts all round the world
    The government has less or no time for there people anymore
    I suggest that we all should engage in different things to make money and stop hoping on the government

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    2. @Miriam Douglas Yes sure my friends told me about their gain I was so jealous because I wanted to invest next week

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