Federal Authorities Release New Details In Alleged Assault On Capitol Officers | Morning Joe | MSNBC

NBC News' Kasie Hunt discusses chilling new details released by federal authorities in the alleged assault on late Officer Brian Sicknick and two others. Aired on 03/16/2021.
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Federal Authorities Release New Details In Alleged Assault On Capitol Officers | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Depends on whether the sentences are concurrent or consecutive. If consecutive, they could be in prison a very long time. And which applies will depend on the judge.

    2. Yeah he should have been in Portland where you can go to a capitol building and throw a flaming molotov on a cop and not even get arrested for it. The cop will actually run away from you for fear of losing his job if he interferes with your “armed insurrection attempt.”

    3. @Carthy Grickwirt What happened in Portland was not an insurrection. What happened at the Capitol is an insurrection. Trump is a seditionist and anyone who supports Trump is an enemy to the USA and it’s Constitution.

    4. That’s the two tier justice system for you. Now it these two men were a black it would be 10 life sentences.

  1. If you cause bodily injury to a person, you would be charged with assault. If that person dies due to that injury, you would be charged with murder or manslaughter. WTF

    1. Jonathan Sullivan was one of the first arrests at the Capital. He is a blm member and organizer gfys

    2. @HunterBiden’sGun
      One rotten apple in basket. And he used bear spray??? I doubt it.
      And what about members of Antifa? I don’t have ANY knowledge about them being involved because Antifa is a NON VIOLENT MOVEMENT.
      So pls refrain from generalization.

    1. @Matt F. Look at the help he got from Putin. Without Putin’s help he would have gotten really blown out by Joe. I personally don’t believe his numbers. The fix was in.

    2. @Chantale Massie ..that’s his get out of jail look-card…the mugshot picture will be enough for me…I’ll produce…t-shirts….no copyright…..

    1. @Jason Milton T said he loves stupid people and the uneducated a number of times. You are the living embodiment of both.

    2. @HunterBiden’sGun That was the previous government but in usual doublethink doublespeak, T and his administration was fascist… pretty unamerican.

  2. Magas: Your Honor, I did it, but now that there are consequences, I want to plead that.. Herr Führer Trump-Made-Me-Do-It defense.

    1. “I was only following orders” has been a Nazi defense for over 80 years. Most of those that tried that defense in 1945 were given a rope around the neck. Most of the modern crop will get off easy by comparison.

    2. @Roy Ormonde maga said its ok to be loud proud and violently enforcing your will on others. Thats exactly what maga stands for
      Make America great again was the instrument they played it on

    3. @Roy Ormonde
      Slight correction: they don’t believe in freedom – only license. There’s a difference. Freedom implies a degree of responsibility to others in your community. License states you can do whatever you want without consequences.

    1. Reminder: Last summer, Trump signed an executive order: Minimum 10 years for vandalizing a federal monument or building.

      Washington DC is not a state. We have the “Federal” courts and we have the “Local Federal” courts. Any crime committed here in DC is a Federal crime. During the commission of a Federal crime, if a death occurs (gunshot, heart attack, paper cut); it is Felony murder. In this case, it will be Felony murder x5.

      Our new AG Merrick Garland, the new sheriff in town, is an expert in domestic terrorism. He personally oversaw the investigations and prosecutions of the Oklahoma bombing, the Unabomber, and the Atlanta Olympic bombing. Timothy McVeigh was executed.

      Garland is not only going after the rioters, but he‘s going after the backers $$ and the funders of this idiotic, LARPing Seditionist Cosplay.
      Put another way, the GOP will come to seriously regret not confirming Merrick Garland to SCOTUS when they had the chance. 🤣🤣. Not because Garland is vengeful, but because he is a Centrist and will follow the exact letter of the Law. Justice is coming.

    2. @Nemo-Nova I hope they can stick a murder charge on all these idiots but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    3. @SmokeKing; I am looking forward to all of them when they start singing like canaries to mitigate their prison time.😂🤣

    4. *@Mike Abdullah:* Agreed mate, seriously if you act in concert with other people and someone dies, all are charged with murder.
      *eg:* 4 bank robbers, 3 go inside leaving the driver out in the getaway car, one of those inside shoots/kills someone. *ALL are fcking charged with MURDER*
      So, yeah, totally agree with you mate, coming from ‘Down Under’ land of kangaroos and koalas.

    5. @HunterBiden’sGun We can name plenty of the insane garbage these wackos believe, who cares, you just enjoy watching General Merrick Garland indict Trump and every single insurrectionist who appeared with him on that stage on January 6th, and every person who helped fund, organize and promote it. Lesson In The Rules Of Law, by brilliant prosecutor/25 year circuit judge Merrick Garland is coming, and he will not only put all these GOP crooks in prison if they need it, he will snuff out white supremacy groups nationwide. Ask McVeigh, the Unabomber and the Olympic bomber about General Garland. Judgement day is coming.

    1. @Jason Milton 😆😆😆😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the sky is falling the sky is falling!!!!!!!!! TRUMP LOST…the popular vote TWICE….impeached TWICE and is a BIG LOSER

    2. @M. McC Yes, and it was known for certain by early July that it was white supremacist groups who infiltrated the peaceful protests after the 1st two days.

    3. Angela Fisher I remember how the Democrats handled protesters. Praised them, joined them, encouraged them, gave them the key to the city. I mean

    4. @Alex Ordonez great another dumpster fire set by a Trump supporter. You guys need proper proof that it’s antifa or blm. Both are just a movement.

    1. Us here in (rep state) Kansas that think what they did was so wrong, would love to show them our hospitality, in Leavenworth!

    2. That shaman fool try to say he only went in there to bless the place??? Who is he trying to fool? Lol

    1. @Dave Clark It is kind of funny how you have no clue what real bigotry is. You do have ignorance down pat 😀

    2. @Alex Hamilton being a smart mouthed punk don’t make you smart if anything…..it proves my point….which is the top of ya mama’s head

    3. @TJ So the Democrats who attacked Federal Buildings and Statues in the riots last year should be considered Domestic Terrorist?

    4. @Jarry Sciligo no, if the Governors, mayors, State Legislatures are Democrats they do not prosecute the rioters.

    5. @eruis 313 The number of people who Stormed the capitol does not constitute an over throw of the Government,. Please tell me exactly how could they overthrow the Government when at any time the National Guard could come in and wipe them all out? At the least if any Congressmen lost their lives they would be replaced by an election. All departments and agencies that do services for the public is not in the Capitol. So please stop this drama queen.

  3. I agree with accountability but if you don’t put the people who started all of this in jail none of this is going to matter

  4. Judge Judy: “A period of detention in a chilly upstate facility can be a great attitude adjuster.”

  5. Spraying an officer with (who knows) a chemical, and murdering another officer, yet they compare these violent insurrectionist to BLM?🤷

    1. How do you know that the guys who bludgeoned him to death with a fire extinguisher are Trump supporters?

    2. @HunterBiden’sGun that was earlier incorrectly reported, it appears it may have been the bear spray, for you deny that this people aren’t Trump supporters is just you being willfully blind

  6. They thought Cheese Puff would repay them if they put him in office. Now they are going to prison. And Cheese Puff plays golf in Florida.

    1. @karen court Hi Karen, I am a Karen as well. It appears we are a couple of the “nice ones”. 🙂 I am delighted to hear he is not welcome there. Let’s hope he leaves the country. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    2. @Ric Hicks Ric, I am going to vote for seriously stupid. I think his IQ is lower than the number of teeth in his mouth.

    3. @Junie Bugg 👍👍👍👍👍👍🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 your right we are nice thanx

    4. How they could ever be supporters of 45 is perplexing. How they can still be supporters of 45 is astounding.

    5. @Ric Hicks who is Scooter? LOL I am serious. Let’s watch his public appearances this year and enjoy the comedy.

    1. @Jason Milton Wow ! You believe b.s all debunked and you believe Dumpie and MTG. I feel sorry for you!

    2. @m jones I’m Just saying that President Trump deserves a Mulligan!! Because he told the MAGA Patriots to go to the capital Peacefully!!! We can’t help it if there were Antifa agents in the crowd that broke into the building, it’s not our fault!!

    3. @Jason Milton There was only one blm person in the crowd. That theory of your has been debunked big time. Also he said fight about 20 times and peaceful once. This was an organized attack by paramilitary people like the proud boys and that is a face. Also some dumb maga idiots mixed in .

    1. Awww…that’s sweet. They can get matching tattoos. And I’m sure they’ll make some new friends. Maybe boyfriends.

  7. Every single person who struck an officer that resulted in death even if it was 15 or 100 should be prosecuted to the fullest along with Trump who wanted a wild time.

    1. They won’t. Biden oversaw the droning of American citizens and nothing happened to him for that.

    1. I maybe way out there but I feel like Russia has already overthrown America. By using our own arrogance and pettiness against us. The media keeps feeding the flames that divid us while outside forces are moving into place. We need intelligent media, intelligent reporting to help us see beyond the ploys that blind us.

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