Federal government says it will be ‘vigilant’ to protect language rights in Que. against Bill 96

Justice Minister David Lametti comments on the passing of Bill 96 in Quebec and whether the government will challenge the law.

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    1. So they don’t have to pay for Manitoba anymore?

      Federally speaking that province is a net loss.

  1. Lol….like they don’t have enough going for them. Maybe build a wall, a big beautiful wall, or how about a moat with snakes and alligators.

  2. Next step, Legault will have all non-french speakers identify with the Star of David on their shirts. Sound familiar??

    1. that just goes beyond ridiculous. and says absolutely nothing about Francois Legault, but it sure says an awful lot about Scott Gibeault…. none of it very flattering…

  3. Montreal is multicultural and it can only thrive by being bilingual. Both languages should be available and we should try to be curious about other languages. Bill 96 will just make things stressful and difficult.

  4. Maybe Legault figures by stopping English speaking in doctors offices he can cut back in healthcare spending since English speaking Quebeckers won’t be able to ask for help?

  5. Ok so you protect French language freedoms tooth and nail then enforce political speech suppression on English speakers yeah that checks out

  6. When I drive east this summer , I expect tp spend a lot of money but not one nickel is QC…..
    No wonder the bike gangs run most of Quebec.

  7. As for me, we cancelled our hotel stays in Quebec this summer. We will drive straight through instead of staying four days. And we will,do,the sake this fall.

    1. Yep. Sad to say but the action their government is taking is not only an affront to the anglophone minorities within Quebec but also to all English speaking Canadians and guests outside of Canada.

      How can they imagine this should be received?!: that in order to ‘save’ their language/culture they must deny the rights/freedoms of others? AND impose their language on the rest of Canada. It’s gone beyond accommodating and now just insulting.

      The province of Quebec is beautiful. But, if and when, we travel again, we’ll either go around, thru the states or drive through as quick as possible. We do NOT feel welcome.

  8. Don’t care about Quebec… Not signed onto CANADA Act… Not part of Canada! Beat it Froggy!

  9. take away the rights of rest and give them to the French speakers… I’ve spoken French all my life but this feels too imposing. Better hope that they’re not taking small steps towards another referendum

    1. One wonders if it’s Canada that will be showing THEM the door!

      I love and appreciate the French Canadian culture and have direct family that are from Quebec. It’s a beautiful province. But as I posted elsewhere, we as a family no longer feel welcome. When we travel again, we’ll go around thru the states or travel thru as quickly as possible. We Do not want to spend a toonie on this loonie of a place. C’est dommage.

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