Feds discuss next steps after invoking the Emergencies Act | Freedom Convoy protests

Feb. 17: Federal Ministers Chrystia Freeland, Marco Mendicino and Bill Blair discuss next steps after invoking the Emergencies Act.

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  1. When big business is affected, its an emergency. When small business is decimated across the country due to lockdowns, its no big deal. This is twisted.

    1. When a big business is effected, it’s an emergency. When a small business is negatively effected, it’s working as intended.

    2. @David Gillies and the whole country is paying for it in inflation. He also bought and hoarded 10 doses per Canadian, when other countries are scrambling to get their hands on any vaccines at all.

  2. Will due process be applied before they reach into peoples pockets?…will the “general” public be able to defend themselves in accidental accusations if they occur? …is any of this being considered?

    1. Nope they don’t care. Also this emergencies act is going to a permanent power grab as they will just claim indefinitely that the blockades could come back at any time…

  3. “The government’s going to give cities 750 million dollars for COVID related issues”
    In English: The government’s giving out more taxpayer money to cover for their incompetence that we already can barely afford to spend.

    1. @Matthew Shannon Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries in the northern hemisphere. Here’s 500 million!

    2. Canada is collapsing their tax revenue base by freezing / seizing all these assets. Do they realize how many Canadians are now going to be asking for government assitance? Canada is about to financially and economically collapse. And this over one man’s rule.

  4. Terrible reporting with both English and French being spoken at the same time. I’m ashamed of Canadian government

  5. 2020-2022 brought about all kinds of “Emergency provisions”. Provincial state of emergency; double state of emergency in Ontario; Emergency Use Authorization (Interim Order); Federal State Of Emergency and use of an unprecedented Emergency War Act for all of Canada. The overuse of these “emergencies” will make it difficult to respect the use of these Acts in the event of REAL EMERGENCIES. Our governments have become a joke….

    1. @Papillon Dogs have you been asleep these past 24 months? One promise after another, all broken. 2 weeks to flatten the curve, we only need to lockdown for a few weeks, get these two shots and you’ll live as before, no masks or restrictions. You must be the world’s biggest sucker to believe any more crap predictions and promises coming from this crowd.

  6. So my understanding is that the emergency measures act isn’t actually in place until the Governor General has had a chance to review and approve it. So how are they able to take these measures before the act is in place?

    1. @Thepopcornator this ain’t America we don’t have a congress we only have a parliament, a senate, and committees.

  7. How can they have frozen accounts when the Emergency Measures have not passed through the House or the Senate? Are there separate laws that allow for this? Did I miss something?

  8. How can you freeze funds and suspend a truckers insurance and then tell him to go home?
    It is illegal to drive without insurance.

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