Feedback Question | TVJ News - Sept 20 2021 1

Feedback Question | TVJ News – Sept 20 2021


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  1. If jamaican can not come to US if not fully vaxine jamaican must do the same in there country about the US too .

    1. Die in two to three years
      Use ur common sense people have you ever seen them firing people because of a vaccine watch tic tok and you will see the truth this is total f***ry…… Jah!

  2. Time to get rid of England Governor General Patrick Allen. How can a black man who claimed to be educated took a watchman job from the slave master?you are no better than the maroons who betrayed us the runaways!!

  3. They are trying to play God but every one should stop travelling there and their airplanes will fly empty. If God doesent requires what America requires after He has given His son Jesus to die for our sins, all He asked of us is to serve Him. What we should be worried about , if God shut us out of Heaven soon there will be no America . The word of God declares : what shall it profit a man to gain the world and loose their soul. What they are after is our soul and our beautiful country.

  4. Many people may seh Jamaica should do the same but Jamaica can’t becuz there is only one resource which is (tourism) Jamaica government owns China money., or the Jamaica government have give away the next 20% of the island

  5. Tvj cvm you both have failed the jamaican people as the two main source of media coverage now u asking our feedback.

  6. Well it’s people’s choice. They want to get to the USA they have to get vaccinated.
    Bet all the hesitation will vaccinate will stop now that they can’t travel. If people don’t want to travel well it’s still a choice.
    But as far as I am concerned it’s a good thing. People have to not be selfish and think about the consequences of being unvaccinated. They have a right not to take the vaccine but they don’t have the right to give me the virus.

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