Finance columnist explains the tug-of-war between landlords and tenants during Covid-19

The federal enhanced unemployment benefit that out-of-work Americans have relied on amid the coronavirus pandemic has now officially expired. Many families are turning to food banks, and finance columnist Michelle Singletary says some won’t be able to pay bills. #CNN #News


  1. Donald J. Trump
    ·Nov 8, 2013
    Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible
    This is happening on Trump’s watch = he is responsible = HIS OWN WORDS.

    1. He’s the leader of his remote control and his stuff a box from KFC while falling asleep on his “pillow”. Ignorance is bliss for him, for us. VOTE please

    1. @Mr Deplorable2020  @Mr Deplorable2020  Republicans wanted to add funding for the FBI building across trumps tower. They also don’t want to provide any election security money, which in default would stop the ” fraud” they argue so much yet they decide not to. Here’s the democratic plan that the Republicans shut down in may:$600-per-week unemployment benefits for six more months, $200 billion in hazard pay for essential workers – including those at Electric Boat shipyards, The HEROES Act is a critical $3 trillion-dollar rescue for our front line workers, cities and states, our small businesses. While I see what the republicans put out, they shouldn’t of rejected the bill but instead negotiated. They immediately shot down the bill and then took 2 months to construct a new bill which still hasn’t been negotiated. They have some decent measures that I agree in, however, what they don’t understand is that instead of negotiating from the start, they drafted a whole entire new bill. Which I must say is slightly better, but only in certain areas. The reason they can’t pass the bill is because they waited too long and put in a rush job right at the end of the extended unemployment, giving the democrats the upper hand.

    2. @Mr Deplorable2020 Oh _get bent,_ seriously. We gave big real problems affecting people from both parties, it’s not at all helpful to turn everything into a partisan pissing match. Both parties have failed Americans spectacularly. We’re in the middle of a pandemic raging out of control & are trying to force people back to work (where a lot of jobs are permanently gone so there isn’t jobs to go back to for many)& push kids back to school (when neither are really safe) because our government won’t do what every other first world country has done & supported their citizens while flattening the curve.

      It’s a clusterfuck & people are suffering (from financial problems if not the virus).

    3. @Hakura Chii Ironic coming from a Democrat, we’re not the ones destroying the country. See any Republicans looting, rioting or burning their cities down? See any Republicans declaring independent nation status, then extorting, raping and beating up its occupants? Any of us tearing down statues and spray painting national monuments? Nope, get off your high horse chief and look in the mirror before lecturing me about anything. 😂😂😂😂

  2. Organizations like Urban Partners is why America is and always was great. All Trump and GOP has managed to do is give corporations tax cuts and kill 150K people.

    1. Don’t forget all the treaties broken and accords withdrawn from. Their “leadership” is taking us into a very dark future.

    2. Biden will take 10 trillion and spend it on windmills that will kill off fuel, oil and natural gas markets under the green new deal and collapse the dollar. But China and Russia will never be so stupid to enact a green new deal. Bye bye great usa and hello 3rd world slum usa

    3. Anyone who voted for Trump should not be allowed to get food assistance or anything else. They always call people who are suffering ‘freeloaders” and other names. They can’t get enough cruelty. The kids in cages did it for me. When I saw that and realized that it was pornography for Trump’s base I stopped thinking of them as human or even as a form of life.

    4. TheM0joDoj0 don’t be dumb. The virus doesn’t care who you are. If Obama was President people would still die. Like Dr Fauci said it’s a very contagious disease.

  3. No food, no place to live farmers destroying food while people line up at food banks all for what again?

    1. Spil Reggin WHAT??!!! COVID did not exist during Obama administration. BTW, there were also NO COVID tests during Obama administration that were all used up and not replaced, like trump continuously lies about. Can’t create a test for something that didn’t exist

    1. @jeck jeck I was trolling in here long before you came along. When the more intelligent people watched cnn. All the smarter ones left after the mueller flop. Now it’s braindead idiots who drop endless trump insults and NEVER speak to the subject of the video.

    2. @jeck jeck I bet you losers never leave the libtard network news bubble. If you dared venture out into all the local news stations you would see how you are a minority.

  4. Senate Republicans knew this day was coming and still they did squat. If it was a bank on Wall St they would have voted yes with mutual hard ons.

    1. @bngr bngr – And the Senate is trying to get the Democrats to sign on to a Bill that has a lot of pork in it…. But, at least, the House, both Democrats and Republicans got a Bill passed a few months ago. A Bill that McConnell said he wasn’t even going to consider. Hell, he even stated he was going to wait until the benefits ran out before doing anything… Yet, you still blame the Democrats? 😮
      Guess you took the Hippocratic oath? 🤷🏽‍♂️😷

    2. Karen Byrd House only sent a bill to the Senate they didn’t pass it. That would require Congress to pass it and the President signing the bill.

    3. @Kris Your statement above was factually inaccurate.
      The HEROES Act, which passed the House with bi-partisan support, has been waiting for over a month. McConnell won’t bring it to the floor for a vote. Additionally, the Senate Republicans have not brought forth any bills for votes, because they got into a disagreement with the White House over the payroll tax break.

  5. Simple
    Landlord: Hey you live here and I need money
    Tenant: We had just enough money, now I have no money and I live here

    1. chuck craig the right likes to pretend like American suffering and food insecurity doesn’t exist. The right likes to turn their back on starving children because of profit and “personal responsibility” while lacking all of their own personal responsibility to even wear a damn mask to keep people around them safe. You have no moral high ground to judge the left for actually caring about people. You are a bunch of morally bankrupt grifters.

    2. @John Kevin exactly. I’ve seen the most 30 day tags in my town recently. Hope that new car came with a pillow

    1. It’s the mental toughness test and will overcome I’ve live on skid row not too much of a place to live or ever be ..

  6. Many small and medium landlords have business loans they have to pay. So if enough tenants do not pay, they get foreclosed on too.

    1. @cj p Am I complaining in freaking March? No. I’m complaining in freaking August. And this President STILL FAILS.

    2. Whitney Mohrhauser The same applies to landlords, they have their family and kids to care about. According to your logic, no rent paid = justified eviction. I’ll consider that.

    3. @#1 tricycle mechanic
      actually usa raping them in exchange for help in ww2 played a HUGE role in uk becoming irrelevant.
      brexit was just the last nail in the coffin.

    1. @Bill Hollingsworth Most wouldn’t. Nor can Trumpists actually articulate what “conservative” values are. Trump isn’t a conservative – not even close – yet they “think” he is. Why? I couldn’t possibly tell you.

    2. @Carl Sagan You would think that folk that bang on endlessly about liberty might connect that to liberal , but no. Contradictions apparently know no limits.

    3. @West Side Why would I bother doing that? He clearly doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about, and if he can make a video like that without even bothering to find out the details of the subject matter he doesn’t deserve my time. You’re welcome to watch whatever you want, but he is uniformed and rather ignorant.

    1. @NASdaq dowJONES
      Unfortunately you are correct..
      Was and can be again.. we just need to clean out the WH.

    2. Miss Lana. M. Hudson for some were still in debt I’m not sure how people are dealing with right now

  7. Trump doesn’t want to extend unemployment benefits yet he wants to remodel the FBI building during a pandemic & recession.

    1. @Computer User Using your smart phones does an excellent job of locating you via GPS. You are already being watched.

  8. Was driving around town today and things were unusually quiet. Almost an eerie feeling. Saw someone moving furniture. Calm before the storm?

    1. I had to see where you where coming from with that statement.Whew a young guy with a brain. There is hope.

  9. There should have been a moratorium on rents or mortgages for those who needed it. Our government let us all down.

    1. Government is self-serving. It excels at building internal empires. I live in a small town. The top employees are all male, all male and white evangelicals.

  10. we should all be in Washington or our local governors putting an end to this madness. its out of control. BANN LOBBYISM NOW.

    1. the pedophiles world wide have been giving notice ….game over . 2 weeks after trump went to saudi the prince al alweeb whats his face the pedophile who hand picked obummer was jailed . then isreal ,then the pedophile hq the pope . the reason hollywierd pedophile land , democrate and republican red shoe pedophiles hate him . child trafficking is under attack .

    2. @priesteres marietje Your ancestors were conquered, but for the last few decades your family has been provided unprecedented access to jobs and education. These programs are still in effect for you now. America is the most generous country on earth, take advantage of it!

    3. Interesting quote. I put some of it down to the decline of science in USA schools starting 50 to 60 years ago. Science teaches skills of questioning and gathering credible evidence. Today when I look at the USA I see a country that has enough people who have no clue about the scientific method with the result that saw Donald Trump elected, masks become political, Covid-19 itself become political and people who put their freedom before anything else even if it means tens of thousands will die, and this from a so called Christian nation! Yes sheep (not known for leadership skills) have invited the wolves in.

  11. What we really need is the elimination of the Electoral College, all those current and would-be politician$ who are chomping at the bit to get their own $lice of the tax-payer$’ pie.



    1. I don’t know how to feel about that suggestion. Most people are utterly unworthy of their vote. We are in the mess we are in now because we have an electorate full of fools. Can’t think, can’t evaluate evidence, can’t name 5 logical fallacies if their lives were on the line, can’t draw valid and sound conclusions… Democracy is a disaster in our world full of stupid.

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