Finding into Beating of Vendor in Charles Gordon Market in Jamaica Released | TVJ News – May 12 2021

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  1. The security lost his job but George Wright got 2 months leave with pay for beating up a woman with a stool ON CAMERA

  2. A security guard beating the woman for what? Him dont have a mother or a sister or a woman? Yes people must obey the rules but doesn’t say you should beat her.

  3. We all need to learn to deal with issues without resorting to violence, also this is what is suppose to happen when you assault people (you face consequences) I don’t see why certain MP getting paid “leave” when they do these kind of things and disgrace public office. No justice or equality in this place KMT.

  4. Fati is a very nice lady i buy from her every week oh my alot of security need to controll their temper on the job

  5. What about condemning Westmoreland MP n put him to jail as well everything dat bad happening under Andrew holiness government. he is not the PM we need.💯cyah wait fi him time up

  6. If that seckerity guard get fired make sure you make a warning to him if any thing happion to that lady

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