Firing Of Ambassador At Center Of Rudy Giuliani Investigation: NYT | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Firing Of Ambassador At Center Of Rudy Giuliani Investigation: NYT | Morning Joe | MSNBC


FBI agents executed search warrants at Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan apartment and his office to seize electronic devices this week, multiple sources familiar with the matter said. The panel discusses.

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Firing Of Ambassador At Center Of Rudy Giuliani Investigation: NYT | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. After looking at Tucker Carlson’s face during the interview, I feel so much better about myself.

    1. @Deeann Watson I think you are replying to the wrong person.

      Did you mean that for @Biden Sucks? Because he does deserve it.

    2. Was it “Norma Desmond” who never changed facial expressions when Carol Burnett played her? Just like Carlson. He looks like he overdosed on Botox and can’t move his face.

  2. It’s laughable that Giuliani & his son Andrew are trying to make it all about Hunter Biden’s laptop!!

    1. @eltorocal FBI just confirmed it was his and they’re current still investigating what’s on it etc so I guess there will be a few raids. They have to sift through all Hunters boasting and lies too remember among the actual crimes.


  3. Trump was on Twitter trashing the ambassador during her testimony. It wasn’t just Rudy’s scam.

    1. @Which god of thousands means nothing I agree. The Vindman brothers, too. Knowledgeable people that the Biden administration could use.

    2. I know it really irritates me. Does anyone really think Trump, who was solely focused on this 100000000000% did not know..give me a break.

  4. Notice that Rudy says he’s been asking for two years what the investigation was on… both he and Tucker realize at that moment they are on camera. They both know two years ago, the justice department was under Trump…. not Biden.

    1. @Michele St He fired her with the acquiescence of the former guy: “She’ll go through some things.” ~ the former guy

    2. @S Jeffries how many times you gonna cut a paste that comment before you get enough people telling you your wrong makes you stop

  5. These people never fail to disgust me. Cannot imagine living in their heads, there has to be, on some minor level, some ounce of guilt. The time has come to answer for everything done illegally. They are beginning to fall one by one.

    1. They don’t feel guilt. They feel afraid when they get caught. But look for every way to turn it around. They also feel they’re always right, and the others are just dumb players in their way.

    2. These GOP crooks – the Trump-MAGA-GOP-Putin Cartel – are all sick individuals. Morally, emotionally, spiritually ill.

  6. Do you remember “Do you think we’re stupid? Do you think we’re fools?” in the Four Seasons Landscaping parking lot? Good times.

    1. I SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT! This means the President can fire you whenever they want. THAT IS THE LAW. Sorry HATE-filled liberals. EVERY President gets rid of those appointed by the other party. Hussein Obama did the EXACT SAME THING!!

  7. First they claimed they turned over Hunters laptop. Now they claim they wouldn’t take it.
    I’m beginning to think there never was a laptop.

    1. @IHC Terra how was found is laughable
      Hunter got on a plane and brought his laptops to known trump supporter on other side of country.
      Than forgot to pick them up
      Than the legally blind owner of repair shop went through the laptops contents instead of just deleting hard drives and selling them off as used like any normal laptop repair person would do.
      Than this laptop was given to rudy afer 18 months in October just before election.
      To quote Rudy “Do you think we are fools!”

    2. Beginning to think??
      Once November 4th came and went and ghouliani had failed to reveal this laptop to the world like he said he would. You knew then he lied

    3. @Logan Hughes where did that pic with him and that woman in hotel come from? I thought was laptop. The nude one or having sex..I can’t remember full details, but it was real. As far as Rudy, he has always been terrible. Remember the ferret incident when he was mayor in NYC. Just because he happened to be Mayor when 9/11 happened doesn’t mean he was an honorable man. He used it to leverage himself so he is gross

    4. @cbritt76 Ya, I know, I saw the pics, but they could have got those off a hacked social media account.
      They have yet to actually show us this laptop.

  8. From Mayor of America to an inmate of a Federal Correctional Facility. That was helluva journey, Rudy!

    1. @Fred Freddy That is absolutely untrue. He organized rescue and then recovery efforts. Remember that there was serious concerned that the subway system in that area might collapse because of the proximity to the river. He cut through bureaucracy and had various departments working together. You saw to it that rescue personnel were repositioned to fill-in for vacancies because of those who died. We have to also remember that a lot of equipment was destroyed and that had to be accounted for.
      Prior to that time he made New York City a very safe place, far different than it is now. We have to stop trashing success. Even though Politically as a member of the other party we can learn a lot from him how to correctly do things and how not to do things. But the last thing we need to do is to expose our hate and our bitterness because it serves no useful purpose.

    2. @Jonathan Krost As Democrats all we rely on is the allegation. To us, the allegation is everything. We were called out during discussions about general Flynn it was Joe Biden, our VP at the time that suggested the Logan Act be applied to him. I for one believe the Logan act should be done away with if it is never going to be applied.
      We did the Russian thing based on a false allegation that we now know was crafted by Hillary to take the heat off of her careless handling of classified documents, her unprotected server and sell phone. We learned this from the hand writing of our former CIA Director John Brennen. Look how far we ruled that allegation.
      Then there was that Trump supporter some Republican, can’t remember his name that we traced on a daily basis in the media. That quietly went away but that was an allegation.
      We live by allegations. This is such a serious allegation however, illegal memo from a country that is a prime sponsor of terrorism. A country that is not a friend of the United States. The country the preacher to death to the United States and John Kerry had meetings with these top officials. This is far too serious to brush off. If this guy was one of the Trump supporters your hair would be on fire I would guess, and you would be demanding prosecution.
      If we don’t take swift action we will look like industrial-strength hypocrites. Joe has two separate himself from John Kerry, let him save face by having a healthy family issue. This is too serious to ignore.

    3. @T. R. Campbell no, I would be demanding an investigation if this were a Republican. Hillary did not craft the Russia thing as a deflection. I have .no idea where you got that from

    4. @Jonathan Krost I got that Hillary thing from our former CIA John Brennan. This is pretty common knowledge. He was briefing former President Obama, Susan Rice and VP Biden on the fact that Hillary crafted the Russian thing to take the heat off of her careless handling classified documents, her unsecured servers and her unsecured cel phone. These notations were in his own handwriting. Let me repeat, his own handwriting.
      These documents were declassified by trumps national security director. Brennan never disputed the fact that his handwriting was his but he was upset that the documents were declassified.

  9. Rudolph “I dont need no stinking pardon” Giuliani looking like a man who is wondering if hes made a large mistake…..Its glorious.

    1. @Mari Jayne You only think its illegal because its not a Democrat.. Its like Qanon saying real Republican are all wonderful Christian people and cant be pedo’s.. So, Matt Gaetz must be a deep state Democrat spy..

    2. @S Jeffries are you saying Putin Fired Trump ? – you must be a real insider wow – thanks for your insight

  10. All that tough guy sh:t is gone, the Fed’s knock on Rudy door and he lost desire for a “ Trial by Combat “.

    1. I SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT! This means the President can fire you whenever they want. THAT IS THE LAW. Sorry HATE-filled liberals. EVERY President gets rid of those appointed by the other party. Hussein Obama did the EXACT SAME THING!!


  11. The country so dodged a bullet. Thanks to all my fellow Americans for voting correctly.
    Now let the flipping begin…

    1. @Doke Smoinks it’s never justified. However, being administration that is not protective of the constitution is justified. This administration has not accomplished much in 100 days other than ignoring major issues while issuing the most executive orders in recent history and promoting spending that is out of control.

    2. @Elbar Jones you make so sense what do ever. You are making assumptions about how I believe based on the reality I see in the political spectrum. Don’t throw out random nonsense, bring something credible to the debate. My opinion is that you are not capable of bringing a legit argument to the table. You and thousands like you are only capable of the same old insults that have been worn down to meaningless words.

  12. Probably the “only” person he forgot to file was the one involved in the Ambassador’s fall. She deserves total rehabilitation!

    1. I SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT! This means the President can fire you whenever they want. THAT IS THE LAW. Sorry HATE-filled liberals. EVERY President gets rid of those appointed by the other party. Hussein Obama did the EXACT SAME THING!

    2. FINE – But then Biden can re-appoint her. Send a big message to Vlad Putin as well as a great boost to Alexei Navalny!!
      Bullies will eventually go down!

    3. @Joan Nilson Agreed. Zelensky still has to make up to the US, too. And she can pursue her anti- corruption project there. Great idea.

    1. @John Swo Definitely not a mastermind.
      If he’s told, he will sell 50 condos to shell companies at inflated prices if she’s dumped, that makes Rudy’s $500,000 side deal for being the intermediate, pocket change.

      Ttump is only one of two NY realtors that still deal with shell companies.
      It’s been so much I forget the numbers, but he sold a property to a Russian for a profit of $60 million, the same week he had a $50 million loan payment due.
      (I lowballed my memory on the numbers)

    2. @Paul Wilson How Constitutional is it IF he did it for personal profit?
      That’s a far off question at this point anyways.
      This is Rudy’s case. It’s not legal to get paid $500,000 to influence or lobby the American government for the interests of foreign oligarchs.
      That’s the case before us.
      Speculating about what Ttump knew will come out later.

    3. Nothing happens with out Dump knowledge, in his Administration, his companies, or with his children…He is a controller….A Narcissist…A lier…Remember everyone had to take a LOYALTY OATH, to Dump…The republican party would rather break their oath to USA, before Dump’s Loyalty Oath…

    4. @Paul Wilson Firing is fine.

      Firing at the behest of foreign nationals/government officials for profit might be a problem.

      I assume, of course. Maybe it’s just fine.

    1. @Karl Arndt Was it his first cousin or a second cousin or his third cousin it could of even Ben his sister.

  13. The t….p administration not only fired but chose to humiliate several good and loyal people at the justice department for their own nefarious agenda. Totally disgusting.

  14. There are not many more despicable characters than this bumbling oaf – one of them appears on screen with him in this clip.

  15. Everytime I see Tucker Carlson in an interview I cant help but think of SNL. He says “now let me stare at the camer with my confused look as to make it seem like I’m listening”

    1. He kinda looks like he’s trying to remember if he unplugged the iron before he left home….

  16. The brazen corruption of the former administration is utterly jaw dropping. What’s even more astonishing is that it isn’t even the worst they’ve done – the cruelty & brutality of its policies, across the board, the sheer absence of any values, principles, or integrity, the complete shamelessness of it all is utterly sickening

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